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Swine flu vaccine Pandemrix

I have followed discussion and information relating to swine flu vaccine Pandemrix. I have noticed some very alarming matters around Pandemrix vaccine and information and comments given by Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare. I made the decision to write publicly from the matters that the authorities of mainstream medicine are silent or underrate. When you read this article, you read it at your own risk. Everybody should make the personal decision how to react to this vaccine. In this article, I bring into view matters from which mainstream media don't talk, but are very important that all people should know.

Seasonal flu
Annual ordinary flu kills here in Finland on average 1000 individuals. Finnish experts and specialist said that swine flu will kill in Finland about 50-100 individuals. Swine flu disease is a very serious disease, and we can't underestimate it, but it is not so lethal as annual ordinary flu. Swine flu disease is not the worldwide killer pandemic as the mainstream media and medicine authorities have said. They have caused hysteria, which leads people to take the vaccine. Who gain most on this, manufacturers of vaccine or vaccinated individuals? Manufacturers and sellers of vaccine get very big money, because into question is many hundred millions.

Pandemrix vaccine
I read European Medicines Agency (EMEA) report on Pandemrix vaccine. On the EMEA page is such a kind of information from where in Finland has not spoken or has been underestimated side-effects of vaccine.

EMEA report:
A protective immune response may not be elicited in all vaccinees (see section 5.1).

Why here in Finland has not told honestly about this, but is underestimated dangers of vaccine. Finnish mainstream authorities of medicine have not told that vaccine may not protect all vaccinees. They have not told it because they are afraid that individuals do not take the vaccine. Their goal is to vaccinate the whole population.

The medicine authorities of Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare say that Finland buys Pandermix vaccine, because there aren't available any other vaccine. This is not true! Glaxo SmithKline is the manufacturer of Pandemrix vaccine. Glaxo SmithKline support financially at many millions euros the vaccine research process of Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare. It is obvious that Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare chose Glaxo SmithKline Pandemrix vaccine, because Glaxo SmithKline support financially Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare. Pandemrix vaccine is very dangerous vaccine. Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare underestimates dangers and risks relating to Pandemrix, because otherwise they would lose their generous financial supporter. Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare place the money over the health of Finnish citizens. The affair of Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare is to protect the health of Finnish citizens and not endanger it. Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare is doing against its affair by choosing very dangerous Pandemrix vaccine.

According to EMEA report the vaccine may not protect all vaccinees. The report says that there is not full information how the vaccine influence to pregnant women. They don't know that what vaccine can cause to pregnant women and fetus. In general vaccine researches cannot make to pregnant women, and they are automatically blocked off from the researches. The report did not told this! However, they are going to vaccinate here in Finland pregnant women by this vaccine. The report says that Pandemrix vaccine has made under exceptional circumstances. In practice, it means that they haven't tested and researched sufficiently the vaccine. America and few other countries have denied that pregnant women and children cannot vaccinate Pandemrix vaccine, because it contains thiomersal.

In the European Union cannot grant a trading licence of the medicine (vaccine) without sufficient information about side-effects and other influences. Pandemrix vaccine has not sufficient information about side-effects and other influences, and it got a trading licence under exceptional circumstances. Under exceptional circumstances means that there have not been reliable information from the vaccine.

Pregnant women should always vaccinate vaccines that don't contain additives. This is the recommendation of WHO (World Health Organization). Vaccination experts and specialist of  SAGE (Strategic Advisory Group of Experts) records that Finland have not ordered vaccine that don't contain additives. It is very clear that Pandemrix vaccine which Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare bought is not safe to pregnant women and other individuals, because vaccine contains many dangerous substancs.

According to EMEA report possible side-effecst can be insomnia, headache, dizziness, vomit, stomachache, diarrhea, inflamation in the area of injection, increasing of sweating, rash, dermatitis, joint aches, fever, tiredness, shivering, condition as the influenza, pain and tickle in the area of injection, lack of appetite, nerve pains, cramps, allergic attacks, falling in to shock, kidney disorder, nerve disease, swelling of gland in the neck, decreasing of blood pressure, inflammation of veins and disease of Guillan Barre.

All vaccinees don't suffer these symptoms, but here in Finland many have been suffered very bad and dangerous side-effects for the reason of Pandemrix vaccination. Why individuals suffer so strong side-effects? Pandemrix vaccine contains many very dangerous substances, and this is the reason for side-effects. According to EMEA report Pandemrix vaccine contains thiomersal. EMEA admitted that thiomersal can cause side-effects. Experts and specialist know the dangers of thiomersal.

