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The Great Lie of Wikipedia:   "the....encyclopedia that anyone can edit."

[How considerate of the Church of Satan to provide such as useful source of information, provided you know it is 100% biased towards Zionist and Church of Allopathy interests i.e. keep the Medical Genocide going.   Medically wise, anyone can edit it in theory, but in practice Allopathic editors (most known as Physicians Wikipedians, 178 of them, at the last count, 2007) will not allow any text critical to Allopathy or non-Allopathic thinking, delete any external links they don't like (eg: 1), as well as deleting or attempting to delete pages they don't like.   You can see some page deletion attempts here, now completely erased.  All of the vaccine, disease pages and psychiatric drug pages (basically just an on line PDF of BNF) are written by Allopaths, and policed by Allopaths.   The main Allopath dealing with vaccination was known as Midgley.  All links to were officially banned after rfc, even to original Smallpox vax books.   Now is on what is called a "spam blacklist" block.  What are they afraid of?   They are afraid of the truth on vaccination and the vaccine diseases, specifically source documents Books concerning smallpox vaccination.
    Wikipedia is an absolute cesspit if you want to get the truth onto it regarding medicine and disease.  You will soon wish you had never even heard of the place.  There was one decent alt med editor fighting a valiant battle called Ombudsman, but he was thrown off recently (2009).
    One fine example is their deletion of Martin Walker's page (ref), yet comparatively inconsequential namesakes, one a director of Hull City football club (ref) and another a reporter (ref) are granted Wiki pages!  Something to bear in mind when they conjure up fatuous excuses (an art form) to delete pages they don't like.
   You can see how Pharma controlled
Wikipedia downplays anecdotes which would destroy vaccination in Vaccine Injury Anecdotes Are No Joke by Sandy Gottstein.]

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An application called "Wikiscanner" proves that Wikipedia is edited by the FBI and CIA.

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why Wikipedia is a crap source of medical and other info and edited by drug industry camp followers

Examples: Urine therapy

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[See this slanted piece (ref ) about Hadwen's his trial for manslaughter charges when he refused to use a vaccine and was consequently persecuted in an attempt to silence his anti-vaccine and anti-vivisection views.  ]

Wikipedia Scanner

In their own words (Allopath administrators and editors)

Baloney. It's not the criticsm we're suppressing, it's  all the articles on whale are not acceptable. Tabeh.

The (un)acceptability of as an external link has been discussed on Talk:MMR vaccine, and I think nothing more needs to be said over here.

All I am doing is making sure your defamatory, confused and misinformed page does not get its traffic as a result of link placement in Wikipedia. I think an Alexa ranking of 1,000,000 a year is not very high and no sign that your page is notable. Today, 106,763 sites were getting more traffic than you.

This single user is the most tenacious anti-vaccine editor on Wikipedia, and has filled many articles with his choice anti-science on the subject of vaccination. Everything sounds nice and NPOV, but when the matter is investigated one encounters dangerous lunacy, notoriety and dishonesty. Viera Scheibner, for example, was touted (by another editor) as a scientist with scientific arguments against vaccination until it turned out she had not published more than one paper on a medical topic, was the recipient of the Australian Skeptics' "Bent Spoon Award" and was the subject of an article in Vaccine detailing her views and modus operandi. This has to stop.

I now remove links as "non-authoratitive" if they are full of Google ads or promote non-standard treatments. JFW | T@lk 15:13, 30 December 2005 (UTC)

Now back to the actual discussion. This all started because Wikipedia has a policy (WP:NPOV) that states explicitly that not every minority view needs mentioning. You can say what you want, but most information on is not widely accepted. There is no reason to presume that the "external links" section of articles should not fall under the aegis of this NPOV policy. Hence, links have been removed. So far there has been no indication that this has changed, and I see no reason why we should suddenly be including links to whale. Sorry.

I didn't really know where to put this notice.... John (Whaleto) is now adding a "different" link to all of his articles (ex. [ref]). The link is, which is quite obviously a copy of the site, or a transfer of the contents to a different location. I seem to be on his radar now, so I'll go remove all the links I can find. -

Quacks [See: Quack/crank, 'Pseudoscience' & 'anti-science']

Viera Scheibner Notoriety established in the study kindly identified by other authors. Thankfully we are allowed to have articles on quacks.

"Viera Scheibner a notable vaccination critic and quack". --CDN99 15:10, 5 January 2006 (UTC)

My intentions were the same as yours (i.e. I agree alt. med. is pseudoscience); it's just that you had Category:Pseudoscience under Category:Alternative medicine, and vice versa. I changed things so that Cat:Alt. med. was under Pseudoscience, but not the other way around. You also had Cat: Professional CAM treatments under Cat:Alt med, and vice versa. But right now, Alt. med. is under Pseudoscience (alt. med. is a subsection of pseudoscience) and Fraud, and Pseudoscience is under Fraud. Things were just a bit mixed up.

Ad hominem was the main argument used to ban link [See: 'Conspiracy theory', Ad Hominem]:
I agree with that information about vaccines and their side effects should not be suppressed. However, the link is not an appropriate source for this information because of the competing extremist information and conspiracy theories as outlined on the RFC on Talk:MMR vaccine. As already reviewed by InvictaHOG, the commentary on Illuminati mind control, Jewish conspiracy, genocide via vaccination, Roman Catholics, psychic assassins, Mormons, Walter Cronkite, demons sacrificing girls for growth hormone, or links to alien implant removers distracts from the criticisms of vaccines and decreases the value of link.

"You are right about - the most important reason to reject it is because it is associated with paranoia. I don't believe that those with concerns about vaccination are necessarily paranoid and I don't think that they should be represented by a site which devolves into paranoia and name-calling." InvictaHOG 18:30, 10 December 2005 (UTC)

They even banned the use of the word Allopath!
I have asked you in the past to desist from labeling users or groups of users as "allopaths". This is inflammatory, not contributory to the discussion, and in plain violation of WP:CIVIL. You have now repeatedly done the same on Talk:Measles. I am uninvolved in that discussion but observe that you are making the same basic policy violations as always.

As for Whaleto, the fact that I warred with him in the past does not mean I am disqualified from blocking him for sustained and interminable NPA and CIVIL violations. I'm prepared to do just that until John learns that calling others "allopaths" is WP:NPA and offtopic.


Wikipedia´s David Shankbone (Miller) with  Shimon Peres
Wikipedia´s David Shankbone (Miller) with Israeli war criminal Shimon Peres - the man behind the
Qana massacre of over 100 Lebanese civilians in 1996