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[Media Aug 2002--DPT injury, VICP payment] Girl gets $4.7M for vaccine injuries



Developmental disabilities and seizures that resulted from a whole-cell DTP vaccination, infant who died three hours after the administration of a Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus Vaccination

LORENA ALMEIDA 2000 [DPT 1993--afebrile tonic-clonic seizure, significant aggravation of a preexisting neurological condition.
Jason Lucas Anderson 1997 [DPT 1991--hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode (HHE), death]
DIANE LOUISE AALDERS 1998 [DPT 1950-- encephalopathy and residual seizure disorder (RSD)]

AMANDA BRADBARY 1998 [DPT, MMR 1982-- tuberous sclerosis (TS)]
JUSTIN BOSCH 1997 [DPT 1993--anaphylaxis, death]
DUSTIN L. BARTON 2000 [DPT 1989--- residual seizure disorder and other related neurological deficits]
LAUREN BROWN 2000 [DPt, HIB, OPV 1996--hemolytic anemia, causing her death]
CHRISTOPHER DONALD BARNES 2000 [DPT 1989---aggravated Christopher's underlying TS]

ASHLEY NICOLE COPELAND 2000 [DPt--encephalopathy and residual seizure disorder (RSD)]
Patrice Alleshia Yvette Clinkscales 1997 [DPT 1984--- residual seizure disorder (RSD) and encephalopathy]
Dillon N. Corder 199 [DPT & OPV 1994--encephalopathy, a residual seizure disorder, a shock collapse, a hyporesponsive/hypotensive event and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis]

Angie Lynn Bouley (DPT 1981)

ANDREW M. CLEMENTS 1998 [DPT 1992--seizure disorder and encephalopathy]
KATHLEEN CHIARAVALLE 1998 [DPT 1981--encephalopathy]
MICHAEL CASTILLO 1999 [DPT 1992--seizure disorder and learning disabilities]
Phillip Bobby Camery 1998 [DPT, 1949--post-immunization encephalopathy, seizures, mentally retarded, death]
Nina Cohn,  [DPT, 1960--seizures, blindness, lupus, death]

DESTRY DECKER 1998 [DPT, MMR 1974--seizures, depression]
DAMIEN DECKER 1998 [DPT 1974--aggravation of his tuberous sclerosis (TS), epilepsy, seizures]

JARED DE FAZIO 1997 [DPT 1977-- residual seizure disorder (RSD)]

Jared DeFazio, 1998, [DPT (1997)---blindness, ADHD, depression]

CHRISTIAN RHYS VANT ERVE 1999 [DPT 1989--seizures, severe physical and mental problems, including spastic diplegia, diminished mental, hearing, and visual capacities]
Jessica Evans (DPT)

ASHLEY FLANAGAN 2000 [DPT 1980---seizures, aggravation of TS]

SARAH GANCZ 2000 [DPT 1987--seizures, neurological injuries]
MARKUS RAY GOODWIN 1998 [DPT 1968--seizures, severe neurologic disorder]
IRENE BAKER GRUBER 1998 [DPT 1992--aggravation of an underlying neurologic disorder]
Adam David Gershenson (DT 1984--encephalopathy) dismissed
Michella Graham 1987 [DPT, 1980 ---severe brain damage] Graham v. Wyeth Laboratories, 666 F. Supp. 1483 (D.Kan. 1987), was a pharmaceutical products liability case involving the whole-cell pertussis DPT vaccine.   As a result of the toxins in the pertussis vaccine, the plaintiffs' infant-child suffered severe brain damage.  A jury returned a $15,000,000.00 verdict for plaintiffs that was reversed on appeal.  The case settled during the second trial. http://www.huttonlaw.com/graham.htm

KARLEA RAE GALL 1998 [DPT, OPV-- triggering event which led to a hemophagocytic process which resulted in neutropenia which then predisposed Karlea to an invasive and fatal fungal infection]
GARRETT JOSEPH GILES 1997 [DPT 1992--anaphylaxis, an encephalopathy and hypotonic-hyporesponsive collapse, death]
CAROL REES GRADY 2000 [DPT 1994--residual seizure disorder (RSD), encephalopathy, and resultant developmental delays]
JAMES C. GROSS 1997 [DT 1994 (aged 17)--encephalopathy]
CURTIS GURR 1997 [DPT 1988--encephalopathy, death]

JOHN HENRY HERKERT 2000 [DPaT 1994--acute transverse myelitis (TM) by immunomodulation, causing the cytomegalovirus (CMV)]
CHRISTINA HARRIS 1998 [DPT 1990--encephalopathy or a seizure disorder]
MARY ELIZABETH HALEY 1999 [DPT 1984--seizure disorder ("RSD") and/or an encephalopathy]
Cassandra Hoag 1998 [DPT, DT, 1991---encephalopathy, seizure disorder]
Michael Hanlon 1998 [DPT, 1978--seizure disorder, tuberous sclerosis]
Carol Hovey 1997 [DPT/P, 1960--poor speech, poor coordination and strength, and mental retardation]

