Positive effect of childhood diseases
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Chickenpox [Chickenpox]
May 15, 2009 - Clinically Observed Chickenpox and the Risk of Childhood-onset Multiple Sclerosis - journal article (American Journal of Epidemiology) - "The authors concluded that clinically observed chickenpox was associated with a lower risk of childhood-onset MS in a French  population."

[2016 June] History of chickenpox in glioma risk: a report from the glioma international case-control study (GICC).

[NEUROSCIENCE NEWS MARCH 30, 2016] Brain Cancer Risk May Be Reduced in Those With History of Chicken Pox

Mumps [Mumps]
Beneficial effects of mumps

Measles  [Measles]
Positive effect of measles citations

Homeopathy and measles

Whooping cough [Whooping Cough]
"Vaccination stops children having their childhood diseases at the beneficial age (3-4yrs). Children are now susceptible to Rubella and Mumps at just the age when girls can conceive and boys can be made sterile.  Antibodies from vaccination do not cross the placenta to make very young babies immune with the result that children of less than one year old are more likely to get them. In the case of Whooping cough this is just the time that the disease is likely to cause neurological damage."---Dr Jayne Donegan

"It is very likely, that the obvious improvements of her child's health was achieved by him finally developing whooping cough in its acute form. --any parents report either a marked improvement or disappearance of 'asthma' after their vaccinated children developed acute whooping cough. Medical research demonstrated that having whooping cough prevents asthma. One must wonder how much of that 'asthma' is just a chronic whooping cough as a result of the vaccinated child's immune system being deranged by vaccination and not being able to mount a proper, acute, immune response."---Viera Scheibner

"After contracting measles and other childhood illnesses (e.g.. chickenpox, scarlet fever, whooping cough, rubella, mumps and may be others), it has been widely accepted by many health practitioners, including experienced orthodox paediatricians that this is often beneficial for the general health of many children. Specifically it has been shown that children contracting measles naturally were less likely to suffer from allergic conditions such as asthma, eczema and hayfever, (Lancer June 29 1996)."---Trevor Gunn BSc

Trevor Gunn BSc

Marcella Piper-Terry October 15 Significant results: “p” means probability. When you’re talking about probability, .05 is what is generally accepted as being statistically significant. That means that if you are looking at 100, p<.05, that means that there’s a 95 percent probability that what you’re seeing is real and not by chance. When you get to p<.001, that means there is a 1 in 1,000 probability that what you’re seeing is by chance. That’s really strong evidence.

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