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[Read this book and remove any doubt about MMR being a cause of autism AND bowel disease, as well as the shocking way the parents and children have been treated by the NHS and the medical profession in their effort to deny any connection, part of which is the persecution of Dr Wakefield by the GMC kangaroo court.]

Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The Parents' Story
The denial of vaccine damage by government, corporations and the media.

a book written by the parents and edited by Martin J. Walker

23rd. January 2010

[2010 March] Silenced Witnesses: UK Autism Parents Speak Out

[2010 Jan] The Launch of Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The UK GMC Hearings by Martin Walker  "Anyone could see clearly that if they had a genuine case, to show that the children were not ill and that they were subjected to aggressive procedures without ethical approval and without parental consent, they were bound to call the parents to give evidence. They didn't because the parents would have told the hearing that most of the children suffered the most terrible bowel disease followed by regressive autism. So had the prosecution called the parents from day one the GMC case would have collapsed." 
....Dr Wakefield, attending the launch with his wife Carmel, gave an impromptu and modest speech in which he repeated a number of times, the fact that whatever the verdict of the GMC, this battle was not about him but about science and the terrible plight of the parents and their children. Everyone was, however, aware that this is only half true, without Andrew Wakefield, the science, the data, the information about MMR, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and regressive autism, would have been buried by governments and drug companies, perhaps for ever.

See: Silenced Witnesses 1: The Parents' Story


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WitnessesVolume 2
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Silenced Witnesses Vol II: The Parents’ Story,

The denial of vaccine damage by government, corporations and the media.

Written by the parents, and published by Slingshot Publications.

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Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC.

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