Thiomersal (thimerosal)
Pandermix vaccine contains thiomersal, where are 49,6% ethylmercury and ethanol. Ethylmercury is very dangerous environmental poison and nerve poison. According to WHO predisposed border of mercury is 0,4 micro grammar per day. Weight of 5 kilos (11 pound) children predisposed border per day is 2,35 micro grammar and 10 kilos (22 pounds) predisposed border per day is 4.70 micro grammar. According to EMEA report Pandemrix vaccine dose contains 5 micro grammar thiomersal. The numbers tell us that vaccination is dangerous for little children and also for adults.

There has been said that because ethylmercury is water-soluble, so it goes very quickly away from the body with urine and excrement. It is true that part of ethylmercury comes out from the body, but also some part of it penetrate to the body, and can cause quickly or aftyer long time difficult side-effects or diseases. No one can calculate accurately how much ethylmercury penetrate to body or how much comes out. We must also remember and know that every persons body is individual. However, sure is that part of ethylmercury will penetrate to the body. There is a claim that methylmercury which is in the fishes is more dangerous as ethylmercury, because methylmercury will store to the body and ethylmercury don't store up to the body. This is not quite right, because ethylmercury as water-soluble penetrates to the body in the same as penetrates water-soluble vitamins. Ethylmercury kills micro-organisms and bacteria, and for this reason it is used in vaccine. If ethylmercury would disappear quickly away from the body, so it couldn't kill bacteria and couldn't give long lasting protection against bacteria and viruses. Part of ethylmercury penetrates to the body and not only kill bacteria and viruses, but also weaken the immune system of the body, because of strong poison.

Pandemrix vaccine contains also ethanol, which is toxic antiseptic ethyl alcohol. Ethanol is used as disinfect stuff, because strong ethanol kills micro-organisms. Metabolism of the man forms very small amounts' ethanol, because the human body has his own immune system against bacteria and diseases. Human body has knowledge that how much it needs ethanol. We can understand that when to the body is injected ethanol more as the body produces it, so from it follows catastrophe. When people are injected by the vaccine this poison so the body gets into space of poisoning. For this reason, many people get very strong and harmful symptoms after injection. It is very clear that when poisons penetrate to the body, they kill bacteria and viruses but also cause damage in the body. They can cause serious diseases even after many years from injection. Pandemrix vaccine contains also squalene, which is useful substance to the body, but very dangerous for the effect and additive of Pandemrix.

Substances of the vaccine purpose are killing bacteria and viruses. This means that substances of vaccine should penetrate and store up to the body that they could kill viruses. Every vaccine should give before infection and after injection substances of vaccine begin to store up to the body. If vaccine's substances dissipate or come out quickly, so they cannot kill viruses, and it would be useless to use vaccine. The fact is that substances of vaccine will store up to the body for a longer time that they could kill viruses. This means that dangerous poisons inside the body cause also damage in the body, which break out as dangerous diseases.

Pandemrix vaccine which has been ordered to Finland contains formaldehyde, which has been used inactive of influenza virus. After mixing of Pandemrix vaccine, it contains about 50 micro grammar formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes also cancer. Formaldehyde penetrates easily to a mucous membrane, which cause irritating of eyes and breathing system. Symptoms appear as continual cough, cold, stinging of eyes, sickness, indisposition, tiredness, breathlessness and headache. Formaldehyde liquid can cause stinging, drying and flushing of skin.

Some vaccinees have had very similar symptoms than what formaldehyde causes. It is very clear, because formaldehyde penetrates to the body causing poisoning. Formaldehyde causes also cancer, so very probably vaccine can also cause bursting of cancer. It can burst after many years. Formaldehyde is a mutagen substance, which causes changes in cell genotype. Formaldehyde is very danger poison, and it should not inject inside the body.

Pandemrix vaccine contains thiomersal, ethanol, formaldehyde and adjuvant - squalene, and sure it that very strong poison inside the body weakens the immune system of the body and cause danger diseases. Best way to suffer from influenza is that our body immune system wins the viruses. By this way, you get protection for coming influenzas, because the human body recalls viruses and can destroy more effect way viruses when they try next time penetrate your body.

