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[2011 Jan] Estrogen is to Cancer what Fertilizer is to Wheat

[2009 oct] Judge seals damage award against Wyeth A Philadelphia jury yesterday awarded punitive damages to an Illinois woman who said Wyeth's Prempro hormone replacement therapy caused her breast cancer.

[2009 May] Wyeth’s Menopause Hormones Increase Risk of Lung Cancer Deaths More than 5,000 lawsuits have been filed against Wyeth, alleging its hormones caused cancer.

[2007] HRT alert after more than 1,000 women die New evidence shows hormone replacement therapy leads to a higher risk of ovarian cancer with 1,000 victims since 1991

Maggie Tuttle & The Menopausal Helpline Limited

[June 2006 Book] HRT Licensed to Kill and Maim The unheard voices of women damaged by HRT by Martin J Walker

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[2002] Hormone Therapy Linked to Risk of Ovarian Cancer

[Media UK, Dec 1996] HRT users urged to tell of suicidal tendencies

"Learning as we go"...Why didn't they tell us this before? We, the consumers, are supposed to be docile guinea pigs in a vast but uncontrolled experiment with powerful hormones (HRT). That's quite a commentary on "scientific medicine."------Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

Sherrill Sellman