Third world guinea pigs
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[Drugs like vaccines are tested on third world people as you can get away with anything---any amount of deaths and other side effects, and you can then say it has been 'tested' without going under any proper scrutiny, and the FDA is just a rubber stamp agency anyway.  Eg Mercury containing Flu vaccine for pregnant women (1), 'tested' in Bangladesh. If 600 children can die after an approved vaccine campaign it gives you some idea about what they can get away with, and has any third world person ever been compensated for vaccine injuries?  Doubtful, seeing as it has only happened in Canada recently.]

Patrick Tierney

Gates Foundation whistleblower

[2006] AIDS Drug Trial Turned Away. Protests by Prostitutes in Cambodia Ended Tenofovir Testing

[Sept 2006] FDA in Third World Drug Trial Scandals
Experimental tests are conducted in developing countries on sick and vulnerable children under the guise of free and ethical treatments sanctioned by the FDA and complicit medical institutions.

[1989 to 1991] High dose Edmonston Zagreb (EZ) measles vaccine

Imminent anthropological scandal
Scientist 'killed Amazon indians to test race theory'
Dr. Samuel L. Katz, Edmonston B vaccine and  Ethics Scandal  over experiment on Isolated Indians

Edmonston measles vaccines

[1995] THE HUMAN LABORATORY Norplant was studied for 20 years in the West, but mostly in developing countries. After standard clinical trials of Norplant had been completed, pre-introductory clinical trials were held to assess the drug's safety, efficacy and acceptability in local conditions. .... It is important for us to expose how women in poor countries are used as guinea pigs, especially in Haiti, so that they can test their products. Developed countries may not even use these products because the hormone levels are too high. But they use these in experiments on women in poor countries so that they can regulate the levels. Fundamentally, what appears to us in Haiti is that these people have found a laboratory here a slum laboratory - to do whatever they want. And one of the biggest laboratories for the American government is right here in Cité Soleil.

Darkness in El Dorado by Patrick Tierney

Big pharma uses third world women and children as guinea pigs to  test vaccines and drugs. ....They buy off third world villages with booze and free clinics and such in order to get their guinea pigs. In one instance, she mentions an event for local leaders where the booze tab was $12,000! Often the people being vaccinated don't understand what it is all about. They don't do long-term follow-ups to see if there are adverse reactions. They just "show" to the FDA, this vaccine is working on Poland and such and such a place and  get much quicker approval.....One of her main points is that they are doing all kinds of things without sufficient data or long term studies to know what the results will be, ramming it through approval processes by testing on unknowing, impoverished third world villages, fudging the results, then brainwashing the US population to think they need this new vaccine.....She said "I am an immunologist and I would never get a flu shot!"   Gates Foundation whistleblower

Tested on 100,000 ten year old girls in Africa. You read it here first - Gardasil by Erika Schwartz, MD


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