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"We have not lost faith, but we have transferred it from God to the medical profession." ~ GB Shaw
'The germ is presented as the Devil. It is the source of fear, accorded its due by the priest, the doctor, who administers the injection.' ~  Jon Rappoport

[The Medical Authority Science (Religion) After the Church of Satan, this is the main (covert) Church (made up of God as money, god as the group, god as power, god as drugs, god as human deaths).  The lie of atheism is promoted by the Cartel though the media and State, to cut off our Higher Self connection (called soul murder carried to extreme. See: Alice Miller) so our inbuilt need to believe in God (as Maslow worked out), can be transferred onto covert pseudo-Gods (false idols) such as political parties, with the main one being Allopathy (disguised under terms such as "Modern", "Conventional," "Orthodox, and "Evidence based," Medicine) which becomes a secular religion and explains why some people have such problems giving up belief in vaccination, and modern medicine. 
    It would be very hard to find a spiritual person who is into Allopathy, which tells a story.  Anyone who has been vaccinated or has their children vaccinated is worshiping (covertly mostly) this false-God.  Most of the other false Gods are detailed in
"Simulations of God,  The Science of Belief " by Dr John Lilly.  Church zealots are identified by tags such as 'HealthFraud', 'Quackwatch', 'Skeptic', Church Non-believers and Heretics by tags such as Quack, Crank, Denialist, Altie, Loons, 'Conspiracy nut', 'Anti-vaccine', 'anti-science'.  This Church is very important to the Elite ("the medical power has become the government’s ally, as was the Catholic Church in the past"---Olivier Clerc) as they make most of their money through it and keeping us in fear is mind control basics.  Just one of the heads, The Cancer Industry, turns over $110 Billion every year in the USA alone.  And just like Don Juan's benefactor created a monster to keep him under his control, and the Catholic Church created Hell, so Allopathy (and its Master) uses Fear of Disease (and fear of quacks ) to sell drugs and prevent people from venturing outside the Allopathic wood.]

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The Devil’s Priests by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

[2015 Feb] The worship of vaccination in the Holy Temple by Jon Rappoport  The germ is presented as the Devil. It is the source of fear, accorded its due by the priest, the doctor, who administers the injection.

Modern Medicine: The New World Religion The Hidden Influence of Beliefs and Fears by Olivier Clerc

Modern Medicine is not a science By Dr. Vernon Coleman

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Modern Medicine: The New World Religion The Hidden Influence of Beliefs and Fears by Olivier Clerc

"What does a Catholic do when he decides that his priests are no good? Sometimes he directly challenges them, but very seldom. He just leaves the Church. And that’s my answer. Leave the Church of Modern Medicine. I see a lot of people doing that today. I see a lot of people going to chiropractors, for example, who wouldn’t have been caught dead in a chiropractor’s office a few years ago."-- Confessions of a Medical Heretic

"When science cannot be questioned, it is not science anymore: it is religion."--Tony Brown (source)

The great trouble with vaccination is that it vaccinates the mind.---Elbert Hubbard

“Vaccination is the medical sacrament corresponding to baptism.”----Samuel Butler

To teach the Rockefeller drug ideology, it is necessary to teach that Nature didn't know what she was doing when she made the human body.-------Hans Ruesch

"Despite the tendency of doctors to call modern medicine an 'inexact science', it is more accurate to say there is practically no science in modern medicine at all. Almost everything doctors do is based on a conjecture, a guess, a clinical impression, a whim, a hope, a wish, an opinion or a belief. In short, everything they do is based on anything but solid scientific evidence. Thus, medicine is not a science at all, but a belief system. Beliefs are held by every religion, including the Religion of Modern Medicine." Robert Mendelsohn MD Preface by Hans Ruesch to 1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection

"The machinery looks good, the technology seems nice, the stainless steel is shiny, everything smells like isopropyl alchohol; I mean they are the greatest salesmen in the world.  We're going to go look back at this century and we're going to laugh eventually, but we'll cry first.  This is one of the most barbaric periods.  It's going to be called the Dark Ages of Medicine."----Dr Shulze (The Sam Biser Herbal Video Collection p198)

"Clergy are kind of like medical doctors. Many folks who regularly visit MDs say, ‘My doctor is SOOO nice!’ but they’re obviously being murdered by expensive instalments, even so. In other words, charisma is more important to these fools than discernment.  Let’s face it, if these characters weren’t charismatic how could they get so much money and devotion from the incredulous Pyjama People who will probably always be the majority? Sure, it’s relative; the PJ man of today probably knows more and is more socially advanced and less prejudiced than the savvy man of ancient Rome. In other words, clergy mostly behave as any other kind of parasites do: they will delay the death of the host (in this case, the creative Core of the religion) for as long as possible because the host’s survival ensures the parasite’s vitality."---- Godhead by Don Croft

