Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła 1978-2005)
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Yaakov Wise, a researcher in orthodox Jewish history and philosophy, concluded that Pope John Paul II was Jewish.187 His research into the maternal ancestry of Karol Josez Wojtyla (John Paul II's real name) revealed that the late Pope's mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all Jewish and came from a small town not far from Krakow. According to modern day Judaism, a person's Jewish identity is based upon the maternal line. According to Pope John Paul II’s maternal line, he was a Jew. [2011] Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie

Two popes--John Paul I and the real John Paul II--were murdered last fall by the Bolsheviks in the process, as I detailed in Audio Letters Nos. 39 and 41. [1979 march] Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 44.

Pope John Paul II being a crypto-Jew is not an anomaly. There is a deep history of crypto-Jewish popes reigning over the Roman church. “The Medicis were a Merovingian family who ruled the Vatican as popes. In the 15th century, the Medici funded the Academy of Florence, Italy to spread Hermetic Cabalism and to infiltrate the Vatican with this heresy. Several of the Medici became popes and cardinals. Giulio de’ Medici (1478-1534) would become Pope Clement VII, Alessandro de’ Medici (1535-1605) was Pope Leo XI and Giovanni de Medici, Pope Leo X (1513-1521).” [2011] Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie

I must now reveal that during the night of Thursday, September 28, 1978, Pope John Paul I left the Vatican, alive. He did not die in his sleep that night, as reported by Vatican sources. He lived for three more weeks, incognito, away from the Vatican, before finally being shot in the back of his neck by person or persons unknown. On October 4 the funeral for Pope John Paul I was attended by tens of thousands of mourners, and witnessed by television viewers in 31 countries. The body that lay in state was not that of Pope John Paul I, who was still alive. But as everyone knows who has ever lost a loved one, a lifeless body never looks the same as a living person had looked; and so, thanks to the mortician's art, no one questioned that the remains on view were those of Pope John Paul I. After that, even if he himself had walked into a church somewhere and announced: "I am the Pope", he would not have been believed. After all, people had seen the funeral on television, and they had read about it all in the newspapers. Pope John Paul I was still alive on October 16, the day that his successor, Pope John Paul II, was elected. Since there cannot be two popes at the same time, this raises a thorny question: Was the current pope legally elected? In any case, the man known briefly as the Smiling Pope was put to death the evening of October 19, 1978--three days after his successor was named. Shortly thereafter, his body was cremated and the ashes disposed of.  Dr. Peter David BeterOctober 29, 1978, Audioletter No. 39.

During the period in mid November when Pope John Paul II was seen very little, his poisoning was in process. Beginning November 18 this took the form of a very powerful air-borne poison based on plutonium and zirconium, a variant of the poison that produces Legionnaires' Disease. The Pope's condition deteriorated rapidly, and he died at approximately 4:00 P.M. Rome time on November 20, 1978.  Shortly thereafter his body was secretly removed from the Vatican, being taken first to an interim location about 45 miles northwest of Rome. By 8:00 P.M. Rome time the following evening, November 21, his body had been cremated. It was earlier that same day that the Vatican issued the terse announcement saying the entire Curia had been re-confirmed by the Pope. Since that time an actor has been playing the part of Pope John Paul II.  This man is neither Polish nor Christian. Dr. Peter David Beter. Dec. 26, 1978, Audioletter No 41.