Pandemrix AS03 adjuvant is effect substance, in other words, purpose of adjuvant is giving together with vaccine's antigen more powerful and longer protection against viruses and diseases. This means that adjuvant makes from vaccine more powerful and takes care that substances of vaccine remain long time in the body. This is not good for human body! Pandemrix contains squalene 10,69 micro grammar. Human body needs squalene and the body also produced it. In the human body squalene is in nervous system and brains. Squalene of Pandemrix vaccine is strange squalene to the body, and not as body's own squalene. Squalene of Pandemrix together with other substances of vaccine's causes big and dangerous problems to the body. Squalene of vaccine with the vaccine's other substances launch the immune system to destroy squalene of Pandemrix and body's own natural squalene. Natural squalene is necessary to right kind of activity of nervous system and brains. Squalene of Pandemrix destroys the body's own immune system causing damage to activity of nervous system and brains.

Polysorbate 80
Pandemrix AS03 adjuvant contains polysorbate 80 (4,86 micro grammar), which is very toxic substance. Polysorbate 80 is in very small amounts among other things in milk products, ice creams, some vitamin tablets and face cream. People cannot eat or drink polysorbate 80, and no skin contacts, neither it cannot give as injection to the body. Polysorbate 80 is very dangerous as the injection. Polysorbate 80 weakens the immune system, and in some cases it can cause the death. Polysorbate 80 causes infertility to women. Polysorbate 80 tested with rats, and it produces infertility for the rats.

Polysorbate 80 as the injection can cause immediately dangerous situations. Activity of the heart can change, heart attack, embolism, which can lead to the death. For fetus polysorbate 80 is very dangerous. It is very clear that polysorbate as injection with Pandemrix's adjuvant is more dangerous and can cause dangerous and serious diseases after long time for the injection.

Thoughts and occurrences around swine flu
When I have researched substances of Pandemrix vaccine and how dangerous those substances are. I cannot avoid the thought that there is going on deduction of population. The thought comes stronger, because in the whole world is going on injections with flu vaccines. One thing is also odd, because here in Finland. They want to inject first pregnant women. Together all substances of vaccine contain so many dangerous things that vaccine is like poison injection. I'm sure that in the future vaccine causes many dangerous diseases and part of the people will suffer the death, because the lethal disease affected by vaccine.

When the human body is getting used to Pandemrix vaccine, so it weakens the body's immune system. In the future the body is weak before bacteria and viruses and many diseases can damage the body. Majority of the vaccinees people eats mainly industrial foods, which are full of additives and preservative ingredients, which weakens the body's immune system. Their change to get the disease increase rapidly, because of vaccine and "poisoned" food. It is very important to eat natural food. When you eat natural food and regularly train some exercise, so your immune system can win bacteria and viruses, and you don't have to take dangerous vaccines.

In America and many European countries are limitations concerning thiomersal. Limitation is that little children cannot inject by the vaccine which contains thiomersal. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and DFA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) recommended to vaccine manufacturers that little children cannot inject by vaccine, which contains thiomersal, because infants and up to three years old children suffered very bad side-effects because of vaccine, which contained thiomersal. Drug industry tries to disprove this, but the undisputed fact is that vaccine, which contains thiomersal cause problems to the children.

There has been presented the claim that thiomersal don't cause autism. Many doctors and scientists say that thiomersal cause autism. There are also proofs where children have got autism after thiomersal vaccine injection. The reason why many are silent about this is the money. Around the drug industry is very big money. If from many vaccines would be finished, so the drug industry did not get so much money anymore. Unfortunately, the money is more important to drug industry than health of the people. Fortunately, in some countries is forbidden to use thiomersal in vaccines.

1976 in America burst swine flu, and some people were injected by swine flu vaccine. The side-effects of the vaccine died 25 people, which are more as people who died in swine flu. I have a strong feeling that also now some people will die to side-effects of vaccine. People who are responsible for the vaccine try to put these dying cases for the reason of influenza. I'm not trying to frighten anybody, but because this vaccine has launched so strong and bad side-effects, so it is very justified to suspect that vaccine can lead to the death in some cases. Here in Finland, especially people of National Institute For Health And Welfare are irritated, because some people present opinions, which are against Pandemrix vaccine. People of National Institute For Health And Welfare say that those people who are against vaccinations and spread publicly their opinions, so they are in responsible for the deaths, which happens to people who die to influenza and have not taken the vaccine. I can ask for the people of National Institute For Health And Welfare that who is in responsible about those deaths, which Pandemrix vaccine causes? Vaccine deaths can come after many years for the side-effects and diseases produced by pandermix vaccine. Who is in responsible for these future cases? People who are against Pandemrix vaccine do not hope that anyone die, but that for Pandemrix vaccine would be informed honestly the Finnish citizens, which haven't done. Vaccine contains so dangerous poisons that it is obvious that it can kill individuals whose immune system is already weak. Of course people who are delivering these vaccines want to deny all death cases by saying that it hasn't nothing to do with vaccine, but influenza killed them. We can find clear reasons about vaccine deaths in abroad.

