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Mark Purdey article on scrapie & the CWD epidemic in deer

"What got me interested in metals, particularly in copper, during the 1970s government laboratories had done research inducing scrapie disease in mice by injecting them with a chemical called cuprizone. This chemical caused scrapie by locking onto copper in the brain of treated animals and when I found low levels of copper in all their spongiform areas around the world I then began to feel something was going on here."-Mark Purdey

"In the reports I read, the "experts" blamed the erratic behavior on a viral disease called scrapie. However, when rape oil was removed from animal feed, "scrapie" disappeared. No longer a European livestock problem; now it is ours. U.S. farmers grow rape seed, and manufacturers use its oil (canola) in thousands of processed foods, with the blessings of government watchdog agencies, of course."--John Thomas

"The most likely cause of scrapie was massive chemical poisoning. Sheep are regularly dipped in chemical baths to kill off parasites. Their heads are invariably thrust under the surface and they often swallow some of the toxic dip."--Dr Anthony and Benjamin Parish