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"Mysteries (1) are due to secrecy."-----Francis Bacon
 "Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny."---Robert A. Heinlein
The Chairman reminded  members that the proceedings,  papers, and information before them were confidential and should not be disclosed."--- Joint Committee

[Information control is essential to keep the vaccine industry afloat, and secrecy if they can get away with it, using spurious excuses such as patient or manufacturer confidentiality.  This is why they keep secret all vaccine reactions if they can get away with it ---otherwise you would find out the MMR vaccine was killing way more children than measles (see) would be doing now with or without it, only found out by FOIA.  All of the dead dodgy Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation decisions are kept secret (eg smallpox vax contract, 2004) and they refuse to reveal them--the racket would fall apart otherwise.]

See: Symbol/signs Study data kept secret  Lost medical records  Family Courts  The Secret Family Courts

[2011 May] A Senate Bill To Unseal Secret Pharma Documents  “What’s sealed is often critical public health information that, when revealed, saved lives and could save lives in the future. The conduct of pharmaceutical companies has clearly not been changed by anything that’s happened. It’s never been clear to me, at all, why any of the information claimed as a trade secret is a trade secret. The drugs are patented. The method of making the drugs are also often patented, and thus are in the public domain. So the main things they claim as trade secrets are medical information that shows the companies know the drugs harm people and don’t want people to know. While it may hurt their business, the fact that the same information may be hurting patients using their drug or devices should take priority over their trade secrets.
    “The other documents show how they conduct off label marketing, which is illegal, and induce the use of their drugs by paying bribes and kickbacks. These are not legitimate trade secrets in that all of the companies are aware of these methods and many of them use the same methods. Many made settlements or pled guilty to off-lablel marketing, so it’s hard to argue such methods are trade secrets, since these are well known to the industry.
    “Essentially, they’re claiming the specific methods they use to lie, cheat or steal, are trade secrets, since the drugs and health studies they use to support their methods are public information. For example, many companies pled guilty to misrepresenting the benefits of their drugs. Those are lies. Many companies have been caught cheating in their marketing. And many companies have been caught stealing by overcharging federal and state entities for their drugs. It’s akin to a bank robber claiming that his technique for cracking locks on safes is a trade secret.”

[2010 Nov] Secret documents show benzos cause brain damage by Hilary Butler  While someone got to see the secret documents about benzos, we will never see any secret documents about vaccines, because being the Holy Grail and the part of the drug industry with the most expansion potential in the future, documents relating to vaccines will have  been destroyed or marked "Hidden in perpetuity".  In my opinion, the turning down of benzo research proposals by the British Medical Research council, had nothing to do with the two Professor's research proposals not meeting application criteria, but everything to do with "following the money".  

[2010 Nov] Drugs linked to brain damage 30 years ago  Secret documents reveal that government-funded experts were warned nearly 30 years ago that tranquillisers that were later prescribed to millions of people could cause brain damage.  The Medical Research Council (MRC) agreed in 1982 that there should be large-scale studies to examine the long-term impact of benzodiazepines after research by a leading psychiatrist showed brain shrinkage in some patients similar to the effects of long-term alcohol abuse.  However, no such work was ever carried out...

[2010 May] Hidden Government Papers on the Measles Vaccine Exposed by Christina England

[2010 Jan] How to Fool All of the People All of the Time: US Taxpayers Fund Library Censorship  While it is embarrassingly obvious that these are not medical journals, there is nothing the public can do about it. Medline indexes what its Literature Selection Technical Review Committee tells it to. The committee's members are all appointed; none are elected. They meet behind closed doors. No public input is accepted. (1) No taxpayer can communicate with them or attend hearings, because there aren't any hearings.

[2009 nov] 20 Years of USA Doctors' Malpractice Data Closed To Public

[2009 Nov] Silence about Vaccine Deaths in Media is Due to the Confidential Contracts with Vaccine Manufacturers  we advised the Belgian Government last Friday in court that this is a disguised pharmaceutical trial on human subjects, with real risks involved. ......the maker of PandemRix, that is used in Sweden, passed a secret contract, the same in every European country, which specified a "Green List" of what the government MAY communicate (hardly anything!) and the "Red List" of what may absolutely NOT be made public, like intermediary results of the side effects that appear in the studies of the controversial squalene (and thiomersal) adjuvantated PandemRix until they have been sanitized by Glaxo Smith Kline researchers, and published by GSK themselves.
....These contracts also confirm what was announced in Sweden in October, that these pandemic vaccines where actually ordered already back in 2006: there was a standing order to foresee a vaccination for large parts of the population IF the WHO would declare a PANDEMIC of degree 6.
....What I found mind boggling, as a doctor, is to discover Glaxo Smith Kline's "Green List" of what the government MAY communicate (hardly anything!) and the "Red List" of what may absolutely NOT be made public, like intermediary results of the side effects that appear in the studies of the controversial squalene (and thiomersal) adjuvantated PandemRix until they have been sanitized by GSK, and published by GSK themselves.

