Pharmaceutical drug addiction
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[2017 may] Ohio Sues 5 Major Drug Companies For 'Fueling Opioid Epidemic' the state of Ohio estimates some 200,000 people within its borders are addicted to opioids a number roughly the same as Akron's entire population.

[2017 March] Exposed: National disgrace as a quarter of a million patients are turned into DRUG ADDICTS by their doctors  Dr Abassi believes that 'many' of the 12 to 13 million people prescribed benzodiazepines every year are dependent

[2016] How Big Pharma Is Cashing in on Addiction to Alcohol and Illicit Drugs  Addiction psychiatry, essentially treating drug addicts with other drugs, has become a hugely profitable industry.

[2016 May] Big Pharma Exposed for Knowingly Causing Opioid Epidemic, Ushering in a Heroin Nightmare

[2015 Oct] Bob Lobel: Medical marijuana saved me from addiction

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