MMR/MR  Urabe

MMR timeline

2004 February 27thMMR legal funding withdrawn.

2001: Wakefield left the Royal Free.

1998 February: Royal Free press briefing after Lancet paper.  Dr Andrew Wakefield, then of London's Royal Free hospital, suggests a link between the MMR vaccine and an increased risk of autism and bowel disorders. He says his team have found a "genuinely new syndrome" and suggest the combination might be overpowering the body's immune system.

1997: the Smith Kline Beecham Urabe MMR jab was used in a mass vaccination programme in Brazil.

1995 May:  Wakefield started getting calls from parents saying 'my child was normal, they had their vaccine, the MMR, they regressed, they lost skills, they became autistic'. [ref] Andrew Wakefield Interview by Dr Mercola

1994: First response from Dr Salisbury to Dr Wakefield.

1992 Sept 16: New Zealand government withdrew Pluserix. 

1992 Sept 14UK government withdraw Pluserix & Immravax (after it was revealed that children had developed meningitis).

1992: Japanese MMR withdrawn

1992: Dr Wakefield first contact with Dr Salisbury over concerns with MMR vaccine safety.

1990: the high levels of British adverse reactions to the Plusarix vaccine were apparent and known about at British Ministerial level in , as shown by ministerial correspondence

1988: Plusarix approved in UK

1988: Canada withdrew licences for Trivirix (Pluserix) vaccine.

1986:Trivirix (Pluserix) vaccine introduction into Canada.

Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation