6 TBs in a circle (Healing Black lines )
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[Black lines can be turned 'positive' by placing a cloudbuster (CB) or a circle of 6 Towerbusters (TBs), on them.  Discovered by Laozu in Aug 2005, first by placing a CB on a line in the UK, and then trying the 6 TB arrangement in US with Ryan McGinty.]

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Discussion and first discovery
[Aug 2005]
Cloudbusters and healing black energy/ley lines

Pictures of 6 TB arrangement.  No need to use wood template. 

"When Kelly and I recreated it the optimal distance was about 12 inch or 30 cm diameter from the center of the TB's or about 9 inches apart inner edge as the photo shows. The chalk line is where the negative Qi was. Now it's positive. But once we removed the TB's it went back to negative. These are 3 oz TB's."--Ryan McGinty

  Small 15mm pipe CB placed on line.  About 2ft length pipes.