Polio vaccine contamination
Vaccine contaminants 

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Polio Perspectives-----Edda West

"The one virus which we were able to isolate and characterize is unmistakably African green monkey cytomegalovirus. I had notified centers for disease control by way of a manuscript and a request to transfer some of this information when I first had it, which was back in 1994, without any real success, but when the data was unequivocal, which was in 1995, we contacted the Bureau. At that stage, we were really just trying to get some reassurance that they no longer used monkey kidneys to make polio vaccines and were told that unfortunately they still did.....The issue of interest with HIV vaccines and so forth. .. it is known that African green monkeys have a retrovirus called simian immunodeficiency virus, SIV. There is a general relationship between SIV and HIV, though they’re not that closely related that, by normal kinetic mechanisms, one could see that they were both coming together. What is of interest is the fact that the African green monkeys brought out in the early part of the century to America were SIV negative...The question is as to whether or not SIV infections in the monkeys in Africa may have, in fact, been introduced in this century and were not an infection that predated hundreds of years but, rather, was introduced into the monkeys in some of the early experimentation done in vaccine development, and there’s a real interesting argument that, in fact, man may have infected African monkeys which then, in turn, processed the virus and returned it back to man in the form of HIV."--Dr Martin