Vitamin C and cancer
The Vitamin C Conspiracy

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[2014 March] High-dose Vitamin C Injections Shown To Annihilate Cancer

[1984] Dr. Irwin Stone talks about the use of Massive Doses of Ascorbate in the Control of Leukemic Mortality

[2010 Sept] Cancer and Vitamin C: Evidence-Based Censorship  

Linus Pauling Interview by Peter Chowka

"We studied patients with advanced cancer (stage 4). 40 patients received 40,000-75,000 mg intravenously several times a week. These are patients that have not responded to other treatments. The initial tumor response rate was achieved in 75% of patients, defined as a 50% reduction or more in tumor size. . . As a radiation oncologist, I also give radiation therapy. Vitamin C has two effects. It increases the beneficial effects of radiation and chemotherapy and decreases the adverse effects. But this is not a subtle effect, is not 15-20%. It's a dramatic effect. Once you start using IV vitamin C, the effect is so dramatic that it is difficult to go back to not using it." ----Victor Marcial, M.D., an oncologist in Puerto Rico [2010 Sept] Cancer and Vitamin C: Evidence-Based Censorship  

"74% of Americans are below daily RDA requirements for magnesium, 55% for iron, 68% calcium, 40% vitamin C, 33% B12, 80% B6, 33% B3, 35% B2, 45% B1, 50% vitamin A.
     From 25-50% of hospital patients suffer from protein calorie malnutrition. Pure malnutrition (cachexia) is responsible for at least 22% and up to 67% of all cancer deaths. Up to 80% of all cancer patients have reduced levels of serum albumin, which is a leading indicator of protein and calorie malnutrition. At least 20% of Americans are clinically malnourished, with 70% being sub-clinically malnourished, and the remaining "chosen few" 10% in good optimal health."—Patrick Quillin, Ph.D.

"I became interested in vitamin C and cancer in 1971 and began working with Ewan Cameron, M.B., Ch.B., chief surgeon at Vale of Leven Hospital in Scotland. Cameron gave 10 grams of vitamin C a day to patients with untreatable, terminal cancer.   These patients were then compared by Cameron and me to patients with the same kind of cancer at the same terminal stage who were being treated in the same hospital but by other doctors--doctors who didn't give vitamin C, but instead just gave conventional treatments.   Cameron's terminal cancer patients lived far longer compared to the ones who didn't get 10 grams a day of vitamin C. The other patients lived an average of six months after they were pronounced terminal, while Cameron's patients lived an average of about six years. "--Linus Pauling Interview by Peter Chowka 1996

"Vitamin C extends the lives of cancer patients, confirmed by Drs Murata & Fukumi Morishige in 1981. In their study, patients who received 5-30 grams daily as their only therapy lived an average of 6.2 times as long as those on 4 gms or less. Those suffering from cancer of the uterus who took vitamin C lived an average of 15.4 times as long than those receiving little or no vitamin C supplementation."---Passwater.

"In one case where complete remission was achieved in myelogenous leukemia…the patient took 24-42 gms vitamin c per day…it is inconcievable that no-one appears to have followed this up….without the scurvy, leukemia may be a relatively benign, non fatal condition. I wrote a an attempt to have the therapy clinically tested..I sent it to 3 cancer journals and 3 blood was refused by all….Two without even reading it."---Irwin Stone, Ph.D.

Cancer Politics
Orthodox response to the Pauling & Cameron trials showing vitamin C efficacy:

"Two alleged trials took place under the direction of Dr. Charles Moertel at the Mayo Clinic. However as one might expect from a proven swindler operating at such a dishonoured location, these bore little resemblence to scientific methodology.    Moertel cooked the first trial…by packing the trial with patients whose immune systems had already been destroyed by toxic chemotherapy. He then rigged the second trial by treating the patients with ascorbate for only two and a half months and then continuing with the "trial" for another 2 years. He then issued a perjured press statement in which he announced that vitamin C therapy had been proven ineffective, carefully concealing the fact that he had almost certainly caused the death of several patients by reason of this iniquitous fraud. The resulting carefully devised publicity on the subject alos caused the deaths of several other patients who had been happily surviving on ascorbate."---Dr Richards M.B, BCh., & Frank Hourigan

"This man (Moertel) of the Mayo Clinic, no less….had the effrontery to defend the employment of two toxic preparations, with no curative value, in cases of metastasised intestinal cancer lest they (the patients) otherwise seek it (hope) from the hands of quacks and charlatans. In other words Moertel urged the use of a hramful substance of no value…on patients who are, presumably, paying a fee for their therapy,…and are hoping for a cure,…just to keep some other therapist from trying to save them!…….(you) can find a permanent record of the distinguished Dr. Moertel’s recommendations in the New England Journal of Medicine, 1978."Dr Richards M.B, BCh., & Frank Hourigan