"I no longer believe in Modern Medicine. I believe that despite all the super technology and elite bedside manner….the greatest danger to your health is the doctor who practices Modern Medicine. I believe that Modern Medicine’s treatments for disease are seldom effective, and that they’re often more dangerous than the disease they’re designed to treat. I believe more than 90% of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth---doctors, hospitals, drugs and equipment---and the effect on our health would be immediate & beneficial……Modern Medicine can’t survive without our faith, because Modern Medicine is neither an art nor a science. It’s a religion."---Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD

This is an incredible admission. First, what is a vaccinologist? Do you go to school to learn to be one? How many years of residency training are required to be a vaccinologist? Are there board exams? It's a stupid term used to describe people who are obsessed with vaccines, not that they actually study the effects of the vaccines, as we shall see throughout this meeting. Most important is the admission by Dr. Johnson that he and his fellow "vaccinologist" are so blinded by their obsession with forcing vaccines on society that they never even considered that there might be factors involved that could greatly affect human health, the so-called "uncertainties." Further, that he and his fellow "vaccinologists" like to think in concrete terms-that is, they are very narrow in their thinking and wear blinders that prevent them from seeing the numerous problems occurring with large numbers of vaccinations in infants and children. Their goal in life is to vaccinate as many people as possible with an ever-growing number of vaccines. On page 17 his "concrete thinking" once again takes over. He refers to the Bethesda meeting on Thimerosal safety issues and says, "there was no evidence of a problem, only a theoretical concern that young infants' developing brains were being exposed to an organomercurial." Of course, as I shall point out later, it is a lot more than a "theoretical concern". He then continues by saying, "We agree that while there was no evidence of a problem the increasing number of vaccine injections given to infants was increasing the theoretical mercury exposure risk."
    It's hard to conceive of a true scientist not seeing the incredible irony of these statements. The medical literature is abound with studies on the deleterious effects of mercury on numerous enzymes, mitochondrial energy production, synaptic function, dendritic retraction, neurotubule dissolution and excitotoxicity, yet, he sees only a "theoretical risk" associated with an ever increasing addition of thimerosal-containing vaccines. It is also important to note that these geniuses never even saw a problem in the first place, it was pressure from outside scientists, parents of affected children and groups representing them that pointed out the problem. They were, in essence, reacting to pressure from outside the "vaccinologist club" and not discovering internally that a problem "might" exist.
    In fact, if these outside groups had not become involved these "vaccinologists" would have continued to add more and more mercury-containing vaccines to the list of required vaccines. Only when the problem became so obvious, that is of epidemic proportion (close to that now) and the legal profession became involved would they have even noticed there was a problem. This is a recurring theme in the government's regulatory agencies, as witnessed with fluoride, aspartame, MSG, dioxin and pesticides issues. [2004] THE TRUTH BEHIND THE VACCINE COVER-UP By Russell Blaylock, M.D.

 "Society today is paying a heavy price in disease and death for the monopoly granted the medical profession in the 1920’s. In fact, the situation peculiarly resembles that of the 1830s when physicians relied on bloodletting, mercurial medicines, and quinine, even though knowing them to be intrinsically harmful And precisely the same arguments were made in defense of these medicines as are employed today, namely, that the benefits outweigh the risks. In truth, the benefits accrue to the physician, while the patient runs the risks."—Harris Coulter (Divided Legacy Vol 3)

"For a pediatrician to attack what has become the "bread and butter" (vaccines) of pediatric practice is equivalent to a priest denying the infallibility of the pope.-------Dr Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

"I was at one time a great lover of the medical profession. . . . I no longer hold that opinion. . . . Doctors have almost unhinged us. . . . I regard the present system as black magic. . . . Hospitals are institutions for propagating sin. Men take less care of their bodies and immorality increases. . . . ignoring the soul, the profession puts men at its mercy and contributes to the diminution of human dignity and self control.. . . I have endeavoured to show that there is no real service of humanity in the profession, and that it is injurious to mankind. . . . I believe that a multiplicity of hospitals is not test of civilization. It is rather a symptom of decay."-----Mahatma Gandhi