In Sweden has occurred several death cases after Pandemrix vaccine. 54 years old man who had diabetes and had several heart attacks got the vaccine and died after 12 hours from the injection. 89 years old women who had demention died 4 days after vaccine injection. 80 years old man who had diabetes died two days after vaccine injection. 74 years old woman who has heart disease died 4 days after vaccine injection. It is very obvious that Pandemrix vaccine caused these deaths, not merely swine flu. Swine flu deaths are proven in America, where 1976, 25 people died for swine flu vaccine.

Swine flu deaths are such where people who have a high risk have died after vaccination. In the vaccine is inactivated parts of swine flu viruses, so doctors and specialists can say that they died to influenza, because there is the influenza virus in their body. Vaccine has also inactivated parts of swine flu viruses, so marks of viruses can be because of vaccine. Inactivated swine flu viruses do not cause the death, but dangerous substances of the vaccine. In Finland first swine flu case occurred on May 2009, and after that it has widely spread all over Finland. In Finland vaccination began on October 2009, and after vaccination appeared the first death case. This awakens a lot of questions. Why here in Finland the first death case appeared after vaccination and not before vaccination? In Sweden death cases occurred after the beginning of vaccination. This proofs that death cases in Finland and Sweden are more connected to vaccine than influenza. Mainstream health officials here in Finland don't want to admit death case connections to vaccine, although it is obvious. I'm afraid that for some pregnant women and fetus Pandemrix vaccine will cause problems.

In England Health Protection Agency's letter leaked to publicity, in which was warning that new swine flu vaccine and dangerous Guillan Barre disease are linked together. Guillan Barre disease damages peripheral nerves, which causes temporary paralysis. 80% Guillan Barre patient recovers fully, 5-10% gets permanent symptoms and 4% shall die.

EMEA report says that after releasing of Pandemrix it has caused disorders of kidneys, neurological disorder and Guillan Barre symptoms. Pandemrix vaccine is very dangerous. The report also says that it is very unusual and rare to have some disease for Pandemrix vaccine. This is not true, because how researchers found out those diseases, if it is so rare? I believe that conception of rare and unusual are in the report to calming down and lying.

It is obvious when large masses are being vaccinated, so someone gets Guillan Barre disease, and someone gets some other diseases. Frightening is that after releasing Pandemrix vaccine it can cause many diseases and symptoms, because they didn't test and researched it sufficiently.

Swiss health officials have accepted Pandemrix and Focetria vaccines against swine flu. Swiss health officials, although deny Pandemrix for pregnant women, under 18 years old and over 60 years old. Swiss health officials said that there are no Pandemrix test results for pregnant women and only little information relating to little children. Decision made in Switzerland is based on the fact that there is not enough information Pandemrix vaccine, and it can cause bad side-effects for pregnant women and little children. Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare representatives said that Switzerland has made its decision for the economy political reasons and not for medical reasons. That it is not true, because we can read very clearly that Swiss health officials made their decision based on medical reasons. Finnish National Institute For Health And Welfare doesn't act honestly in this issue.

Your own decision
I understand that this is a very difficult decision for many people. Many are wondering to do they take the vaccine and do they allow to vaccinate their children. Many people think that they can die to influenza, and on the other hand, they can have serious and permanent symptoms for the vaccine. Many pregnant women are in front of very hard and difficult decision, because health officials recommend Pandemrix vaccine, but many countries have denied using of Pandemrix for pregnant women. Swine flu infection can cause damage to the fetus in the beginning of pregnancy. Pandemrix vaccine can cause damage to the fetus. WHO recommends for pregnant women vaccine that does not contain additives, but Pandemrix contains those additives. Finland has not the vaccine that WHO recommends. I understand that decision is very painful and difficult. It is although good that you can read and study all information about subject and not mainstream information, which gives partial information. After you know many-sided information. You can make the decision of your heart. Everyone must make their own decision that what you trust. You must also carry responsibility about your decision and your children.

Many people immune system is very vulnerable, because they have eaten many year foods, which are full of harmful ingredients. When you eat wholesomely natural food and train exercise sufficiently, so your immune system remains in good shape and can win bacteria and viruses. You can do a lot that you can be in a good shape. Many diseases come when people eat food, which are full of additives and preservative ingredients, which are actually as poisons.

