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Suckers: how Alternative Medicine Makes Fools of Us All

a medical propaganda book by Rose Shapiro

[Classic.  Of course, the real suckers are the ones using Allopathic medicine, and who may read this propaganda.  It is telling of the times we are living in that this nasty propaganda gets published, reviewed and read (presumably).]

[Jan 2008] A review of Suckers by Rose Shapiro By Martin J Walker The book Suckers is a social and intellectual fraud; a sick but bracing, account of the science lobby and media global lies and delusions.
    The publishers of Suckers are nominally Harvill Secker......Harvill Secker is a subsidiary of Random House which is in turn owned by the massive German media conglomerate, Bertelsmann .....when I looked at the Foundation that controlled Bertelsmann, Bertelsmann Stiftung, owned mainly be the Mohn family, I found that not only did this foundation have on its board one of the leading executive members of Bayer, but three of the Mohn family who control the Foundation were medical doctors. One of the major projects of the Foundation is support for and the reorganization of the German public health system, with a dependence on pharmaceutical medicine and allopathy.
    Why cant the Guardian and the Observer lay their cards on the table and just say, Look were a cynical and dishonest load of bastards, up to our necks in the thick brown muck of vested interests and science lobby groups. We disagree profoundly with allowing people personal choice in health care options, and we dont want an open or honest discussion about it. OK. At least then wed all know where we stand.

[Feb 2008] How royalty and junk science made quackery credible

Daily Mail 3 page spread

Some quotes

Dr Stephen Barrett, of Quackwatch, believes these EAV devices should be confiscated.

Dr Barrett, the infamous AMA shill. See Quackwatch  Medical tests

"Practitioners who use them should be delicensed because they are either delusional, dishonest or both," he says.

Ie like Barrett himself!

The Advertising Standards Authority has ordered the withdrawal of adverts for Vegatests that make misleading claims such a "complete test for hidden problems".

The ASA is just one of the arms of Allopathy Inc

See: "Advertisements for my book Living In A Fascist Country have been officially banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority. I have no idea why.  
As far as I know they haven't seen a copy of the book. But they probably don't like the title. VC August 28th 2006." Living In A Fascist Country - Banned

Up to 80 per cent of cancer patients are thought to use complementary and alternative medicine.

I wonder why!! they must be worried about loss of business. See: The Cancer Conspiracy

Around 126 million a year is spent on herbal medicine in Britain. Often it is prescribed for mild or temporary conditions, but some herbs are promoted as cures for serious illnesses such as HIV/Aids or cancer.

See: Dr Richard Shulze to bust this bullshit.

Herbal remedies are "natural", but that doesn't make them safe. Indeed, herbal medicine carries more risks than any other form of complementary and alternative therapy because of its potentially toxic nature.

Oh really, how many die under herbal doctors every year?  Nil?  Note that 120,000 American's die every year from Allopathic drug reactions. See: Death by Medicine  Herbal medicine is completely safe under proper supervision by a herbalist. 

McQueen was treated with 50 daily vitamins and minerals, massages, prayer sessions, psychotherapy, coffee enemas and injections of a cell preparation made from sheep and cattle foetuses.

He died in 1980 from a heart attack following surgery to remove more tumours.

See Appendix III -- Cancer Cure Suppressed for Dr Kelley's side of the story

and so on, yawn.