[2009 Nov] Polish Health Minister says NO to swine flu jab  "She said the secret contract that the Polish government was supposed to sign with pharmaceutical companies had more than 20 clauses which are against the law."

[2009 Oct] Freedom of Information: Stalled at CDC and D.C. Government

[2009 June] Justices should be seen to be done disciplining and even sacking of judges must remain a state secret unless the government chooses to release the information.....The initial decision to protect judges from having their misconduct disclosed was made by the previous lord chancellor, Charles Falconer (so much for his claim to have been a champion of openness), and the decision to waste public money by fighting the Guardian tooth and nail was made by Jack Straw, the justice secretary, who has evidently learned nothing from the MPs' expenses debacle.

UK Government Hides Yet More MMR Documents

[2009 Jan] Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action

[GMC Wakefield Aug 2007] The Hearing Trundles On by Martin J Walker
‘No we have no record, everything is shredded after three years’.......Transcripts were freely available through week one, when allegations were being read out without rebuttal. After cross examination began it was decided not to make them available any more.



[Media July, 2002] Virus attacked Chicago children in outbreak kept under wraps

[2002] US Government Asks Court to Seal Vaccine Records

[2002] Why Judges Should Make Court Documents Public By Stephen Gillers

However, previously secret government minutes reveal Professor McDevitt was himself a member of a 1988 government safety panel  which approved Pluserix MMR as safe for vaccine manufacturer Smith Kline & French Laboratories (see first .pdf attached). [May 2007] GMC Challenged On MMR Inquiry Chief's Vaccine Firm Links

Healy also expressed distress that information available to pharmaceutical companies exposing adverse side effects of SSRI medications is not made available to the public.[2013 Jan]
Top psychiatrist: Meds behind school massacres

"Dr. David Grasetti...said, 'The spread of cancer in astounding after they are given a dose of Rifampin'...a miracle 1973, Dow Chemical (a manufacturer of Rifampin) , received almost $900,000 in contracts from the NCI.  (the) research (results were) permitted to remain confidential." - Health Writers, Health Newsletter, 1974.

Department of Defense and Health and Human Services regulations permit the administration of experimental drugs and vaccines to U.S. military personnel without informed consent. In contravention of the principles memorialized in the Nuremberg Code, the administration of Invesigational New Drugs (INDs) can be done covertly, in clinical trials that are classified. This is stated in unclassified documents issued by the Department of Defense and Department of Health and Human Services. [2006] Formation of Cysts from Squalene Adjuvant?

“Secrecy is antithetical to both science and good government, but much of what the FDA knows about drugs, it never publicly discloses,” -- Dr. Steven Nissen, chairman of the department of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

"Clear and certain medical knowledge, namely that the BCG-vaccine is not only ineffective but also harmful, was kept quiet for 27 years (in Germany) while the vaccine continued to be used and children were being harmed by it....almost 500 (estimated) cases of vaccine damage per year."--The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p119/117.

"The Immunization Awareness Society requested all information pertaining to the development, data from trials, documents relating to licensing and administration of the Meningococcal Meningitis Group B vaccine for the current meningitis vaccination programme, under the Official Information Act. Almost everything we asked for, even the protocols, were withheld under confidentiality provisions of section 9(2)(ba)(i) of the Act. We only got to see the clinical trial applications aid information to volunteers.  Healthy trial babies only

Parliamentary Ombudsman Investigations Completed July 2003 - June 2004 Department of Health Refusal to provide information about the awarding of a contract to supply a stock of smallpox vaccine
Ms Branigan originally asked DoH for a number of pieces of information relating to the awarding of a contract to PowderJect Technologies PLC to supply a stock of smallpox vaccine. She then asked 17 Government Departments, including DoH, for information relating to contacts between their respective Ministers and representatives of PowderJect. Finally, she asked DoH for several pieces of information relating to the work of the sub- group of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which had given advice on the choice of the particular smallpox vaccine strain. DoH declined to release most of the information sought by Ms Branigan and cited a number of code exemptions in justification. After a protracted investigation, beset by DoH delays, the Ombudsman recommended that almost all the information sought by Ms Branigan be released. Following a further exchange of correspondence, DoH agreed to the release of information which had already entered the public domain but either refused to address the remaining recommendations or refused to release the information recommended for disclosure. The Ombudsman criticised the manner in which DoH had handled Ms Branigan's information requests and for their failure to engage effectively with her own investigation.
.......In respect of the letter of 29 May 2002, DoH: have continued to refuse to confirm the identities of the second and third members of the JCVI sub-group even though the identity of the second member is already in the public domain ; have refused to release the names of the organisations to whom the other members of the sub-group belonged, and have apparently refused to release the information contained in the document headed 'Main Points', which summarises that meeting.