Take good care for yourself
In the human body is the immune system, which white blood cells with antidotes are destroying bacteria and viruses. The immune system can recall bacteria and viruses and when viruses and bacteria try to attack so memory cells activate powerfully and destroy invaders. Some viruses can transform with the help of mutation that the immune system can't recall the virus. It is very important that you keep your immune system in a good shape.

Reduce white sugar and foods, which contain harmful ingredients, because they weaken your immune system. Change white sugar to natural saccharose.

Antioxidant. The human body needs antioxidants, and the body produces antioxidants and also some nutrient. If the body does not contain sufficiently antioxidants, so the consequence is many diseases as heart-, vein- and cancer diseases. We have in our body antioxidants, which our body products, but we need also antioxidants for the food, which are flavonoids, E-vitamin, C-vitamin, carotenoids (beta carotene and lycopene) and selenium. Good sources of antioxidants are also berries, fruits, vegetables, fish, egg and grain products. Make sure that you eat food, which contains antioxidants, because it keeps your immune system in a good shape.

Oils. Omega-3 oil and plant oils (vegetable oils) and fish oils are good for you that keep your immune system in a good shape.

Exercise. Good immune system needs regular exercise, because exercise strengthens circulation and is good also to action of brains. Good physical condition adds the ability of the body to fight against bacteria and viruses.

C-vitamin. C-vitamin gives protection against flu and inflammation diseases. In the light of new researches C-vitamin prevents forming of cancer. Men and women needs C-vitamin 60 mg per day and children about 30-35 mg per day. Good sources of C-vitamin are brier hip, paprika, nettles, sea buckthorn, blackcurrant, rowanberry, kiwi, orange, lemon and strawberry.

D-vitamin. D-vitamin gives protection against viruses and bacteria and prevents virus and bacteria diseases. According to one American research, we can use 100 mg D-vitamin per day. Age under 10 amounts is 25 per day. Ultraviolet radiation of the sun stores up D-vitamin into our body. Good sources of D-vitamin are pike perch, whitefish, baltic herring, vendace, salmon, pike, fish oil, milk products, egg and mushrooms. Too big amount D-vitamin is poisonous, but if you eat normally there is no danger to eat too much D-vitamin.

Actually, D-vitamin is the best secure against influenza and flu. If your D-vitamin values are in a good condition the substances containing D-vitamin prevent for getting flu or influenza. This works in most cases.

A-vitamin. A-vitamin strengthens the immune system of the body. It is very good to eat A-vitamin that the body can form good protection against viruses. Good sources of A-vitamin are carrot, brier hip, cabbage, parsley, liver, yolk and butter. Men can eat 1400 mg A-vitamin per day and women 1000 mg per day. Exorbitant amount of A-vitamin can cause A-vitamin poisoning, which symptoms are indisposition, headache, diarrhea and damaging of liver. When you eat normally so you can't eat too much A-vitamin.

Garlic. Effect of garlic is based on onion oil, which influence health in the body. Garlic has many very good features, which are helping to kill bacteria and viruses, kills worms, helps action of digestion, refreshing circulation, prevent cramps, helps action of veins, prevent heart- and vein diseases and is used to tend these diseases, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and contain substances, which prevent forming of cancer cells.

Benefit of garlic can achieve if you use it regularly. Use garlic within reason, bacause too much amount of garlic can cause indisposition, stomachache, headache, dizziness and diarrhea. Pregnant women and mother who breastfeed must eat carefully garlic, because its effect substances can move to mother's milk and cause stomachache and colic for baby. Some people can have allergic reactions and stomachache for garlic. Begin to eat garlic very carefully. The strong stench is not the problem, because when you eat parsley it dispels strong smell of garlic.

Honey. Honey has antibacterial features, which prevent and ease symptoms of flu. Honey is 100% pure nature product, in which you can replace using of white sugar. Honey contain mainly fructose and glucose. In the honey is also very important nutrients as enzymes, trace elements and vitamins. In the human body enzymes' works as antioxidants and they also strengthens producing of antioxidants in the body. In the honey is more lower blood sugar as in the white sugar. When you replace with honey the white sugar, so your blood sugar remains in a good control. You can use honey in wounds and scorch. Honey has substances, which clean and kill bacteria. Athletics can use honey recovering from the hard training.

