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[2012] Speech – House of Commons   Why are there many victims today without any trace of Primodos on their medical notes? What happened over thirty, forty years ago to their medical records. Who took the decision to erase these important medical dates from victims notes.

[2009 may] Why were lying GPs allowed to cover up our son's death? Not only did the GPs forge his son’s medical notes, but in their attempts to cover up what had happened, they also lied to an inquiry set up into Robbie’s death. ....For the story of the boy who never grew up has exposed British doctors’ best-kept secret - that they are under no legal obligation to tell the truth to a patient’s family about the circumstances surrounding a death. Indeed, it is not even clear whether doctors can be prosecuted for falsifying patients’ records. ....What makes this story so alarming is that it exposes just how impotent families are when faced with doctors determined to cover up mistakes. ....Detective Chief Inspector Bob Poole, brought in to review the case after intense lobbying by Will, uncovered evidence of gross negligence, forgery and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by the GPs. ....Lord Justice Stuart-Smith made the landmark ruling that doctors had no legal obligation to truthfully explain the circumstances of a patient’s death to bereaved relatives.
.....Will appealed to the European Court of Human Rights, but it also ruled that in Britain ‘doctors do not have to tell the truth or refrain from deliberately falsifying medical records’ - implying that they can falsify records without worry. Such a judgment seems incredible - yet the fact is, unlike doctors throughout Europe, there is no duty of candour for British doctors.

[2009 April] Olmsted on Autism: Hopkins Loses Early Case File

Military Alteration of Medical Records

[April2008] Outrage over loss of medical files

[UK Media 9th Feb 2003] Child jab victims' records lost

The records of the emergency room visit and the records of Dr. Barnett were never recovered.

Doctors Right to Lie. Altering records is within the law in the UK

Medical record missing after mmr blunder

See: Secrecy

I've been involved in vaccine research for 25 years now. This sort of thing is nothing new. Right from the start of my work, I'd find articles which promised a right of reply in the "next" journal, only to find that right of reply "missing" from Philson Medical Library archives.
    Those missing right of replies, were always stuff that would not be useful for the pro-vaccine standpoint.
    Over the years that I went up there, I'd find really interesting old books on the "biff out" table, many of which are now in my library. Sometimes medical students picked them up and make a buck selling them on ebay, or trademe.
    If you think this is new, it's not.
    Here is an example you can check out for yourself. Go to your medical library, and ask to see the United States Polio Surveillance Unit's bulletins, from 1955 to 1970.
    They will be listed as "missing".
    Every single medical library in USA, that someone checked out for me, and New Zealand (and possible other countries) has them listed as "missing".
    There is only one place you can see them, as far as I know, and that is in the AMA library, and they are listed as having top security clearance requirements to see, according to someone who tried to access them.
    Why might this be? When he was alive, Dr Ratner had copies of them at his home. He gave me many of the years' data I wanted. They clearly showed that from the inception of the SALK vaccine, to it's discontinuation, the vaccine had MINUS efficacy and was actually causing more polio in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated.
    Any studious person looking at Government stats in retrospect, would be able to easily see that the polical and media canonization of SALK and his vaccine was a mirage of duplicity upon duplicity.
    I have NOT known a time, in the last 25 years, where medical libraries have made it easy to do any meaningful research.
    For instance, for the last 10 years or so, if I want to look at historical issues of BMJ or the Lancet inside Auckland's Philson medical library, I can no longer go down to the third floor, start at the beginning, and "see" if there is something that might be interesting.
    Oh no. NOW I have to place an official request at the main desk, asking for a specific bound book, which means I have to know what I want and which volume it is in. This will then be brought at a specified date and time, from the locked storage "dark hole", which is in a remote place a long long distance from Auckland medical library itself.
    Can I actually GO to this dark place, and sit and study? No, of course not. That would make it much to easy for me to find stuff they don't want me to find.
    Unless I have appropriate credentials or specific authorization, or am a suitable bigwig, any research is made as difficult as possible.
    In terms of hospital files in this country, anything over 15 years of age, is automatically destroyed.
    Parents should know that they should keep their own running paper copy of all medical files, in their own home. If they don't, then don't expect either a hospital, or a doctor to do that.
After all, they too have "budget constraints".
Wink wink.------Hilary Butler -[2009 April] Olmsted on Autism: Hopkins Loses Early Case File

