Media stories: Severe brain damage
Media stories  Brain Damage

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[2011 March] Flu shot destroys baby Saba's life  Saba has an acquired brain injury from prolonged seizures, it's a global injury, she is no longer able to walk or talk, or eat by mouth.

[2011 Jan] 1300 cases of vaccine-related brain damage compensated in US courts/ CBS News

[2007 Japanese encephalitis vaccine] China should have probed "bad vaccine" cases - WHO The children developed a very high fever hours after being injected. One fell into a coma and became paralysed when she regained consciousness. She has since remained in a vegetative state. The other two children only regained their ability to walk recently but are mentally retarded.

[Media USA, July 2001 DPT--brain damage, death] Family Blames Vaccine For Son's Death (Devan Womack)

[Media July 2001 DPT] Baby deaths may be linked to toxic vaccine

[Media UK, 2000] The forgotten vaccine victims (Gregg Draper, Paul Wain and Melissa Price)
[Media UK, June 2000, DPT--brain damage] Chancellor 's 'hypocrisy' at pay-outs for jab damage (Isobel Jensen)
[Media UK, 2000, DPT-severe brain damage] Simple jab that left my healthy son’s life in ruins (Greg Draper)
[Media UK, 96  Letter DPT--epilepsy, cerebral ataxia] Jab that damaged our child (Andrew Barras)
[Media UK, June 2000, Dpt---profoundly disabled] Caring mother rounds on Alistair Darling's 'insult' (Andrew Barras)
[Media UK,  May 2000 DPT--deaths, severe brain damage] Babies died in (DPT) vaccine tests (1948-56) (Michael Heads)
[Media UK, June 2000, DPT--severe brain damage] Letter (Marc Sparrow)
[Media UK, Oct 2000, MMR/DPT--severe brain damage] Marjorie praised as 'real trooper' (Heather PEEKE)
[Media UK, 2000  MMR--brain damage] Needle Damage By Doug Donovan (Jeffrey Childers)

[Media article 1991 Polio jab--severe brain damage] VACCINATION THE HIDDEN FACTS--Andrew Tyler (Helen Fox)

[Media USA, 1990, DPT--residual seizure disorder and brain damage] Boy With Seizures Gets $4.5 Million (Amanda BECK, Andrew NUZZO)