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"Meanwhile, Dr. Healy Hasn't shied away from linking Prozac, Paxil and the other SSRI's to suicide. He figures at least 250,000 people have attempted suicide worldwide because of Prozac alone and that at least 25,000 have succeeded. " [2002] Prozac, Suicide and Dr. Healy By Rick Giombetti

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[2017 April] Dolin Vs GSK : Jury shown List of the Dead in Paxil Clinical Trials There were also 40 suicide attempts during the Paxil clinical trials. ..Pharmaceutical companies much prefer clinical trials where the subjects are suffering an underlying "disorder." They can then claim, if the trial is a success, their product can treat that disorder and any suicides or attempts can be blamed on the "illness" rather than the treatment. Remember, clinical trials are ongoing, even when the drug gets to market. This is called the 'Post Marketing Phase.'  When a patient contacts the company because of an adverse reaction, the company request all medical files from the patients doctors. They do this, they claim, to rule out any other possible cause. In reality, they do this to blame underlying illness, other medication that may have been being used at the time, and/or the prescribing doctor.

[2016] Swine flu jab 'most likely' led to narcolepsy in nurse who killed herself – coroner

[2016 Oct] Jury Awards $11.9 Million in Paxil Suicide Malpractice Case--Psychiatric Expert Peter R. Breggin Testifies

[pdf May 2012] Anticoagulants the Leading Reported Drug Risk in 2011  58 drugs have FDA-approved warnings or precautions about suicidal behaviors.

[2012 Nov] Sleeping pill clue to Douglas Hurd daughter-in-law's fatal fall: Mother-of-five may have plunged 60ft from New York flat because of sedatives

[2012 June] A Decade after Murder-Suicides, D-Day for “the Agent Orange of our Generation” By Dan Olmsted

Seroxat  [pdf] Seroxat Article 31 - Consolidated Response Document - January 04  GSK received 1,413 reports of self-harm/suicidal behaviour in adults plus patients of unspecified age up to 31 May 2003. Of these reports, 997 (71.0%) were received from HCPs and 416 (29.0%) were from consumers. During the same period, GSK received 40,056 reports of "other events" in adults plus patients of unspecified age received in the same period, of which 26,968 (67.0%) were received from HCPs and 13,088 (33.0%) were received from consumers. In this analysis of risk factors, the dataset of 997 reports from HCPs documenting self-harm/suicidal behaviour is compared with the 26,968 HCPconfirmed reports of "other events". Similarly, the 416 consumer reports of selfharm/suicidal behaviour are compared with the 13,088 consumer reports of "other events".

[vid] Blowing the Whistle on Big Pharma

[2007] NEUROEXCITATORY ACTIONS OF TAMIFLU AND ITS CARBOXYLATE METABOLITE  70 deaths and more than 100 cases of abnormal behaviors have been reported associated with Tamiflu use in Japan, with special attention to cases involving children and adolescents. Serious effects include sudden deaths in toddlers and altered behaviors, including suicide, in teenagers.

[2007] Trail Of Paxil Suicides Leads To GlaxoSmithKline By Evelyn Pringle


[2002] Prozac, Suicide and Dr. Healy By Rick Giombetti

Media stories
[2016 March] Weeks after being put on Prozac, Jake, 14, took his own life - so why aren’t parents being warned about the suicide risk for children on anti-depressants?

[2015 May] Twenty suicides in Britain over two-year period 'linked to controversial acne drug Roaccutane'

[2007] Reported suicides - more than 80 percent got psychiatric drugs, well over 50 percent got antidepressants This information has been concealed by senior (psychiatric) officials at the National Board of Health and Welfare. It was contrary to the best interests of Big Pharma and biological psychiatrists. It blew the myths of antidepressants and neuroleptics as suicide protecting drugs to pieces. It would also have hurt the career of many medical journalists to take up this subject; journalists who for years have made their living by writing marketing articles about new antidepressant drugs. So nothing has been written about this in major media in Sweden.

