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Boy Partially Losses Hearing After Vaccination

The courts have ordered the regional government in Valencia to make the compensation payment after the child suffered 33% hearing loss.

A six year old child who lost 33% of his hearing after being vaccinated has been given compensation of 35,000 € in Valencia.

It happened after the child was administered the triple MMR vaccine in November 2002, and a year later the boy’s mother made a claim asking for compensation. There was no initial reply and she made a second request in September 2004, and now the courts have ordered the Regional Generalitat Government to make the compensation payment.

Source: Typicallyspanish.com Spain news: Costa Blanca.

VAN UK'S Comment:
This is another example of how authorities are very keen to vaccinate your child, yet if something goes wrong, they ignore you. It is disgraceful that this mother had to register her son's disability twice.

Erika Tice Deafened By MMR Vaccine

There is no such thing as the roar of the crowd to Erika Tice. To her, the sounds of roars and cheers and claps and chants do not exist.

Tice is deaf, but that really is inconsequential when she takes the soccer field for University High.

"Being unable to hear doesn't affect me," Tice, a senior midfielder/forward, says through an interpreter. "We're all just kids here. We're all the same."

When University (13-4-3) played Boone on Tuesday in the first round of the Class 6A, District 4 playoffs, Tice was there with her interpreter on the sideline and her father, Bill, in the stands. Tice has one interpreter with her at school, and another who attends most of her practices and all of her games.

If Tice has a question, she signs to her interpreter. If she needs to get her teammates' attention, she raises her arms or screams. Her coaches communicate with her through her interpreter.

Several teammates have picked up a few signs, and Tice can read lips very well.

"It's really not as hard to communicate with her as people think," says teammate Tryncha Farrell, who has played with Tice for five years. "She understands what's going on, and she's pretty good about expressing herself."

Tice lost her hearing when she was a baby. At 15 months old, she went for a routine shot for measles, mumps and rubella. One of the remote side effects was hearing loss. Her mother, Kathie, noticed she had to talk louder and louder for Erika to hear her shortly after the shot.

About a month later, Erika let out a high-pitched scream that didn't sound normal. Kathie took her to the doctor, and her hearing loss was confirmed. Erika is totally deaf in her right ear, and she only can hear extremely loud noises in her left ear.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, 21st January 2009, by Andrea Adelson.

VAN UK'S Comment: High pitched screaming is called cri encephalique and is a sign of neurological damage. The brain swells, causing a really painful headache, so it isn't surprising her deafness followed this.

Kate Wallace Lost Her Hearing 5 Days After MMR

Shawn and Shelley Wallace had their daughter inoculated with the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination in December.

Five days later she fell ill with a high temperature.

She was given medication but did not recover for close to six weeks.

Kate’s lack of response to noise in her surroundings alerted Mrs Wallace to potential hearing problems. After tests she was diagnosed with permanent hearing loss in both ears.

Kate’s deafness followed a worrying and puzzling time for the family.

She had her MMR inoculation on December 16.

By the following Monday she had a high temperature and was generally unhappy.

She was given medication but by Christmas Eve her skin was blotchy, so Mr and Mrs Wallace took their daughter to an accident and emergency clinic.

Kate was given antibiotics for an ear infection but by Christmas Day she stopped walking and was unresponsive to activity around her.

After another A&E visit she didn’t get worse but got no better. A viral infection was diagnosed.

It was nearly the end of January before she regained her confidence to walk again and was back to her happy self.

However, Mrs Wallace says, she was unresponsive.

“She did not respond when we shook the car keys to say we were going out,” she says.

“She just sat on the couch and continued to play with her toys.

“When the dogs barked she didn’t point at them like she usually did. I realised something was wrong.”

So the Wallaces did some “home tests”.

“We banged some pots together right behind her but she registered no fright,” Mr Wallace says.

A hearing test was prescribed and her hearing loss was officially confirmed.

The system swung into action with visits to therapists and audiologists at The Hearing House, hearing specialists at the Manukau SuperClinic, Starship hospital and the Northern Cochlear Implant Trust, which has the Ministry of Health contract to provide an implant programme for the northern region.

No one, however, will sheet the deafness back to the inoculation, say the Wallaces.

Source: Howick and Pakuranga Times, 23 March 2009.

6 Year Old Partially Losses Sight After Booster Measles Jab

Sakchhyam used to be quite capable, as his name suggests. But a seemingly harmless booster dose of measles vaccine has turned the world upside down for the six-year-old, who now has to cope with failing eyesight.

Sakchhyam Adhikari was administered the measles vaccine on December 11, 2008, at his school, Bibhuti Vidya Mandir, in Chandragadhi, Jhapa district. The same day the first grader, who was then in upper KG, started vomiting and developed rashes.

“My mother-in-law could not understand the severity of the case and so did not take him to hospital. He turned seriously ill after a week and we took him to Mechi Zonal Hospital at Bhadrapur,” says the boy´s mother Ramala, an assistant nurse midwife at the Anarmani Health Post.

Sakchhyam was given his first dose of measles vaccine when he was 10 months and he had shown no adverse reaction, his mother recalls. But after the booster dose his eyes, nostrils, lips and the anal and genital regions became swollen and he secreted massive amounts of mucus for about three weeks.

The zonal hospital diagnosed the disease as Steven Johnson´s Syndrome (SJS) and referred the case to BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, which confirmed the disease and called it vaccine-induced.

SJS is said to be very rare, with one case per million, and the majority of them are believed to be idiopathic (arising spontaneously).

The swelling of the genital and anal areas has decreased significantly but Sakchhyam´s lips and nostrils are still swollen. And more alarmingly, his eyesight is getting weaker by the day. The prognosis by Dr Rita Gurung at Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology a couple of days ago has come as a devastating blow to the Adhikari family.

Source: Republica, 10th July 2009, written by Prem Dhakal.