Drug adverse reactions [Media, articles]

[Media Sept 2005] Acne drug blamed for son's death

Psychiatric Drugs: An Assault on the Human Condition Street Spirit Interview with Robert Whitaker

[Media Dec 004] NIH stops study due to increased heart attacks, strokes in patients taking naproxen
The House That AIDS Built by Liam Scheff

[Media Nov 2004] Safety of Entire Family of Painkillers Questioned

[Media Nov 2004] Trial finds that Prozac may stunt children's growth

Baycol - Another Fluoride Drug Bites the Dust

[Nov 2004] Eli Lilly’s highly touted new anti-psychotic, Zyprexa

[Media Dec 2004] Fight to prove acne drug caused suicides.

[Trovan] 'Lawsuit claims Pfizer hurt, killed Nigerian children'.

[Media Oct 2004] US officials 'knew of Vioxx threat'
[Media Oct 2004, sodium valproate] PARENTS SUE MAKERS OF 'THE NEW THALIDOMIDE'

[Media March 2004 Bayer. phenylpropanolamine, or PPA] How drug makers sought to keep popular cold and diet remedies on store shelves after their own study linked them to strokes.

[Media Japan 2002] Parents sue Kowa over drug death of woman with cold

[Media April 2002] The chemistry of happiness (Seroxat)

[Media 1997 Thalidomide] A curse on my baby

More bad news about Remicade and Enbrel

Infant Antibiotic (erythromycin) Can Cause Severe Stomach Disorder

[Media Aug 2001] Cures That Kill (Baycol)

[Media July 22, 2001] In the womb and hooked on tranquillisers

The big tranquilliser cover-up by Margaret Bell

[Media 29 June] Drug Update (Prozac)

[Media June, 2001] Murder, suicide. A bitter aftertaste for the 'wonder' depression drug (seroxat)

[Media UK, 1996] Meningitis clusters linked to antibiotics

[Media USA, March 2001] FDA probes new worry about acetaminophen overdose

[Media UK, Dec 1996] HRT users urged to tell of suicidal tendencies

[Media UK] Larium

[Media UK, 1998, IVF drugs--cancer] Birth of doubt

[Media UK, 96] Paracetamol crackdown to cut suicides

[Media UK, 1997] ‘Prozac made our father kill our mother then himself’

Carrying the fight to stop tranquilliser addiction--Pam Armstrong

The scandal of the benzo babies

[Media UK, 1997 Tranquillisers--ADD, epilepsy] Elizabeth Wilson finds a group of parents concerned over tranquillisers.

[Media, Drugs, Syntocinon--cerebral palsy, deaths]

[Media 96] Why does a top surgeon want to ban paracetamol?

[Media 97, ] Slimming pills at 13 put Debbie on the way to her heroin death

[Media, Pill--death] A bitter pill to swallow (Femodene)

[Media 97 Pill--death] Caroline was just 14 when a family planning clinic put her on the pill (Femodene)

[Media 1996 Steroid-chickenpox death] Parents sue over stress of death (prednisolone)

[Media UK, Feb 2001, Ibuprofen--miscarriage]Painkiller warning for pregnant women

[Media UK, Feb 2001, Drugs: Viagra--deaths] Viagra deaths alert

[Media Jan 2001] Drug blunder man 'faces slow death' (Vincristine)

[Media Feb 2001--Drugs] Coroner’s alert on Zyban GlaxoSmithKline

[Media--drugs] How a New Policy Led to Seven Deadly Drugs
[Media--drugs] Serzone: Company hasn't published study of effect on children. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
[Media--drugs] REZULIN: Fast-Track Approval and a Slow Withdrawal Warner-Lambert
[Media--drugs] RELENZA: Official Asks If One Day Less of Flu Is Worth It (Glaxo)
[Media--drugs] REDUX:  Unheeded Warnings on Lethal Diet Pill (Wyeth)
[Media--drugs] RAXAR:Warning on Label Omits Deaths (Glaxo Wellcome)
[Media--drugs] DURACT: Painkiller Posed Risk of Damage to Liver (Wyeth)
[Media--drugs] LOTRONEX: Officer Foresaw Deadly Effects (Glaxo Wellcome)
[Media--drugs] PROPULSID: A Heartburn Drug, Now Linked to Children's Deaths ( Janssen Pharmaceutica, a Johnson & Johnson Co. subsidiary)
[Media--drugs] POSICOR: 143 Sudden Deaths Did Not Stop Approval (Hoffman-La Roche Inc)

Side effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Doctors warn of painkiller (Nurofen)   link to flesh-eating disease

[Media: Rezulin]  FDA Whistleblower Resigns, Says Politics Trumping Medicine In Drug Approvals


[Media: acetaminophen] Contaminated acetaminophen syrup associated with the deaths of 88 Haitian children

[Media] Birth-drug babies in addiction peril

Science, Politics or Economics?-----Michael Schmidt, Lendon Smith, Keith Sehnert (Beyond Antibiotics)

[Media] Shocked sufferers reveal their agony (corticosteroids)
[Media] A bitter pill to swallow (ethinyloestradiol)

[Media] Suicides linked with acne drug (roaccutane)

[Media] Father fights acne drug firm after’ son’s suicide (Roaccutane)

[Media]  Aspirin danger for teenagers

[Media]  How the tablets I bought at the local chemist turned me into a drug addict (Feminax & codeine-based medicines)

[Media] New concern at side-effects of hay fever drugs (terfenadine loratadine and astemizole)

Epilim [Epilepsy]

Eleven deaths among UK Vioxx users

Antibiotics http://www.healthy.net/library/articles/Naturopathic/art.antibiotics.mt.htm

Glaxo Pulls Antibiotic Raxar Linked to Seven Deaths in Europe

Steroids http://members.tripod.com/~UrsulaKelly/steroids.htm

Diabetes drug linked to liver troubles

Asthma steroid can kill

Antibiotics can cause asthma by Lisa Landymore-Lim

They claim Seroxat can cure shyness, but its effect on me was terrifying.

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