 The Chairman reminded  members that the proceedings,  papers, and information before them were confidential and should not be disclosed. Joint Committee on Adverse Reactions Minutes1986-1992

Some years ago much was made of two deaths from measles in Dublin. I tracked down the cases and found both children were already seriously ill before they contracted measles. But I was able to find this out only because of the openness of the Irish authorities. When a measles death was reported in Britain a few months ago, I was refused further information on the phoney grounds of 'confidentiality'. I was not planning to reveal the child's identity - only his general medical state - and the officials involved knew this.  Creepier still was the carefully organised and mysterious attempt to scare me in to silence by sending me phoney letters from non-existent mothers claiming their children had nearly died because of my columns. Supposedly, the invented mothers had not given their children the MMR because they had read my articles, and the fictional children had then been seriously ill. [Media June 2006] If MMR is safe, why the lies and paranoia? --Hitchins

"Did you know that the CDC committee which sets national vaccine policy, the Advisory Committee on Immunizatrion Practices (ACIP), (until 1997) operated for more than 20 years without making verbatim transcripts of its meetings available to the public?"--Ingri Cassel

"Despite assurances that information on possible adverse reactions to the vaccine is freely available, parents calling the Medicines Control Agency told The Observer they were still being refused the data.......Wyeth spokesman Don Barrett said the amount of money paid to the academic departments of government committee members was confidential.......Last night the National Meningitis Trust, sponsored by Wyeth, was drawn into the controversy when it refused to disclose how much money it received from the giant drug company."--Media report on meningitis C vaccine

"I am aware of dozens of cases brought against pharmaceutical companies because of damage due to the hepatitis B vaccine. Many of these cases have been settled with the proviso that the settlements remain a secret."--Dr Waisbren

"The Department of Health clearly failed in its duty of care by knowingly allowing children’s brains to be damaged, this must be considered as negligent. No explanation has ever been given to justify this conspiracy of silence.................I was indeed fortunate in obtaining all the details of the Prague Symposium, extensive enquiries in the UK failed to produce any evidence that it ever existed."---Wm Wain

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee;  Notice of Meeting.   This notice announces a forthcoming meeting of a public advisory  committee of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Portions of the  meeting will be closed to the public.     Name of Committee: Vaccines and Related Biological Products  Advisory Committee.     General Function of the Committee: To provide advice and  recommendations to the agency on FDA's regulatory issues.     Date and Time: The meeting will be held on November 4, 1999, 8 a.m.  to 6

"Did you know that the CDC committee which sets national vaccine policy, the Advisory Committee on Immunizatrion Practices (ACIP), (until 1997) operated for more than 20 years without making verbatim transcripts of its meetings available to the public?"--Ingri Cassel

"Accurate statistics has become something typically Swedish. So I was more than surprised when I understood it wasn't just hard to get proper figures in Sweden concerning vaccine damage - it was impossible."--- Maria Carlshamre (How common are vaccine injuries in Sweden? by   Maria Carlshamre)

"Every time you hear of the tragic death of an infant, carried off in the first weeks of life by ‘viral meningitis’, you have the right to suspect that BCG is at work, even if the autopsy confirms a viral diagnosis. My wife lived through this tragedy in a major Swiss hospital where she worked. The autopsy of the child revealed the tubercular nature of the ‘viral’ meningitis following a BCG inoculation, but all the assistants and nurses had received very clear instructions to say nothing or risk terrible consequences. As with all secret societies, the law of silence is absolute among doctors!"--Dr Jean Elmiger (Rediscovering Real Medicine ISBN 1862041997)

[2008] Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation, Thimerosal, and autism-related research----Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D & P.G. King PhD.  The propaganda dispensed by Public health care and vaccine apologists is, at best, a weak attempt to rationalize the healthcare establishment’s positions using all the tools of doublespeak or, as George Orwell’s called it in his book 1984, “newspeak”, to: (a) mislead, (b) distort reality, (c) pretend to communicate, (d) make the bad seem good, (e) avoid and/or shift responsibility, (f) make the negative appear positive, (g) create a false verbal map of the world, and (h) create dissonance between reality and what their narrative said or did not say.
Such propaganda often relies on half-truths and/or superficially logical, but foundationally flawed, phrasing. However, this propaganda is fundamentally flawed and based on pseudo-science or non-reviewable statistical studies of medical records, where, contrary to ethical science, the study design, data selection/rejection criteria, exact approach used to evaluate the data, and/or the original data itself are kept confidential making independent evaluation/verification of the published findings impossible.

Virology banners  Dr Jean Elmiger (Rediscovering Real Medicine ISBN 1862041997)