[2005] Alarming deaths of Tamiflu patients - FDA to investigate  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration are investigating the deaths of 12 children in Japan who took Roche's flu-fighting drug Tamiflu.  The FDA said the 12 deaths it was reviewing included one suicide, four cases of sudden death and four cases of cardiac arrest. There also were single cases of pneumonia, asphyxiation and acute pancreatitis......It seems the most alarming psychiatric events included two cases in which a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old jumped out of the second-floor windows of their homes after receiving two doses of Tamiflu.

[2007] Depressed children 'committed suicide after taking Prozac'

[2006] Eli Lilly's Strattera - 130 reports of suicidality in one month

[2004] Secret US report surfaces on antidepressants in children

[2004] Morning-after pill was to blame for the death of my daughter, says tycoon's wife

[2004] 16-Year Old’s Suicide on Zoloft

[2003] Sudden Withdrawal on Effexor
“I have attempted suicide 3 times now, maybe the fourth will be the charm because this life is not life, it is a tortuous hell, that leaves little to live for.”

[2003] The Tragic Death of my Friend of 25 Years Due to Prozac

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[2003] Prozac and how it made me try to commit suicide

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[2001] Drug Update (Prozac)

12-Year Old Attempts Suicide on Luvox

[Media UK, Dec 1996] HRT users urged to tell of suicidal tendencies

[Media] Suicides linked with acne drug (roaccutane)
[Media] Father fights acne drug firm after’ son’s suicide (Roaccutane)
Accutane - Is this Acne Drug Treatment Linked to Depression and Suicide? (Congressional committee dec 2000)

[Media UK, 1997] ‘Prozac made our father kill our mother then himself’

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And the suicide attempt rate of both amphetamines and methylphenidate has been ten percent in multiple studies. Ten percent of 4.5 million children are 450,000 children at risk of suicide – for financial profit. It is monstrous.  And the pharmaceutical industry has turned the suicides into a campaign to test children for emotional disorders and put the children on antidepressant drugs. It always comes back to how the monster can make more profits. And, for the most part, the public has allowed themselves and their children to be led along like lambs to the slaughter. HOW THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY IS PREYING ON OUR CHILDREN by K.L. Carlson, M.B.A.

"Meanwhile, Dr. Healy Hasn't shied away from linking Prozac, Paxil and the other SSRI's to suicide. He figures at least 250,000 people have attempted suicide worldwide because of Prozac alone and that at least 25,000 have succeeded. " [2002] Prozac, Suicide and Dr. Healy By Rick Giombetti

Between 1993 and 2002, 118 people in England and Wales died while taking Venlafaxine, mainly from suicide and accidental overdose. [Media Nov 5, 2004 Venlaflaxine] Girl died after taking one pill for depression

The loving parents of Candace would be seeing their beautiful blonde daughter off as a freshman in college this fall, if she hadn’t hung herself in her bedroom at the age of twelve. A pediatric psychiatrist had prescribed Zoloft to Candace because “she was anxious about school exams.” In 2004 when the drug took her life, the antidepressant carried the FDA’s most severe warning, A Black Box Warning, for suicide for anyone under 18 years old. But the psychiatrist didn’t tell her parents about the risk. He told them the drug would make Candace “happy.” HOW THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY IS PREYING ON OUR CHILDREN by K.L. Carlson, M.B.A.

Little Gabriel Myers was facing a tough life as a foster child at only 7 years old. He needed love and patience. They gave him multiple psychiatric drugs. He won’t be starting third grade this school year because he hung himself in 2009. Seven-year-old children do not naturally think of suicide. They think of running away from home. The suicide rate of adults taking antidepressant drugs in clinical trials is an astronomical 718 per 100,000. The suicide rate for people not taking any psychiatric drugs in the general public is about 11 in 100,000. Jeremy Strohmeyer was a high school honor student taking no drugs. A teacher diagnosed him with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and he was put on Dexedrine. Within days, this teenager with so much potential raped and murdered 7-year-old Sherrice Iverson, then attempted suicide. Jeremy survived but is now serving a life sentence with no chance of parole. If Jeremy had been taking an illegal drug, his actions would have immediately been seen as caused by the drug. Mind-altering drugs are mind-altering drugs, whether they are labeled legal or not. HOW THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY IS PREYING ON OUR CHILDREN by K.L. Carlson, M.B.A.