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[The usual cover up to hide chemical poisoning.  Tsunao Saitoh was assassinated, with fatal car accidents around Mark Purdey, all suggest a link to Alzheimer's as well.]


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CJD, BSE & vaccines
Terry S. Singeltary Sr

Mark Purdey
Tsunao Saitoh
Bruton, Dr. C.

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See: Infectious scares

The Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page

Raeto West's Internet site.

nvCJD and the UK BLOOD and VACCINE BAN - Comprehensive easy to read info on nvCJD and the UK Blood and Vaccine ban instituted on 2/27/98 due to concerns about nvCJD being transmissable via blood/vaccines. Also, US Donors who have traveled to/lived in the UK (for 6 mos.) since 1980 were banned in the US on 6/3/99 . Details concerns about pooled plasma products and recombinant products.

Blood Recall/Withdrawal - Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) website   

[1996] MMR vaccine linked with deadly Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

BSE, CJD  Dr Anthony and Benjamin Parish