The Cloudbuster (CB)
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[The Cloudbuster (CB) is an invention of  Don & Carol Croft designed to deal with HAARP generated weather warfare (hurricanes and droughts), and Chemtrails.  It consists of 6 copper pipes (usually 28mm) in 2 gallons of orgonite.  Inside the pipes are quartz crystals (or Cesco coils).  Crystals can be charged in water between the pipes on top of the template, as well as pieces of orgonite, to enhance their effect.  A large ST crystal can be placed in the middle, see pics at bottom of page.]

"Cloudbusters eliminate Chemtrails. These Croft Orgone Creations throw enormous volumes of all kinds of high-frequency etheric energy into the area. For miles. Cloudbusters work."--- Cbswork - Late May, 2004

"According to their (energy sensitives and psychics) consistent observations a cloudbuster's range in the upper troposphere is several hundred kilometers; range at lower cloud level is around 20 miles and the range close to the ground is a hundred feet or so."--Don Croft (June 2010)

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Huge blue hole punched through an overcast sky of chemtrails

A cloudbuster pays for itself by suppressing lightning, violet weather and floods within a 20-40 mile radius.  I don't know of any other device or arrangement of devices that can do that but I hope someone will do the legwork to make that determination.  An orgonite cloudbuster's range in the stratosphere evidently extends to hundreds of miles in a sort of rotating cyclonic pattern, according to Carol, DB and others who see subtle energy. The field has a parabolic funnel shape, centered on the cloudbuster.  As the field pokes up through the lower cumulus clouds it often creates a hole that's a mile to five miles in diameter, just like these fellows were seeing after they planted the short pipes and orgonite.---Don Croft [EW Jan 2008] Invisible CBs And Their Inversions.--Laozu

[2014 Aug EW Forum] UFOs and Orgone Energy I think it's always useful to aim an orgonite cloudbuster at the moon if someone feels the urge. Carol determined in 2001, when we were doing it with our first CB, that 3' extentions to the pipes does the job. Soon after that we were in the Florida Keys, where we introduced orgonite to dolphins for the first time and we also stationed our extended CB to point at the permanent thunderhead over the underground base that used to be called Homestead Air Force Base, south of Miami. It took a couple of days to shrink and eliminate that thunerhead but a few weeks later, as we were leaving for our trip across the US, we were buzzed at treetop level by an air force flying saucer. I say 'air force' because it had halogen lights on the bottom.  I think we were supposed to be frightened but we were rather happy and excited.
    When Carol and I were the only two people doing this stuff we spent a  month aiming our extended CB at the moon each night.  She felt quite alarmed, then, because she perceived that a vast army of draconians had arrived in the moon and were using it as a staging base for an overt invasion of our planet.  I'm personally convinced that Hale-Bopp was their failed attempt to guide a planet-sized satellite to hit the earth in 1998. In the chats, the psychics have been seeing fewer and fewer draconians among the parasitic world order since 2004, when they feel that the corporate world order was bought out by Peking.  The main enemy in the etheric realm that they're seeing, these days, are Triads and the better-known sewer rat agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, MI6, Mossadomites, KGB-spinoffs) are just non-enthusiastic enforcers for Peking, now.

[EW June 25, 2007] Heaven and Earth ------The Balkans and Italy ---Laozu    Manfred, who writes in the German forum, wrote me about the beginning of May concerning a discovery he made. He made some TBs, placing them above a CB for the resin to cure. He found that these TBs had a special effect: positive qi swirls up above them similar to the way it comes up from a CB. He said he would send me some photographs  when he could. A week or so later I received the photographs, and from them it seemed that indeed he was correct. I repeated his experiment in my shop and found and obtained similar results. I made 12 TBs in a muffin tin and cured them by resting the muffin tin on top of the pipes of a CB (my first one, made 4 years ago). The five which were above the space encircled by the pipes were all special: the others were not.
     It then occurred to me that perhaps these special TBs could be used to charge water.  I placed one of them several inches under a wooden plate, poured two glasses of water, placing one to the side, and one on top of the wooden plate. After some hours I found that the water in the class over the TB was charged, as if it had been charged over a CB. The other on the side was not charged.


"The ONLY coils I use with my CBs are "little secret coils" a la Cesco. When making your first CB, if you don't have these, and you probably don't for they are hard to get and even harder to make, I recommend using no coils. As Spade says, SIMPLICITY is the word here. Many more CBs have been made worse by adding extras by beginners than have been made better.
    Resin or not in pipes? If you put no resin in the pipes, and insert the crystals at the bottom of the short pipes with a section of hose or something similar for filler, the crystals can be taken out later if they need or are desired to be changed.
    Putting resin in the the pipes around the crystals is not good, unless you can put shavings or BBs around the crystals.     If there is room for the metal, I usually do it this way, pouring metal and resin to the top of the crystal. I live in a cold climate, and this prevents the water from getting around the crystal and freezing in the winter. But this is just personal preference.
    DTs are best here, but if you cannot find DTs, STs will work. If you use STs however, make sure the negative end of the STs is down. This is the rough, non-terminated end of the ST.
    I haven't used glue Karen, but my instinct is not to use it. There are different kinds of glue, and the odds seem pretty high that there would be some ingredient in it that would weaken the working. Of course this is just a guess."---

I'd like to refresh some memories a bit about me and what happened to me when I made my 2nd Don Croft style cloud buster. I had made it a mom's place in Duxbury MA in the spring of 2002 and within ONE HOUR of me standing it up straight I had an unmarked, green military helicopter with at least 4 uniformed army jamokes in it circling my moms house at a maximum 500 feet off the ground. They circled the house, which sits in the center of the small town 3 times and each time they got to be above the house I heard the pilot screaming over the top of the rotor blades, LOOK DOWN THERE, IT IS DOWN THERE !  I only wish I had taken a photo of it.
It was very alarming to me, so instead of standing next to it and pointing back at them I went over to the neighbours yard to watch it all happen. They looked like they were about to descend on ropes right into the backyard that's how close to the ground they were. EricCarlsen1 (Jan 2009)


To improve CB place a large ST in the centre (a Cesco coil preferably if you have one).  Charge crystal first, then place in plastic bottle cut so it will sit below the 2 gallon mark.  Then charge it on CB.  the crystal is inside the orgonite, no tip showing.  In pics:

Frozen water from inside cloudbuster pipes.