Zoe Williams
This Morning  Media Mafia

See how they lie: ''Chris was also joined by Dr. Zoe Williams, who assured the audience that over 300 million injections have been given and there have been no links to severe illnesses.  'I can understand why parents want to find a link [for their daughterís illness],'  she admitted. 'But thereís a concern we canít repeat what happened with MMR vaccine, when millions of parents didnít vaccinate their children and they died.'  ''

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:  Stoppard, Dr Miriam  Cannon, Ellie  Ben Goldacre  Steele, Chris  Gupta, Dr. Sanjay

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And the 45-year-old glamour model claims she was attacked by Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield and Dr Chris Steele for speaking up over her concerns on the show.  The UK Public Health Association had even attempted to ban her from going on the show to discuss the matter.  She said: 'I can only assume that the This Morning team, Philip and Holly must have had a huge amount of pressure on them on what to let me say, and what to stop me from saying. 'Four against one, the PHA [Public Health Authority] must have been very worried.  'I was shocked and surprised at how Dr Chris Steel treated me during my interview on This Morning and also when I came off screen as well.  'The level of anger and hostility thrown at me was extreme, especially considering they had invited me on to talk about my concerns as a parent over the HPV vaccine, but would not let me talk or have another supporting voice who shared the same view, to balance out the debate.'  [2016 Dec] Girl, 16, is left paralysed in 3 limbs and in hospital on a drip after having the HPV vaccine, her parents claim (Ruby Shallom, Lucy Rebbeck)