[The medical industry are 'lying with the truth' here by making out the Faculty of Homeopathy, all allopaths, represent majority homeopathic thinking on vaccination.]

"Homeopaths support vaccination" ploy:
"Vaccines are the only disease prevention option available...For instance, the position of the Faculty of Homeopathy at the Royal London Homeopoathy Hospital on immunisation is very simple and encapsulated well in the following statement by it's president Dr DS Spence: "When there is no medical contraindication, immunisation should be carried out in the normal way using conventional tested and approved vaccines".http://www.micro.unsw.edu.au/Natalia/MYTH8.HTM

"The Council of the Faculty of Homeopathy recommends that, unless there are sound medical reasons not to, children should be immunised with conventionaly tested and approved vaccines."---MMR The Facts

Survey shows that some homoeopaths and chiropractors advise against MMR "The table shows that only a few professional homoeopaths and a quarter of the chiropractors advised in favour of the MMR vaccination. Almost half of the homoeopaths and nearly a fifth of the chiropractors advised against it."

"The Faculty of Homoeopathy acknowledges this and recommends the use of conventional vaccines.  Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, was a supporter of smallpox vaccination."---Helen Bedford & David Elliman

"The Faculty of Homoeopathy speaks for a medically qualified minority. The more numerous medically unqualified homoeopaths belong to the Society of Homoeopaths, the Institute of Complementary Medicine, or the Homoeopathic Medical Association, totalling some 2000 practitioners. None of these bodies supports vaccination."--Peter Morrell

And reading a homeopathic MD--Dr Jean Elmiger MD is enough to put anyone off the BCG vaccine along with the rest.