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The people we judge and hate in life are in fact reflections of our disowned selves.--Dr Hal Stone.
Big fat lie: "Vaccines do not kill children."---Peter Bowditch (see: Death)

[A Quackwatch man (Australian pseudo-Skeptics). Abusive (see below).  He appeared on Australian TV debunking a UFO sighting, while fellow Skeptic Saunders spends time Debunking Dowsing, which suggests snake.]

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20 Vaccination lies of Peter Bowditch

Peter Bowditch-Running Scared

Are you brave enough to follow through, Peter Bowditch?

'Ratbag' Scoffs at Yurko Case Breakthrough

Comments on Bowditch:
Eric Hoffer said zealots go through an emotional process of renouncing their individuality, and finding identity in a violent cause. Hoffer wrote:  "The fanatic is perpetually incomplete and insecure. He cannot generate self-assurance out of his individual resources -- out of his rejected self -- but finds it only by clinging passionately to whatever support he happens to embrace. This passionate attachment is the essence of his blind devotion and religiosity, and he sees in it the source of all virtue and strength.... He easily sees himself as the supporter and defender of the holy cause to which he clings. And he is ready to sacrifice his life.''  See: Church of Allopathy

"Whence come these hatreds...? They are an expression of a desperate effort to suppress an awareness of our inadequacy, worthlessness, guilt and other shortcomings of the self. Self-contempt is here transmuted into hatred of others--and there is a most determined and persistent effort to mask this switch.....That hatred springs more from self-contempt than from a legitimate grievance is seen in the intimate connection between hatred and a guilty conscience.....Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. Thus people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find a new content not only by dedicating themselves to a holy cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance."----Eric Hoffer (thanks JG)

L-R; President Eran Segev, Philip Peters, Peter Rodgers, secretary John Sweatman, Dick Smith founder of Australian skeptics, Vice President Richard Saunders, Vice President Rachael Dunlop, Peter "Ratbag" Bowditch. 

Peter "Ratbag" Bowditch, John McCalpine, and Rachel McAlpine 

Typical Bowditch tirade against Alan Yurko, who was freed recently (2004), but that wont stop Bowditch abusing him:
Murderer Alan Yurko has now got someone claiming that the child he killed was really killed by the doctors who treated the child after he was admitted to hospital. The person doing the claiming is infamous for also believing that HIV has nothing to do with AIDS, so any claim to scientific credibility can be completely discounted. The interesting thing, though, is that Yurko is still the darling of the anti-vaccination liars despite now seemingly saying that it wasn't the vaccine that killed the child but heparin administered after Yurko pulped the baby's brain. The story is being promoted across the Internet using the title "Rat Poison Killed Yurko 'Shaken Baby'", with the suggestion that the boy's name was "Alan Yurko". Heparin is not rat poison, the baby's name was not Alan Yurko (his mother did not marry the killer until after his conviction for murdering his son), and what killed the child was a violent assault so the scare quotes around the words "shaken baby" are just another form of lying.

It is fascinating to watch the cognitive dissonance of the Yurko supporters as they try to rationalise the realisation that he and his accomplice wife have been stringing them on all along. One example of this is that I have been challenged to say how I like my "crow served - stewed, fried or baked" (someone else added that I will probably eat it with bullshit) now that Yurko has been vindicated. The person writing this didn't seem to notice that Yurko is now saying that the vaccine didn't do it. (The murderer's wife has been talking about medical negligence rather than vaccines for some time now, preparing the way for a lawsuit. For her, this is really only about money and getting the killer out of prison.)

Murderer Alan Yurko, darling of the anti-vaccination liars and hero to chiropractors, needs money for a legal appeal. A recent fund-raiser only collected $4,000 instead of the $200,000 needed, so Yurko has offered to sell a kidney. His organs should be in good shape as he has spent all except seven months of the last 12 years in prison for violent crimes.