Kristy M. Henkel 1998 [DPT--seizures, tuberous sclerosis ("TS")]
Devin Johnson 1997 DPT--brain damage, shaken baby syndrome (Devin was born on January 8, 1993. He appeared to be a generally healthy baby for his first four months of life. On May 19, 1993, Devin received a "DPT' inoculation at the offices of his pediatrician in Maplewood, Minnesota. Four days later, on May 23, 1993, his mother took Devin to an "urgent care" facility, where she reported that he had been cranky and fussy since the 19th, with intermittent vomiting and a slight fever. A physician examined Devin and determined that he had an infection of both ears. On the evening of the following day, May 24, Devin's parents rushed him to a hospital emergency room. Devin's father, who had been caring for the infant over the previous several hours, reported that Devin had suddenly became rigid and unresponsive minutes beforehand. (Ex. 9, pp. 34-37.) At the hospital, Devin was determined to have suffered seizures and a very significant, life-threatening brain injury. Devin's father, Jeffrey Lee Johnson, was criminally charged with assault and malicious punishment of the infant. After a nonjury trial, the judge acquitted Jeffrey Johnson.) Denied

Justin Isom 1998 [DPT, HIB, 1991--Justin's Evans Syndrome and eventual death]

HAYLEY NICOLE LAGRAND 1998 [DPT 1996--seizures, death]
Wesley Jenkins 1999 DPT, 1979- seizure disorder and psychomotor retardation]
ISAIAH D. JONES 1998 [DPT 1996--death]
HILLARY JOHNSON 2000 [Td 1996 (aged 14)--acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM)]
Devin Johnson, 1997, [DPT, 1993--infection of both ears, life-threatening brain injury, Shaken Baby Syndrome, serious brain injury (encephalopathy)]

ALLEN W. KOUBA 2000 [DPT 1967--seizures]
CHRISTINA KAMINSKI 1997 [DPT 1971--Crib Death]
Cossette Krause, DPT, 1984--severe brain damage Allen Schulman & Associates obtained an arbitration award of $2,000,000. The family subsequently settled with the treating physicians.

Rachael Lampe, 1998 (DPT, 1975-residual seizure disorder and subsequent mental retardation
Jennifer Lawson (DPT, 1977---mentally retarded, death)
Diane C. Lett, 1998 (DPT, 1970---residual seizure disorder, mental retardation)
MEGAN-ROSE LUNN 2000 [DPT 1994--profound hearing deficiency]
Caroline I. Lewis, 1999 (DPT, 1992--permanent neurologic abnormality, seizures)
Gabriel Lucas (Riggs) 1998 [DPT 1993---encephalopathy, death] awarded
Charles LORD (DPT---encephalopathy)

LINDSAY BRIANNE MOODY 2000 [DPT 1982-- convulsions, a significant aggravation of her TS]
Penny Mack 1997 [DPT, 1978--residual seizure disorder and an encephalopathy]
LAUREN O. McMURRY 1997 [DPT, 1991 (2mths)--seizure disorder]
Joshua Messer, 1999 (DPT) awarded
William L. McCarren 1997 [DPT, 1990--residual seizure disorder and encephalopathy]

Amanda Newby 1998 (DPT, 1985 encephalopathy and seizures resulting in psychomotor retardation and cerebral palsy (case denied)
Nuzzo 1990 [DPT, 1986---chronic seizures and in need of around-the-clock care] Couple awarded $4.5M for their son's seizures

KELLI-ANN O'CONNELL 1998 [DPT 1992--seizure disorder and encephalopathy]

Rachel Plavin 1998 [DPT-- seizures, tuberous sclerosis]
Jasmine Polanco 1997 [DPT 1986--seizures]

MONTEZ PITTMAN 1998 [DPT 1977--encephalopathy, death]

Vanessa Pinegar 1997 [DPT 1986--encephalopathy]

HELEN D. ROGERS 2000 [Tetanus toxoid 1991--MS or MS-like symptoms]
RANDALL TYLER ROOKS 2000 [Measles vaccine 1990 (in utero)---cerebral dysgenesis, agenesis of the corpus callosum, hypospadias, and cleft palate, and currently suffers from severe developmental delay, visual problems, and seizures]
Rachel Leah Reiss-Plavin 1998 [DPT, 1989-- seizures, Tuberous Sclerosis ]
Aaron Raley 1998 [DPT, 1979--encephalopathy, death]
Catherine Richards 1997 [DPT, 1990---Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS)]

BRENDA SCOTT-SHEPPARD 2000 [TT vaccination 1995--demyelinating disorder, death]
SARAH KAYE SPENCE 2000 [DPT--aggravated Sarah's pre-existing encephalopathy]
NATALIE NICHOL SWORD 1998 [DPT 1975--encephalopathy, death]
Cheyenne Michael Shyface, 1999 (DPT 1993--encephalopathy, death)
David Suel 1999 (DPT, 1986-- tuberous sclerosis)

GREGORY TERSEN 2000 [DPT 1997--hypotensive-hyporesponsive shock collapse (HHE) and anaphylaxis post-vaccination, and encephalopathy]
ROBERT CLEVELAND TURNER 2000 [DPT 1978--seizures]
Julie F. Terran 1998 [DPT, 1992---seizures, mentally retarded]
Melissa Trojanowicz 1999 [DPT, 1994----CIDP]
Tiffany Nicole Turner, [DPT--severe brain damage]

CARRINGTON TODD ULICNY 1999 [DPT 1993--seizures, aggravated underlying tuberous sclerosis (TS)]

JAMIE VINCUILLA 1998 [DPT 1985--injury]

BRIAN CHRISTOPHER WITTNER 1999 [DPT 1985--encephalopathy and seizure disorder]
KATHERINE WILLIAMS 1998 [DPT, OPV 1984-- optic neuritis]
David Williams 1997 [DPT, 1981--encephalopathy]
David Welsh, 1997 [DPT, 1970---encephalopathy]