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"Children who are fed too frequently or fed improperly, and who are troubled with constipation and the passing of undigested food with the bowel movements, are made susceptible not only to diphtheria, but also to scarlet fever, measles, whooping-cough, etc. Indeed, it can be proved that normal, healthy children--children who have bowels that are regular, and who are not troubled with intestinal indigestion--cannot be made to take any of these diseases."--John Tilden MD (1921)

"Measles is the manner in which a child's body throws off toxemia. When children are cared for improperly, they become toxemic, and their skin eliminates toxin to a greater degree than does the skin of grown people."--John Tilden MD

"It is my belief that measles heads the list of the diseases of childhood which are the result of starch and sugar toxemia."--Henry Bieler MD (Food is Your Best Medicine).

"I have myself, through Natural Hygiene, over 16 years, treated all forms and hundreds of cases of typhus and typhoid fevers, pneumonia's, measles and dysentery's, and have not lost a single patient. The same is true of scarlet and other fevers. No medicine whatever was given".--Dr Trall, 1860.

It is believed in Chinese medicine that measles represents the expulsion from the body of poisons accumulated during pregnancy. If these poisons cannot be released, because of immunisation of otherwise, they may affect the child’s behaviour. Having measles provides the body with the natural and necessary opportunity to rid itself of these poisons.


CHICKEN POX: Why Do Children Die? By Gary Krasner

Trall MD