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[2011 Nov] Poppy Represents Bankers' Drug Wars By T. Stokes  Those  poppies really celebrate the 350 years of  satanic banking cartels who earn money from fostering wars and pushing drugs. They are laughing at us for celebrating our own destruction by wearing their opium badge, the red poppy.

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[2008] T Stokes

[2008] Was Churchill a “Holocaust Denier”? T Stokes  Churchill condoned the Soviet rape squads sent into Germany at the wars end and helped Stalin hide the Soviet Katyn Forest murders, like Stalin, blaming the Germans for the crime...On Churchill’s orders the S.O.E murdered Reinhardt Heydrich in order to bring reprisals on the Czech’s and thereby harden their resolve against Germany. The papers reveal that Churchill joked about the huge bombing raids on defenceless German dormitory towns.  Sir Anthony Blunt said that as the war was closing, Churchill did not want to feed or house large numbers of German refugees, and preferred them burnt in their homes......Also mentioned is Churchill’s wish to murder Ghandi, who was against the violence of the war....Russian spy Ursula Kuczinsky, codenamed ” Sonja” serviced Oxford during W W II and claimed Chamberlain was murdered by Churchill after he accepted 50,0000 pounds from the Rothschild syndicate to take the country to war.

[2006] The Mystery of Super Spy - Sir Anthony Blunt by T. Stokes

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[2011 Sept] The Wheel of Fortune By T Stokes  One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called  ‘Morning Cloud’, or as bodyguards referred to it, ‘Morning Sickness’.
    Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London’s lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys. Nonetheless, he quickly fell prone blackmailers who insisted he dress up in a ridiculous Gestapo uniform in which he was photographed. 
    Under threat of exposure Heath was forced to enter Britain into the Common Market, now the European Union, under very unfavourable conditions. It is still a bone of contention among scholars how he became PM in front of the immensely popular and scholarly Enoch Powell who to all intents and purposes should have been Prime Minister.

Tony Blair as 'Miranda '  HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER by T. Stokes  How Britain came to be in the EU under such disastrous terms was because Edward Heath was allegedly a coprophiliac, he would regularly take boys from certain care homes away on his boat for weekends. His sheets had to be perfectly white, clean ironed and perfumed, Heaths obsession with this made the boats name 'morning cloud' the subject of many in house jokes, nevertheless he was seriously warned 4 times by the police for hanging around public toilets, special branch had to appoint a man especially to protect him, it was Liberal party Leader Jeremy Thorpes threat to bring down Edward Heath and a big bunch of other politicians, which got him off the Norman Scott attempted murder court case. The name 'Mr. Eddy' was well known on Hampstead Heath and the boys home nearby in the seventies.

Lord William, 3rd viscount Astor, was to hold sex and black magic parties at his grand house, where Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies seduced the rich and famous......The society osteopath and healer Stephen Ward, was a master occultist who at these orgies would conjure weird spirits to visibly appear, which sound identical to those at Bilderberg ceremonies. .....Attendees at these parties told of Sir Anthony Blunt asphyxiating young boys to death while a naked masked man sodomised him, this man was said to be royalty or a rothschild and always wore his socks, but in killing the boy in this way his body muscles would suddenly contract bringing on the sexual climax of the predator....The top catholic exorcist Dom Robert Petit-Pierre claimed the exorcisms he had to perform at the Astors huge estate and Wards cottage, contained the most potent satanic entities he had ever come across, including the spirits of several murdered boys; the evil spirits were similar to the entities surrounding the devils chimney, the Aleister Crowley wartime rituals on Britain’s south coast for Winston Churchill’s occult Black group experiments. [2010] ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT COMING SOON by T. Stokes