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[2011 Nov] Raw Milk by Hilary Butler

[2010 Aug Letter] Help or Hindrance-- Hilary Butler,

[2010 Aug] Swine flu and meningococcal amputations are needless--Hilary Butler

[March 2010 NZ] Letter to Paul Hutchison from Hilary Butler

[2010 March letter] Re Gardasil vaccine

[2010 Jan. Gardasil deaths NZ] Open Letter to Dr Stewart Jessamine from Hilary Butler The fact that at least THREE teenage girls died in their sleep between 1 September and 30 November 2009.  These are only the ones we know about.  One of those, Jasmine Renata, is confirmed as receiving the full Gardasil series before she died. 

[2009 Sept] Dear Dr Friedlander (re Dr J. Anthony Morris)

[Sept 2008] Media paracetamol article.

[July 2008 Menzb vaccine] Minister; Please Explain to NZ Parent

24 July 2008:  MenZB and “The Thrill of the chase”.--Hilary Butler

[June 2007 Gardasil vaccine] Democracy, or Orson Welles' 1984?
[2006] Re Hib 1, 2
[Letters concerning BCG vaccine and TB vaccination Feb 2005 BMJ]
[Letter BMJ 2005] Re: Science, or brass neck?
[Letter BMJ 2005] How accurate are the statistics anyway?
Letter Autism diagnosis BMJ 2005]
[Letter BMJ Oct 2004] Hilary Butler, Re: The demise of common sense, and logical immunity
Letter to BMJ - MMR/Wakefield  by Hilary Butler.
[Letter BMJ Sept 2002] Reply to article about anti-vaccinators--Hilary Butler
Hilary Butler letter to BMJ 2004
Letter to BMJ by Hilary Butler Re Peter Mansfield & MMR (Aug 2001)

A Possible Simple Explanation for SIDS By Dr. Denton Davis-Response by Hilary Butler