The World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE)

The World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE) is globally focused, non-profit, educational institution advocating reformation of the mass vaccination systems. To this effect, WAVE provides an avenue for a public exchange of non-medical vaccine information, ideas and a continuously updated database of documents that concern vaccine risk and uselessness. Itís intent is to redress the balance of information available to parents on vaccination issues, acknowledge people who experience vaccine reactions, and adamantly advocate and maintain freedom of choice.

Board of Directors

Marc Girard, Msc, MD

Boyd Haley Ph.D.

Andrew Maniotis, PhD

Tim O'Shea,, DC

Dan N. Schultz, DC

Eileen Nicole Simon, PhD, RN

KP Stoller MD

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny DO

Mary Tocco