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[2016 Dec India] 4-month-old dies day after vaccination, parents protest

[2015 Oct] INDIAN COURT TOLD RELEASING VACCINE DATA WOULD ALARM PUBLIC!  An Indian Rotavirus vaccine has been trialled in India. The results showed that the vaccine has a very high rate of intestinal telescoping (intussusception) which is much higher than the Rota vaccine that got banned internationally. What was more alarming was the trial data from a Medical College in Vellore, India, showing that the vaccine was causing 70 times more such adverse events than the currently licensed vaccine in India!

[2015 Jan] Judges demand answers after children die in controversial cancer vaccine trial in India 

[2014 May India] Negligence?: Measles vaccine claims yet another life in K-P

[2014 May] Alarming situation : Four children reportedly die from measles vaccine

[2013 Feb] Six children fall ill after taking measles vaccines

[2013 Jan] Pentavalent vaccine unsafe, say experts

[2012 March] Four children die in Kerala after administration of pentavalent vaccine

[2012 Sept] 10-year-old dies after school vaccination drive

[2012 Aug] Immunization side-effects claimed 133 children’s lives in 2011

[2012 Aug] 4 children die, 12 taken ill after receiving vaccination

[2012 June. India] Two kids die after being given measles vaccine

[2012 April] India: Paralysis cases soar after oral polio vaccine introduced

[2011 Aug] Indians sitting ducks as drug trials turn fatal  For the first time since 2010 when six tribal girls from Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh involved in the clinical trials of anti-cervical cancer HPV vaccine died, the government has admitted that 1,725 persons have lost their lives to drug trials in the last four years.

[2011 Aug] Two kids die in Nagaur after measles vaccination

[2011 July] Child dies after being administered measles vaccine

[2011 June. India] Parents blame infant`s death on polio drops

[2011 May] More Youngsters Dying Soon After Vaccination in India. Government Unable to Say Why.  CHENNAI: More children in India are dying every year soon after being vaccinated, and the government has no clue why. Union health ministry statistics obtained under the Right to Information Act show that 128 children died in 2010 due to adverse effects after immunization (AEFI). That count has risen in the past three years, with 111 such deaths in 2008 and 116 in 2009.

[2011 Jan] Vaccine fear strikes again  death of a two-year-old child, who received OPV drops at an immunisation camp set up in a balwadi (nursery) centre.....Dhanalakshmi, the 22-year-old mother of the deceased child said, “He was very dull after receiving the vaccine. I brought him home and fed him idlis and milk. I also bought him some ice cream and put him to sleep in my lap. We later discovered that he was limp, and had stopped breathing.”

[2010 Aug] Measles (vaccine) deaths in Lucknow: Health Ministry orders an inquiry  four infants, all below nine months, died near Lucknow on Sunday after they were vaccinated for measles

[2010 July] When Indian doctors open their mouths...

[2010 May] 2 kids dead after vaccination, locals protest Villagers of Shaikhpara at Gajol in Malda district stage protests today following the death of two infants who received DPT and BCG vaccines at the Sheikpara Sub-Health Centre  two days ago.

[2010 May] Trial and Error: Ethical Violations of HPV Vaccination Trials in India  The state government has claimed that the deaths of the four girls post-vaccination were unrelated to the ‘project’. However, parents of Kudumula Sarita, who died in January 2010, believe that their daughter died due to the vaccination, and not by consuming pesticide, as has been officially declared by the authorities.

[2010 April] Cancer vaccine programme suspended after 4 girls die

[2010 March. India] Babies dead after anti-measles shots

[2009 Dec] Child dies, family blames triple dose of vaccines  A two-month-old baby girl died a day after she was administered oral pulse polio drops along with Hepatitis B vaccine and DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus) vaccine

Vaccine shots kill four babies. As many as four babies lost their lives soon after they were given measles vaccine shots in Tamil Nadu. The state government has ordered a probe. The vaccine was supplied by the Central government-owned institute in Hyderabad.

[2009 June] 8 yrs old female, Case of P-1, P-3 Polio Virus  experts are trying to find out which virus was dominant, leading to her paralysis. The girl had received six doses of monovalent oral polio vaccine of Type-1 (mOPV-1).

[2009 June] Village boycotts polio campaign to protest civic conditions  Residents of Sarvat village in the Muzaffarnagar district, about 350 km from Lucknow, boycotted the vaccination drive May 24 and said they will continue their protest till their complaints about poor sanitation, contaminated water supply, and lack of garbage disposal facilities are addressed.....“Go to any place around the village, you will surely find filth and squalor… clogged drains that have become breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects,”.....With no garbage disposal system, residents are left with no option than to throw the domestic waste onto the roads. “In most of the village, you will not find any garbage bins, due to which the waste here is thrown out in the open"

[2009 may India MMR] Youth falls ill after vaccination drive

[2008 Dec BCG, DPT] Two children die after vaccination in Bihar

[2008 Oct India] 10-month-old baby dies after (measles) vaccine shot

[2008 Sept India] Measles deaths: Govt suspends five employees of Health Dept

[2008 Sept] Measles vaccination kills 4 infants in Maharashtra

[2008] 5-month-old boy dies hours after vaccination

[April 2008 India] Killer measles vaccine on hold

[July 2007 Letter] Research on Hib vaccine 'dubious'   Where starvation and cholera kill thousands of children each year, international agencies such as the GAVI Alliance, USAID and the WHO are busy spending millions on dubious research to emphasise the harm from a disease that local doctors hardly ever come across. All this so that vaccine manufacturers can fill their coffers. This situation can only be described as scandalous.

[July 2007 India] UNTESTED VACCINE SURFACES IN POLIO OUTBREAK A potent new vaccine introduced in Uttar Pradesh by the WHO has had no safety tests; the rash of new polio cases in the state may’ve been caused by the vaccine itself,

[2006 India] Shocking !! Infant mortality comes down with fall in immunisation rates!!

[Media July 2006] 35 children ill after brain fever vaccination

[Jan 2002] Interview with Dr Rao, India] Mass hep-B vaccination shouldnt be allowed

[Media India, November 23 2004] Infants die; reaction to polio drops feared
[Media India, Nov 2004] Polio dropped from list of suspects

[Media Sept 2004 Diptheria vax] India News: 79 schoolchildren ill after vaccinations

[Media nov 2002] Families don't allow administration of polio drops to children

[Media Nov 2002] Hep-B vaccine drive a farce, claims PEEM