Zyklon B
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[Even an orthodox holocaust historian put 95% of Zyklon B use down to killing lice for typhus eradication, 5% for killing people.  They created the Holocaust myth by turning delousing chambers into gas chambers, and insecticide becomes poison gas.  It had to be heated to above 78 (25C) or 79 (26C) degrees Fahrenheit.  At that temperature it would take 6 hours to be fatal 1 .  Dr Piper  said it took 20 minutes, and in the case of Auschwitz (Krema I) heat was only by body temperature. 1 It stands to reason that it is in pellet form to make it safe for pest use, requiring long release time to ensure the safety of the pest officers.  Even in gas chambers it can take 18 minutes to kill a prisoner if he wasn't cooperating by inhaling the gas, as happened in one instance. 
    The German gas designed to kill humans was Tabun and they had 12,500 tons of it by mid-1943. See
Gas chambers (real).]


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Zyklon-B Test on Humans Four German human subjects are voluntarily exposed to 72 times the amount Zyklon-B gas the Nazis allegedly used at Auschwitz. At 15C (59F) takes 18 hours, at 26C (79F)- 6 hours, at 30C (86F) takes 3 hours to be fatal to humans.

The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes: An Attempt at a Literary Analysis of the Holocaust Gassing Claim by Samuel Crowell  There is no material or documentary evidence that unambiguously supports the gassing claim. The evidence put forward overwhelmingly refers to either disinfection or civil air defense, including gas protection.
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Chemistry of the Holocaust by Carlos Whitlock Porter  it was only the impossibility of the chemical reactions which first convinced me that the Holocaust was a lie.

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Inside the Auschwitz 'Gas Chambers' RIGHT: Although the heavy steel door with peephole has become a frequent element of the Holocaust literature, the real function of the door and thousands more like it is shown in a widely distributed German ad for bomb-shelter doors and window covers, military and civilian.

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Deloused clothing hung up outside the four disinfection chambers, April 1945. Dachau

Blue stains near door of disinfection building. Birkenau delousing buildings

Delousing building, exterior w/cyanide stains

The gas chamber at Parchman, Miss, seen from the outside. It is isolated from other buildings. Note the pipe for the exhaustion of the gas. There are no such pipes in the alleged German chambers, nor is there any trace or any such pipes. http://www.cwporter.com/bild2.htm