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67 Percent Inaccuracy With A Pap Smear Test

[2012] Why I'm saying no to a smear by Dr Margaret McCartney

[2009 July] Cervical smear surgery 'given needlessly' to women with borderline results

Chapter 16:  Cervical Cancer  Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

''They con women into either biopsies or surgery for their cervix before they really have any problem.  The pap smear itself can cause enough inflammation to give you a bad pap smear the next time.  The pap smears are classified into five categories...1,2,3, and 4 and 5. Class 1 pap smear means nothing: you are fine. A class 2 pap smear and the gynecologist says, “Well, you know we got a problem here.” All a class 2 pap smear means is inflammation is present.  These are not cancer grades. These are pap smear classifications.  You can have that inflammation from one sexual intercourse, because the penis might bump against the cervix. You could have that inflammation from using a tampon that may have some bleach on it that caused some inflammation. You could have that inflammation just from taking antibiotics, which gave you a little bit of a yeast infection...You didn't even notice the cause of the inflammation, but a doctor goes, “Well, inflammation is present, we better go farther. Let's do a biopsy.” In the old days, a biopsy used to be, “We'll take a little piece of that tissue.” Nowadays, they do what is called a 'cone-biopsy', which means they freeze the cervix and just take it off.
They take the whole tip of the cervix off. Then they figure, “Well look, why do a biopsy? We'll probably find cancer. We might as well get rid of the cervix and do it all in one treatment. And if we don't, she'll probably get cancer eventually.”   If a woman is checked five years later and is full of cancer, she can sue for malpractice if the biopsy was not done, so a doctor has every reason to cover himself and do it.  I have had numerous women come who have had that procedure just from a class two pap smear.  Okay, the average woman who comes to me thinking she is riddled with cancer, it's because she's had a class two pap smear. I have to show them the medical books and let them read class two pap smear and it says, “Inflammation of the cervix.” Well, you can hit your arm and you have inflammation. That's all it means. I would say that 99% of the women reading this don't have cancer, they just have inflammation. 
    Even a class three pap smear still doesn't mean that you have cancer. It means that you have more advanced inflammation, and that there are cells that could be cancer. It still doesn't mean you have cancer.   A class four and five, of course, means that there are cancer cells present, but I've had hundreds of women with a class four and five pap smear who have turned it right around by cleaning that area and detoxifying that area of the body.  But rarely do I find anybody with a class four or five, because by the time they are class two, or at least by the time they are at class three, a doctor has already done a biopsy or taken that cervix right off the uterus. The cervix is the mouth or the neck of the uterus. It's the opening of the uterus, and it has to dilate when you are going to have a baby. So this can not only affect your future pregnancy, it can affect sexual intercourse; it can affect birth control, if you are using a cervical cap, and it can set up all sorts of problems. Of course, it can cause inflammation and disease which could lead to cancer.'' 
Chapter 16:  Cervical Cancer  Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.