The Spanish Flu massacre (1918)
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"Funny how, in the discussion of the 1918 epidemic, no mention of a vaccine is ever made. Today, historians say that the epidemic happened because there was no vaccine."--Hilary Butler

[The great Epidemic Fearmongering flag of the virus hunting industry. This made sure everyone was terrified of viruses (mind viruses), which could have been the main purpose of this raid. See: The Secret History Of The Atomic Bomb by Eustace C. Mullins.  Have a look at the deaths caused by just one vaccine, smallpox, in the Philippines 1905-1920, around the same time.  Also think of (mostly) vaccine induced Gulf War Syndrome  where (2003) about 209,000 Gulf War [One] veterans have filed claims with the Veterans Administration, and 161,000 of them are receiving disability payments.  Death estimates vary, see Spanish influenza death stats.
    The Allopathic medicines of the day (eg Aspirin, 8-40 grams a day!,
methyl chloride cough syrup, CALOMEL, used to treat “sepsis”, later used in teething powder causing Pink disease, and chloroform/methyl trichloride) played a part as the Homeopaths had a death rate of 1.05%, compared to the Allopaths' 30% 1  (the same death rate they both had against cholera 1 ) See: Early allopathic therapies.  Some symptoms suggest Typhoid, Plague and Cholera1, 3  vaccines in use at the time.]

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Here are the lists of vaccines in 1911, and from the Appendices to Parliamentary journals in 1919. (source: [2011 June] Influenza vaccines, KOPS, and the truth by Hilary Butler)

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To see how many vaccines the soldiers could have received see the Wikipedia start dates:

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