Honey not under age of one year! Honey is a health and natural product. Honey is living nutrition and because of that honey can contain  Clostridium botulinum bacteria, which can cause under age of one year disorder to digestion. For this reason, it is absolutely forbidden to give honey under age of one year. Adults and age over one year can eat honey, because to them Clostridium botulinum bacteria is safe to use. Honey is very good nutrition, so use and eat it!

Remember to wash your hands regularly during the epidemic, use ordinary soap! Stress weakens the immune system. Learn to live unstressed and enjoy your life. You can affect your welfare and health and good immune system by eating health way and by exercise. Natural food gives you good protection against diseases. If you are in the risk group to get ill and have influenza, so you should change your way of life, and you can win diseases and be health.

Safe shelter
I understand that we as people are small and distressed, because it seems that in everything there are "experts" and experts who are completely against one another. Around of the thing of swine flu is also many kinds of experts who can be for or against it. In the hearts of many individuals are a silent and distressed sigh, to whom I can believe? The question is that to whom I can trust in this world? This is the question which occupies the heart of every person, and we have to carry our responsibility according to our acts.

The Lord Jesus said in the gospel of Matthew chapter 24 that before He comes back in the world nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. The Lord Jesus said also in the gospel of Luke chapter 21 that there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Nation is in original language ethnos, which means the group of people inside the land; ethnic group. According to the words of the Lord Jesus before His coming in many places is much of civil wars in many countries, where different ethnic groups and tribes fight against one another. This has been occurred already in many places all over the world. Furthermore, many countries have fought against one another. We can see famines in the world also in many places. The Lord Jesus said also that before His coming, there are pestilences and earthquakes in the world. We are living in the time, where all the time bursts old and new pestilences (diseases). Some of them are lethal. Same all over the world many earthquakes are making lethal destruction. The Lord Jesus compared preceding things like sorrows (the pain of childbirth), which increase and come more powerful. According to the words of the Lord Jesus people in the end times before His coming are distressed, and they fear powers of destruction, which occupies the earth.

The prophecy of the Bible says that an antichrist will rise to rule the world in the end times. Evil antichrist set up the new world order where he unites nations, religions and politicians tolerate one another. Deceitful antichrist deceives people of the world and makes peace (false peace) in the Middle East in Jerusalem and Israel. false peace doesn't last long and antichrist leads the world to big devastation. Deceitful antichrist tries to destroy the nation of Israel, but he doesn't succeed in that. God will punish and destroy an antichrist.

The Bible teaches that God has prepared for you the way of salvation in the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus is the real safe shelter. If you confess your sins to God and believe that Jesus is the Lord and the Messiah, so He will forgive your sins and give you everlasting life. After that you shall know to whom you can trust and believe. If you believe in the Lord Jesus, so the Almighty God holds up and lead you, who loves you by the everlasting love.

I wrote 6.12.2009 a public article to the Internet about swine flu vaccine Pandemrix vaccinations in Finland. Today is 9.10.2010 and I want to tell occurrences after vaccinations.

After vaccinations some vaccinees have got the disease called narcolepsy. People who were responsible for Pandemrix vaccine are saying that vaccine didn't cause narcolepsy cases. I don't believe that statement, because there have been several narcolepsy cases among vaccinees. All cases are connected to people who were vaccinated with Pandemrix vaccine. It is obvious that Pandemrix vaccine is the reason of those narcolepsy cases, because narcolepsy began after vaccination.
Interruption of pregnancy

Here in Finland is also several cases where Pandemrix vaccine has interrupted pregnancy. People who were responsible for Pandemrix vaccine deny this. There have been so many cases and majority of pregnancy interruption cases have been vaccinated. It is obvious that Pandemrix vaccine caused pregnancy interruptions.

What else can happen?
The risks around Pandemrix have been well informed in the past. In the coming days and the future into view can come more sadly news about damages made by Pandemrix vaccine. Pandemrix vaccine can cause very bad diseases after many years.

Everybody has responsibility the acts that they have done

I hope that people who have been responsible for Pandemrix vaccine would be honest and admit their mistakes. However, unfortunately I'm afraid that these people don't have to take the consequences for damages of vaccine. This world is under the control of the elite who rules the world. For this reason, the guilty ones can freely spread their lies and continue with their works.

The Bible says that one day will come the great judgement day. On that day, everyone will be judged according to their works. Today is still the day of the grace, and you can find God and the salvation in the Lord Jesus.

PS: If something new appears around the vaccination things, I might update this article.
Petri Paavola 6.12.2009



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