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[With the advent of the internet you can see how we were kept in darkness as they own the media, the main source of 'knowledge.'  With books they own the Encyclopaedias (see Wikipedia), and there are only 2 book chains in the UK--Waterstones and WH Smith, with very few independent bookshops now and they never have anything of interest regarding Truth.  Only one bookshop in London--Watkins, where you may find something of interest.  Libraries, nothing in them, if you give a book to them they usually sell it or throw it away after a short time--many of the second hand vaccine books have library stamps on them.  On the internet they keep a tight control on forums if they can--see: Naked Science, Newsgroup pharma shills.  Forums they can't control are full of pharma trolls.
    Out through the
Media they then churn out the propaganda.  Only Allopathic 'experts' get media space, and the last media investigation into childhood vaccines was in 1984, the Fresno Bee DPT report, and you can see why they don't want that sort of expose, seeing as they now say DPT is completely safe.]

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You can see how the Cartel own the publishing industry in this quote
One informant in the publishing industry told us that since the mid-1990s, major publishers would not accept cookbooks unless they included canola in the recipes.The Great Con-ola by Sally Fallon

"Dr. Charles Creighton...... Having previously written for the Encycloptedia Britannica (see), he was asked to contribute the article on vaccination for the Ninth Edition.   Its appearance, in 1888, was such a profound shock to the advocates of, and vested interests concerned in, vaccination that Creighton's article was replaced as soon as possible by what was little more than an advertisement for glycerinated calf lymph written by one of its promoters.   Creighton, perhaps the greatest medical mind of the last century, was virtually turned out of his profession."--Lionel Dole

Within weeks of my book being published parents were being told by Amazon that it was a 'rare book' and that it would take a year to get and would cost $79 plus post and packing!!! There were none in the shops. There were none in the warehouses of the retailers. There were none in the Distributors.  The UK National Autistic Society carry all the books on Autism - except mine.[July 2007 Blog] MMR, Mercury and the Mystery surrounding my book by Lisa Blakemore-Brown