Was Churchill a “Holocaust Denier”?

By T Stokes on December 18, 2008  

It has long been assumed that the Churchill archives at Cambridge had been edited, giving a sanitized account that glossed over much of recent history. However, against all the rules, thousands of pages of minutes have been saved in their original state, which present a drastically different version of events.

The wartime assistant to the deputy secretary to the war cabinet, 1939-1945, Laurence Burgis, took notes of crucial and often historic cabinet meetings. These papers contain much that was later “deleted” or “sanitized “ as Churchill insisted that notes on the meetings were to be burnt in the grate.

By keeping these authentic notes until his death in 1971 Burgis, could have been prosecuted under the 1911 official secrets act and imprisoned, or even shot as a 5th columnist.

The notes contain mentions of Pearl Harbour, Churchill’s naivety over Stalin and his socialist atrocities, and Churchill’s general political and military ineptitude.

No mention occurs as in Soviet notes of Churchill’s alcohol dependence or his regularly sleeping through the day.

Among other things the papers confirm that even under drugs and torture, Rudolph Hess never divulged the names of those in the British war cabinet and royal family who wanted to accept a peace deal with Hitler.

Churchill condoned the Soviet rape squads sent into Germany at the wars end and helped Stalin hide the Soviet Katyn Forest murders, like Stalin, blaming the Germans for the crime.

Hess wanted the truth told of this and civilians guaranteed safety.

On Churchill’s orders the S.O.E murdered Reinhardt Heydrich in order to bring reprisals on the Czech’s and thereby harden their resolve against Germany.

The papers reveal that Churchill joked about the huge bombing raids on defenceless German dormitory towns.

Sir Anthony Blunt said that as the war was closing, Churchill did not want to feed or house large numbers of German refugees, and preferred them burnt in their homes.

It has been suggested by the Bletchley code breaker John Burrows, that the universally unpopular General Montgomery was pushed into taking on Rommel in North Africa, by threats of exposure of his bizarre sexuality.

Moreover Montgomery’s victories were secured largely by the Enigma code breaker, which was used to decipher German signals. A fact confirmed by Sir Harold Scott and super-spy and Stalin apologist, Sir Anthony Blunt, and in of the cuff remarks by Churchill’s bodyguard, Walter Thomson.

Also mentioned is Churchill’s wish to murder Ghandi, who was against the violence of the war.

Churchill, through the banker Juan March, secretly bribed General Franco and his generals with millions of dollars, not to side with Hitler in W.W.II, and Britain remained silent over the Stalin backed socialist atrocities in the civil war.

Strangely, in view of the current depiction of the Holocaust by Hollywood, the papers make no mention of the plight of the Jewish people held by Germany.

Just as British intelligence files, the Russian archives, the Red Cross and the R.A.M.C make no mention of what we now know as the Holocaust.

Churchill, who changed parties 4 times in his career, and discussed it several more times, was held in such low esteem at the House of Commons, that he was called “the shithouse” as an abbreviation of his initials W.C.

Chamberlain, who was adamant that war with Hitler was avoidable, had said that Britain was the greatest sea power at the time and if Hitler planned a war with Britain he would have built up his navy, but he did not as he believed Britain would stay out of the conflict.

Russian spy Ursula Kuczinsky, codenamed ” Sonja” serviced Oxford during W W II and claimed Chamberlain was murdered by Churchill after he accepted 50,0000 pounds from the Rothschild syndicate to take the country to war.

In much the same way that Lord Levy is rumoured to have bribed Tony Blair to take Britain to war with Iraq.

Both must be numbered among Britain’s greatest traitors.

T Stokes