[Spanish Flu]

Vaccines and Sera purchased and sold at the Vaccine Station for the Year ending 31st December 1911

 [Book June 2006] Just A Little Prick by Peter and Hilary Butler page 225

The "worthless vaccines" item in the Senate record sent me off at a tangent, to see if there were other vaccines which most people have no idea about, used in this country. One example is our parliamentary records of 1912, which show that in New Zealand in 1912, the following vaccines and serums were used:

Acne Vaccine (Mixed)
Acne Bacillus vaccine
Coley's Fluid
Colt Bacillus Vaccine
Combined Vaccines for colds.
Catarrhalis Micrococcus Vaccine
Dipth. Anti Sera,
Friedlander Bacillus Vaccine
Gonococcus Vaccine
Influenza Bacillus Vaccine
Meningococcus Anti Serum.
Plague (Haffkine's Prophylactic)
Pituitary Extract (Valporole)
Pneumococcus Vaccine
Staphylococcus vaccine (mixed)
Staphylococcus Vaccine (Aureus)
Staphylococcus Anti Serum, (Polyvalent)
Staphylococcus Anti Sera, Puerperal Fever
Staphylococcus Anti Sera, Pyogenes
Staphylococcus Anti Sera, Rheumatic Fever
Staphylococcus Anti Sera, Erysipelas,
New Tuberculin T.R. (Koch)
New Tuberculin T.R. (Azoules)
New Tuberculin T.R. (Koch), (Lucius and Bruning.)
Tuberculin for Von Piquet's reaction.
Tuberculin (Old) Human (Koch)
Tuberculin (Old) Bovine (Koch)
Tubercle Emulsion (Lucius and Bruning)
Tubercle Vaccine 0.0005 mgm
Tubercle Vaccine 0.0001 mgm.
Normal Horse Serum.
Tubercle, Moist, for opsonic estimation.
Staphylococcus Albus Vaccine,
Tubercle for conjunctival test.
Typhoid Bacillus Vaccine
Tetanus Anti Serum.

Another example was the report in 19192 that a Mr P.L. Hickes had, for the year 1918, supplied all hospitals with plenty of the mixed-catarrhal vaccine "used with considerable success in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in England and France during the influenza epidemic."

Funny how, in the discussion of the 1918 epidemic, no mention of a vaccine is ever made. Today, historians say that the epidemic happened because there was no vaccine.

No one talks about Scarlet Fever either, preferring people to think that it declined on its own. The facts are that there was a vaccine against Scarlet Fever, first used in 1912 by Gabrischewsky in Russia, and later used widely in America, Hungary and Poland.  It wasn't much used in the UK, because where it was, it was usually followed by serious reactions and death. No-one talks about the haemolytic streptococcal vaccine that was used for a while either.