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[Text for some images can be seen in Internet Explorer not Mozilla.  DDT spraying was also done to prevent polio by killing insects as they thought it was transmitted that way.  DDT is right now being sprayed for malaria control----See: [Media 18/9/06] U.N. Pushing DDT on Africa]

[vid] DDT is sprayed over Rockford, Illinois to combat polio epidemic. August 27, 1945

“Kids would ride bikes, skate, and run behind The Mosquito Man, The Skeeter Man, Smokey Joe, Fogger Trucks – so many names. The DDT truck came to our beaches where mosquito populations were high. There was a poster I remember that hung on the wall of our school showing the government spraying school lunch room food to show there was no danger to the children (although I always wondered why the guys who were spraying wore hazmat suits).”

From “Running Behind the DDT Truck”, by Mimi Foster, 2011


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 Zimmerman and his colleagues advised that DDT be sprayed directly on dairy cows, their feed, bedding and water, in a 5 percent solution.

Period marketing photo hailing DDT as a miracle of progress

Indoor DDT spraying in the 1940s in a military facility in the Southeastern United States, shortly after this insecticide was introducedA cloud of insecticide containing DDT descends on passengers in this circa 1955 photo.  Although banned in the US in 1972, DDT was sprayed in US aircraft until 1989.Spraying alleys, Calgary, Alberta. August 1954

Spraying homes with DDTLeonard Nadel's photograph from 1956 of Central Valley farmworkers forced to stand naked in line to be sprayed with pure DDT.


Spraying DDT keeps mosquitoes away for eight monthsSouth Africans believe DDT is worth the risk


Spraying of DDT for malaria vector control

ddt.jpg (80481 bytes) The great expectations held for DDT have been realised.   During 1946, exhaustive scientific studies have shown that, when properly used, DDTs a host of destructive pests, and is a benefactor of all humanity.

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In 1958, The United States' National Malaria Eradication Program used an entirely new approach implementing DDT for spraying of mosquitoes.