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[Jesuits are used as a misdirect away from the real rulers, the Zionists, Eric Jon Phelps being notable.]


Ignatius Loyola
Alberto Rivera

Black Popes
Count Hans Kolvenbach
Adolfo Nicolos

Eric Jon Phelps
Edward Hendrie

Jesuit assassinations
Pope Clement XIV (1769 to 1774)
Pope Clement XIII (1758-1769)

Jesuit connections
Buchanan, Pat

Castro, Fidel
Juan Carlos (Spain)
Washington, Denzel

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Catholic Priest child abuse

Are Jews Propagating Anti-Jesuit Conspiracy Theories?

[2011 Aug] Ken Bear Chief Reaches Out to Boarding-School Survivors  Five hundred of the firm’s Native plaintiffs recently participated in a historic $166-million-dollar payment from the Jesuit order.

Loyola Academy, an all-boy's Jesuit school.




Symbols of Hermes and Isis with six-pointed star in a Jesuit cathedral in Germany.

The Triple Tau its also the H letter of the IHS acronim of the jesuits!
T=20; Tx3=60

Triple Tau

Arrows Isis, Horus and Seth Triad of Lucifer Rotary symbol   Black sun

Saturn Note that the symbol of Saturn is just like the "h" with the "t" letters fused usually used
by the Jesuit Order in his Seal. Which also represent the figure of the scythe which the
death and Saturn use in the allegories.

The following is the painting "Finis Gloriae Mundi" by Juan Valdés Leal in "honor"
to the Company of Jesus.

Also is interseting note the luciferian symbols in the left part of the balance: the FROG
(which represent the demons), the PEACOCK (which represent Lucifer), the Dog
(the DEATH and the UNDERWORLD), the OWL (the protector of Semiramis/ Minerva)
and the GOAT (SATAN). And also the purple earth which will trasmute and evolve in
the red earth like a reborn or a (al)chemical regeneration.

The Jesuit Black Sun is loaded with Symbolism from the masculine saturnic energy with the straight rays.  To the feminine luciferic energy with the spiral rays.  To the H in the IHS being Saturn symbolism.  The Jesuits are the Saturnalian Brotherhood.
    The ten gallow hat as with most hats are nothing more than symbolism of Saturn and its 7 rings as one. The phallic body and its head enter the feminine circle opening of the hat creating a sexual union, a Generative Principle of both energies together. Your El and Astarte all in one Satan and Lucifer! Please note how the Crown is of Saturn. Crown comes from the word Chronos and Kronos the Greek Saturn God. The Father of Time and this is a reason why we have chronograph cLocks. The Royals and their Divine right to rule. We'll the Vatican is the Divine Dragon and they hand out the Monarchy titles still to this day. They are of Saturn based in ancient Saturnia. So these Divine Royals claim a right to rule because they worship thee God in their eyes known as El the Planet Saturn. The one who controls the Root Chakra of you. The first step on the Theological ladder to the light. Remember how I showed before how the Crown was symbolised as the Yod in the Yoni (the circle with the dot). Also tied in with the word Or-ange. Also note this word's links to Taaut.
    Remember how the cross is actually not Holy or of Christ. This cross is actualy Satanic of Saturn. This is also why Jesus Christ (888) was killed upon the cross. Symbolism of Satan winning over Christ and the God Adonai. Utter blasphemous and hypocriscy by the Church of Rome and it's false claim of being Christian whilst infact it is the Dragon itself. Also the same of the phony organised pagan Protestant churches displaying these satanic, pagan symbols of the Palmyrium Schools of Babylon. You'll also not that the phallic masculine Saturn cross enters into the 'U' of the 'H' whilst we see a phallic arrow thing about to do the same in the lower 'U'. Remember the 'U' is symbolism for the feminine, so once again we have a Generative Principle of sexual union! Remember on how the cross is also a lower down symbol amongst the profane of Osiris. Osiris is represented as the golden phallic given him by Isis. So we have the golden phallic of Osiris entering the feminine opening. Please take note that the 'G' is of Saturn worship as well as sex. The 'G' is Generative Principle! When once rotates the 'G' anti-clockwise (banishing) then we have the symbol of the Hebrew for Pei. Remember the 'P' is a phallic! This is why we see the Austin Powers movie 'Gold Member' as we do. You'll also notice the Dutch bought up a lot in that movie, the Gold Member character is Dutch. Why is this? Well its because of the Royal House of Orange. Why? Well the word orange amongst other things is representative of gold. You'll notice the 'G' in that film has yet again an arrow entering the open feminine. Now lets have a quick look at the sexual union in the alphabet. We see the phallic 'P' and feminine vagina 'O' coming together creating insemination 'Q'. We then see the DNA creation 'S' whilst then the pregnancy 'B' then the giving of BiRth as the waters BReak 'R'. So you BRed in order to give BiRth in order for the baby (gateway to adulthood) to take its first BReath. Then you feed the baby on your BReast. Should have been taught the BiRds and the Bees. What do these do? They help POLEnate the plants. A pole is a phallic and usually used to impregnant Athirat (Earth). So in all your talking 'POQSBR'


Hand sign (666)  Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe (1907–1991)   Count Hans Kolvenbach

Notice the sun rays in these crosses, they are identical to the rays in the above Jesuit symbol.


[2011] Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie
Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps
The Vatican Against Europe by Edmond Paris
The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris

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Read the story of Alberto Riviera, once third in line to be the Black Pope:

Don't under estimate the "Opus Dei"
as they are quickly becoming more powerful than Jesuits.
ESSENTIALLY, The Jesuits are the Secret Society that infiltrates ALL religions while the Opus Dei infiltrates Colleges and Universities.


V h o l ii k - K r o k ii t

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Best slave is one who thinks he is free

klinton, strong

multiple pentagrams revealed in Church of Gesu (Jesuit Hq) design