CJD, BSE & vaccines
BSE & CJD Polio

"SENIOR government advisers said as early as 1989 that vaccines could provide a route by which BSE could be transferred to human beings."--Media report

[Media 10/00] Revealed: full scale of vaccine blunders US authorities horrified by conditions at factory in BSE-tainted polio drug scare

RE--CJD&CHILDREN-- could the 'v' in vCJD simply mean vaccineCJD?---Terry S. Singeltary Sr

CJD/VACCINES/CHILDREN -- could the "V" in vCJD mean vaccine???----Terry S. Singeltary Sr

Other Transmission Studies of CJD from Blood and Urine Into Mice---Terry S. Singeltary Sr

Transmission of BSE by blood transfusion in sheep---Terry S. Singeltary Sr

[Media 2000] Mad Cow Danger In Polio Vaccine

[Media 99] Forces face vaccine scare: Soldiers could be infected with 'mad cow' disease (Hepatitis A vaccine)

[Media 98] Scientists warn of CJD risk in vaccines given to children

[Media 99] Risk of BSE in vaccines revealed

[1996] MMR vaccine linked with deadly Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Italians ban Hib vaccine in BSE scare (Feb 97)

nvCJD and the UK BLOOD and VACCINE BAN - Comprehensive easy to read info on nvCJD and the UK Blood and Vaccine ban instituted on 2/27/98 due to concerns about nvCJD being transmissable via blood/vaccines. Also, US Donors who have traveled to/lived in the UK (for 6 mos.) since 1980 were banned in the US on 6/3/99 . Details concerns about pooled plasma products and recombinant products. http://php.indiana.edu/~lzambeni/ukbloodban.html