A couple of kidneys, courtesy of Gray's AnatomyI believe it would be of more benefit to all concerned if Yurko sold both of his kidneys at once. As eBay won't list human organs, The Millenium Project is prepared to manage the auction. Please remember that you are bidding for two kidneys. If you only need one at the moment you can do whatever you like with the second one - keep it in your freezer in case you need another one some day, give it to a friend, donate it to a hospital, sell it on the spot market in Hong Kong, etc.

Please click here to record your bid and comments.

$1 - Cheap at half the price.
Peter Bowditch - April 14, 2002 01:48:46

To devout followers of the Church of Allopathy, any critic of a Holy Sacrament such as vaccination is thought mad, as the truth is too much to handle:

Ad hominem (obsession with lying, coincidently the basis of Allopathy Inc and vaccination history)
"I mentioned to Marcia that these people are mad. I saw Dr Kalokerinos on stage once and he is the most insane person I have ever seen outside a mental hospital. He stood there in front of a crowd of several hundred people and said that the WHO and the Save The Children Fund were engaged in a policy of deliberate genocide which would "put Hitler and Stalin in the shade". And we are supposed to take this arsehole seriously?" --Peter Bowditch

I read a post once that suggested that Ilena used to be a prostitute, and also liked to work with farm animals in videos. Was that post accurate, Ilena?

And people ask me why I think Viera Scheibner is mad?

Ah, yes, the lying sleazebag McCandless. Here's what she tells parents when she is trying to steal their money:

Pouring out. The bitch sees micrograms "pouring out". The only thing she sees pouring out is money from deceived parents of autistic kids.
And diarrhea from her own mouth, of course.

John, do you ever quote anyone who isn't disgusting?

You'd be an expert on self-abuse, John. What herb works best for the repetitive strain injury to your wrist?

Wakefield and his supporters just can't stop lying, can they?
I suppose it's consistent with lying about where study subjects came
from. lying about where money came from and went to, lying about the
results of pathology tests, lying about ...

Thank you for reminding me yet again that the horrible, disgusting
fraud Hulda Clark is no longer capable of stealing people's money.

Ding, dong the witch is dead.
Which old witch?
That Hulda bitch.
Great news, the lying bitch is dead.


I like to put two questions to anti-vaccination liars:

1) How many dead children in a pile does it take for you to have a
spontaneous orgasm?

2) When unloading the bodies of children from a truck into a mass
grave, do you prefer a pitchfork or do you just use your hands?

For some reason the child haters don't like these questions.

How's the prostitute business going Ilena? I read on the Internet (and
therefore can say with compete impunity and immunity - refer Barrett v
Rosenthal) that you were so bad at the hooking game that you couldn't
make a living in San Diego, one of the world's largest naval ports. I
also read that even when you tried to give it away for free to promote
your services the sailors still preferred to pay other tarts, possibly
because they were worried about your vaccination status.

>"The computer records from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program,
>obtained by Gannett News Service using the Freedom of Information Act as
>part of a four-month study of federal immunization policy, reveal:  Of 253
>infant death cases awarded more than $61 million by the U.S. Court of
>Federal Claims in the 1990s under the compensation program, 224, or 86
>percent, were attributed to vaccination with DTP, the diphtheria, tetanus
>and pertussis (whooping cough) shot. In these cases, mortality was
>originally attributed to SIDS in 90, or 40 percent, of them.     Of 771
>total claims filed by parents from 1990 through mid-1998, 660, or 86
>percent, contained assertions that DTP was the cause of death. And 43
>percent were classified by medical authorities at time of death as SIDS

Nothing there to do with the truth, just the words or a professional
child hater.
Peter Bowditch aa #2243

Well, let's talk about Wakefield's "character".

He lied about where he got his subjects from.

He lied about the money he received.

He lied again about the money he received.

He lied about his subjects being diagnosed with autism after receiving

He kept quiet about his patent on a vaccine, then did "research" which
could be seen to discredit a competitor.

He lied about who was paying him.

Now, Do you have an answer to the question "What about the kid whose
bowel was perforated during a test by Andy Wakefield"?

Did I mention that he lied in order to be able to do the test which
resulted in a perforated bowel?


Peter Bowditch aa #2243
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