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It is very likely, that the obvious improvements of her child's health was achieved by him finally developing whooping cough in its acute form --any parents report either a marked improvement or disappearance of 'asthma' after their vaccinated children developed acute whooping cough. Medical research demonstrated that having whooping cough prevents asthma. One must wonder how much of that 'asthma' is just a chronic whooping cough as a result of the vaccinated child's immune system being deranged by vaccination and not being able to mount a proper, acute, immune response."---Viera Scheibner

ARTHRITIS AND ASTHMA In 2006, I, Munawar (Moon) Merchant, was diagnosed with an advanced case of arthritis in my knee. During consultation, Mrs Ilsedora Laker, a practitioner of German New Medicine, explained the psycho-biological cause of the disease. Four weeks later the arthritis was gone and an xray taken three months later confirmed this diagnosis. In 2008, I had a recurrence of infancy asthma and was doomed to take cortisone pills and puffers for the rest of my life. However, the malady disappeared after one session with Mrs Laker, who helped me to understand the cause of this disease as well. Muhnwahr Merchant  Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D.

Now, children, there are 17 million children in America, probably more because the numbers rise every year, who have asthma, and the reason is, at the same time, children have been consuming more and more sodas. Three year olds to five year olds have been consuming three times as much soda in the last ten years than in the ten years before that. So these people are getting dehydrated, they are consuming more sodas, which doesn't function in the same way as water, and that is why they get asthma. Now, give these children water, and their asthma will disappear very quickly, in a matter of a few hours, completely the breathing becomes normal. The need for these inhalers will disappear.
       And when I contacted the NIH and explained all of this, the gentleman who was in charge of this said I was so ignorant on what was going on, and yet he wanted to protect his freedom, and so he ignored the information even though I had gone to Clinton, President Clinton to ask him to intervene, and give breath back to these children. But the NIH was adamant to use medication. He wrote me, actually, and said we are satisfied with the way asthma is being treated. So, this is the situation. Now 17 million children is America can recover in a matter of a few days if everyone in the country started talking to asthmatic people and saying water is what you should take. Can you imagine a solution so simple? The Water Cure: An interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj [see Water cure]

Total cost of asthma prescriptions England/Wales/Scotland (net ingredient cost) --£490million (1995-96)
Number of prescriptions dispensed 40,290,900

Cost accounts for just over 11% of the total cost of all NHS prescriptions in 1995 (Ref: National Asthma Campaign)

My family's story is long -- two grandsons with rare immune deficiencies who suffered for years with asthma, sinus and ear infections -- my husband has Alzheimers -- I have Type II diabetes --cumulatively, our family's list of health problems is 3 pages long!!! We live only 50 ft. from two high voltage powerlines -- one 69kv transmission line and one 230kv transmission line plus local powerline of about 8kv. We provided daycare for our sick grandsons. Over many years, I have measured EMF's (electromagnetic fields) from about 2.0 milligauss to as high as 8.0 milligauss in our front entry and masterbedroom.  When our grandsons were diagnosed with "hypogammaglobulinemia" -- a description which means "low immune" -- there is no name for their 'disease' AND we were asked if children had died in our family PLUS being informed they may develop Leukemia, Lymphoma, stomach or colon cancers, we stopped caring for them in our home. The boys were deficient in IgG subclasses 1 and 3.Are you and your children guinea pigs?

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