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New Deadly Measles Epidemic in Romania Claiming Lives – an “out of the box” analysis of this tragedy.

[2017 Jan] Anti-Vaxxer Biologist Stefan Lanka Bets Over $100K Measles Isn’t A Virus; He Wins In German Federal Supreme Court  By prophylactic vaccination of adults and especially children against measles, the pharmaceutical industry has earned Billions over a 40-year period. The judges at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed in a recent ruling that measles virus do not exist though. Furthermore: There is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove the existence of such virus so far. This raises the question of what was actually injected into millions of German citizens over the past decades. According to the judgment by the Supreme Court, it may not have been a vaccine against measles....In the trial it was also put on record that the highest German scientific authority in the field of infectious diseases, the RKI, contrary to its legal remit as per § 4 Infection Protection Act (IfSG), has failed to create tests for alleged measles virus and to publish these. The RKI claims that it made internal studies on measles virus, however refuses to hand over or publish the results.


[2016] Response to “Isabella B’s” “Why Dr Suzanne Humphries, an anti-vaccine activist, is lying to you about measles” by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk

[2016 June] "Following Vaccinations" -- 900 Voices Telling the Truth  A final point -- these voices, without saying so, point up the obscenity of the current hand-wringing over measles. Good lord. Let's talk about measles, if we must, AFTER we stop destroying children's lives every single day.

Dr. Michael Elice M.D. – Media Promoting Medical Harm to Our Children  The media would have us believe that this is a result of the fringe population of anti-vaxers who refuse to have their children vaccinated according the guidelines of the current vaccine schedule.  Medical reporting has brought to light the glaring ineffectiveness of the measles vaccines in fulfilling their widely claimed promise of preventing outbreaks in highly vaccine compliant populations.  In fact, measles outbreaks have occurred in populations that have been vaccinated on the average of 77%- 99%, not the so-called anti-vaxers.....Last year 1 in every 500,000 Americans came down with the measles. Nearly all recovered in a few days without serious consequences.  At the same time 1 in 68 American children were diagnosed with autism or for every case of measles there were 7000 cases of autism.  I ask myself which is the real epidemic here?....Stop hyping the safety of MMR vaccines which may actually be more dangerous than live measles and may be ineffective in preventing the illness which they are so anxious to report as a dangerous epidemic itself.   Let’s stop believing that the mainstream media is telling us the truth when all they are doing is shutting down any intelligent and open discussion about vaccine safety and how to improve it.

[pdf 2015] Measles Mania: Time for Mandatory Vaccinations?

[2013] Measles: Misdiagnosis and Malpractice by Hilary Butler  What we are told, is that this man died because he wasn’t given the MMR vaccine:  FALSE.  This man died because the hospital system committed several preventable medical errors, and they know it.  And the hospital staff are too gutless to admit that.   What is astonishing is that in trying to blame the man’s parents for not vaccinating him, they fail to see that their own information has exposed their own systemic stupidity, which raises this question.  ”How many other ‘measles deaths’ result from hospital misdiagnoses?”

[2013 Jan] Measles Vaccines Part I; Ineffectiveness of Vaccination and Unintended Consequences by Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)

[2013 Jan] Measles Vaccines Part II; Benefits of Contracting Measles by Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)   The unscientific standard procedures should be abandoned and the natural processes and the innate intelligence of the immune system respected. Medicine should adopt a common sense attitude to natural infectious diseases and their vital role in priming and maturing the immune system, for children’s long-term benefit.

[2013 Jan] Melanie’s Marvelous Measles: Is the provaccine backlash rational or hysterical? by Suzanne Humphries, MD

[2011 May] Six Times More Measles Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reports Than Measles Cases in 2011  there have been 698 FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports related to MMR, MMRV (MMR plus varicella) and measles vaccines in 2011 ­ including 4 deaths and 280 emergency room visits.  698 VAERS reports are almost six times more than the number of measles cases

[2011 Jan] Measles in the United Kingdom. The “Wakefield Factor” By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Measles and MMR jabs by Veronika Robinson

Measles by Dr Buchwald M.D.

Enough Rash statements on Measles!--Magda Taylor, Director of The Informed Parent, June 2006.

Does systematic Vaccination give health to people?------Anita Petek-Dimmer


Measles misinformation

Chickenpox & Measles by Dr Bieler

Measles by Viera Scheibner

Miller CL 1985 Deaths from measles in England and Wales, 1970-83’ (in the bibliography of the Department of Health handbook it omits ‘1970-83’ from the title), BMJ 1985;443-4,(1)


AUTISM by Dr Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock BSc.

[Media FEb 2000] Return of the measles parties

[Media] how measles may reduce asthma risk

Can measles prevent the development of atopic allergies?

Measles by John Tilden M.D.

Measles by Randall Neustaedter, O.M.D.
Measles, the real facts

Vaccinosis Dr.Richard Pitcairn Discusses Chronic Disease Caused by Vaccines

[1932 The British Medical Journal] INTENSIVE VITAMIN THERAPY IN MEASLES BY J. B. ELLISON, M.A.. M.D.. D.P.H.,

Minnesota reported measles deaths 1981-2000

Documentation on dangers of using Ibuprofne, tylenol, etc in illness

Setting the illnesses in context

"Finland 'eradicated' mumps measles and rubella by mass vaccination from 1982 with two doses of live virus vaccines. "the 99% decrease in these diseases was accompanied by an increasing rate of 'false positive clinical diagnoses'" - "In 655 vaccinated patients with clinically diagnosed disease, serologic studies confirmed presence of measles in only 0.8%, mumps in 2.0%, rubella in 1.2%." ...The question I would now ask is, Finland replaced measles, mumps and rubella with "approximately 655 cases" of WHAT?"---John P Heptonstall