BUNGLING health officials have come under fire for destroying potentially explosive medical files over the course of two decades. The information, believed to include thousands of letters, patient notes and internal memos, was binned by officials at the Scottish Home and Health Department in the 1980s and ’90s. Reports relating to BSE/CJD, asbestos-related illnesses and hepatitis C and HIV contracted through blood transfusions could all be among the material destroyed.
     A woman investigating whether the MMR vaccine caused her daughter’s health problems made the shocking discovery after requesting the disclosure of information relating to the jab.[April2008] Outrage over loss of medical files  

I set about trying to discover exactly what apparent data in relation to my children had been used in these papers.
    Initially I tried ‘locally’ to obtain records in relation to my children; I then discovered that records in relation to my children ‘could not be found’.
    These included GP, Health Visitor, Clinic, Midwifery and Birth, Vaccination, Hospital admission, Outpatient and Ambulance records.
    With regard to Post Mortem records, all that was available was a brief 2 page Official Coroners Record for each child, which gave scant details and a cause of death as SIDS for both children. I knew that there had to be a Post Mortem File in relation to each child which obviously contained specific details of my children’s Post Mortems i.e. tests carried out, date and time of PM, samples taken etc.
    It later was confirmed that my children’s Post Mortem Files ‘could also not be found’.
There were 40+ SIDS deaths in my city area (including my own children) these 40+ deaths occurred within a total of 2 years. For a population of approx 250.000 this appeared to be a high incidence. In fact this is documented by a GP as being ‘a significant blip’.
    I discovered that all 40+ SIDS victims Post Mortem Files apparently also ‘could not be found’. It was clear that Post Mortem samples and organs were retained from many of these SIDS victims (including my own). Though why this happened, what was being tested for and the results of these tests apparently ‘were not available’ or ‘could not be found’.
    Given the ‘research’ being carried out in my area by SIDS researchers I find it impossible to believe records in relation to 40+ children apparently have simply ‘disappeared’. [Aug 2007 Blog] Cot Deaths and Vaccines - Child Protection turned on its head by Lisa Blakemore-Brown

"However, when I asked questions about the cocktail of drugs within the vaccines I was told some were classified under the Official Secrets Act." He claims his findings developed even more significance when the MoD admitted to him that 72 per cent of veterans' medical records had gone missing since the war ended. [Media Aug 2004] Top-selling author says flawed vaccinations caused disease. Scientist blasts MoD over Gulf War Syndrome

Today, Walker suffers from a number of illnesses and strongly believes there has been a massive cover-up. "My wife is ill and my little girl is ill, too," he said during a telephone interview, then added that his "medical notes from the RAF hospital have gone missing". However, like events in Britain, important and potentially incriminating records have mysteriously gone "missing". Two US Marines at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, have gone public to say they observed "hundreds of records from the Gulf War being destroyed" GULF WAR SYNDROME Biological Black Magic by David G. Guyatt

"The Department of Health has admitted that at least 400 records sent to its Committee on the Safety of Medicines in the Eighties no longer exist. As a result, dozens of families with sick children have lost out on payments from the Government of up to 100,000 under the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme. They have been forced to abandon legal action for compensation because essential information was missing which may have proved their child did not have the condition before the vaccine."--Media Jan 2003

"The main reason given was lack of medical evidence, in many case the medical records had been "lost" or "destroyed". We had the experience of this ourselves, when we appealed we received the evidence from the Unit only to discover that the first four years of Paul’s records were missing from his file..............How many were refused payment because of "lost" medical files is anyone’s guess."---Wm. H Wain BEM

"Many coroners are medical men, and when a case occurs that is not favourable to the profession, it is more or less dexterously slurred over."--Dr. Allinson

"The reality is that Dr Bottrill was able to continue in practice for 10 years too many for one reason, and one reason only.   Because his peers surrounded his competence with a protective net of silence, and refused to act when asked. We never criticise a colleague. They are one of us. If we stay silent, then if I do something wrong, they too will stay silent and protect me. And so on.  And this is the real problem. It is at its worst within the Immunisation circles"-------Hilary Butler

"Further complicating the epidemiology of GWS is that soldiers’ shot records and even medical records have disappeared or are unavailable. In addition, the Los Angeles Times (12/5/96) reports that military logs “crucial to Gulf War veterans who believe their health problems are linked to chemical weapons” are also missing and can’t be found. These important logs cover the period March 4-10, during the bombings at Kamisiyah."--Dr Cantwell MD