"Medical politic is the art of sheer power.  There is no compromise: you go right for the jugular vein before your own is torn out.  There's no room for compromise because churches never compromise on canon medical politics there is a rigid authoritan power structure which can be moved only through winner-take-all power plays.  Historically, doctors who have dared to change things significantly have been ostracized and have had to sacrifice their careers in order to hold to their ideas.   Few doctors are willing to do either."--Dr Mendelsohn (Confessions p 129)

"Vaccines have become sacraments of our faith in biotechnology in the sense that 1) their efficacy and safety are widely seen as self-evident and needing no further proof; 2) they are given automatically to everyone, by force if necessary, but always in the name of the public good; and 3) they ritually initiate our loyal participation in the medical enterprise as a whole. They celebrate our right and power as a civilization to manipulate biological processes ad libitum and for profit, without undue concern for or even any explicit concept of the total health of the populations about to be subjected to them."---Richard Moskowitz M.D.

"The more you depend on forces outside of yourself, the more you are dominated by them." --Harold Sherman

"If you don't believe (HIV=AIDS), you're a heretic," he says. "So the best way to deal with the dissidents is to ignore them, silence them and wreck their careers."--Professor Charles Geshekter

"The STATE - influenced by the church of medicine - [FORCED] parents to call their exemptions "religious."  I know parents who would prefer that the *church of medicine* be officially identified as a religion so that schools could properly identify much of the church of medicine's "health science" as religion!"--Todd Gostaldo DC

"Awe-inspiring medical technology has combined with egalitarian rhetoric to create the dangerous delusion that contemporary medicine is highly effective. Although contemporary medicine is built on this erroneous assumption, it is contradicted by informed medical opinion."--Ivan Illich (Medical Nemesis)

"The study of the evolution of disease patterns provides evidence that during the last century doctors have affected epidemics no more profoundly than did priests during earlier times. Epidemics came and went, imprecated by both but touched by neither. They are not modified any more decisively by the rituals performed in medical clinics than by those customary at religious shrines."-----Ivan IllichLimits to Medicine, page 15

"Most patients probably assume that when a doctor proposes to use an established treatment to conquer a disease he will be using a treatment which has been tested, examined and proven. But this is not the case. The savage truth is that most medical research is organised, paid for, commissioned or subsidised by the drug industry (and the food, tobacco and alcohol industries). This type of research is designed, quite simply, to find evidence showing a new product is of commercial value. The companies which commission such research are not terribly bothered about evidence; what they are looking for are conclusions which will enable them to sell their product. Drug company sponsored research is done more to get good reviews than to find out the truth."----Dr Vernon Coleman

"Doctors go to great lengths to disguise the fact that they are practising a black art rather than a science. The medical profession has created a 'pseudoscience' of mammoth proportions and today's doctors rely on a vast variety of instruments and tests and pieces of equipment with which to explain and dignify their interventions. This, of course, is nothing new. The alchemists of the middle ages and the witch doctors of Africa realised that words and spells reeked of gods and sorcery and so they created a secret and impenetrable structure of herbs, songs, dance, rattling of special bones, chants and ceremonial incantations. Today's clinicians have much more sophisticated mumbo jumbo to offer. They have laser surgery and psychotherapy, CAT scanners and serum manganese assessments to substantiate their claims to be scientists. But however good the impenetrable pseudoscience may sound or seem to be, and however well based on scientific principles the equipments and the techniques is still little more than mumbo jumbo. Doctors may use scientific instruments but that doesn't make them scientists any more than a witch doctor would become a scientist if he wore a stethoscope and danced around a microscope!"----Dr Vernon Coleman

Medical students are further softened up by being maliciously fatigued. The way to weaken a person’s will in order to mould him to suit your purposes is to make him work hard, especially at night, and never give him a chance to recover. You teach the rat to race. The result is a person too weak to resist the most debilitating instrument medical school uses on its students: fear.
If I had to characterize doctors, I would say their major psychological attribute is fear. They have a drive to achieve security-plus that’s never satisfied because of all the fear that’s drummed into them in medical school: fear of failure, fear of missing a diagnosis, fear of malpractice, fear of remarks by their peers, fear that they’ll have to find honest work. There was a movie some time ago that opened with a marathon dance contest. After a certain length of time all the contestants were eliminated except one. Everybody had to fail except the winner. That’s what medical school has become. Since everybody can’t win, everybody suffers from a loss of self-esteem. Everybody comes out of medical school feeling bad.
    Doctors are given one reward for swallowing the fear pill so willingly and for sacrificing the healing instincts and human emotions that might help their practice: arrogance. To hide their fear, they’re taught to adopt the authoritarian attitude and demeanour of their professors.  Confessions of a Medical Heretic

"Doctors turn out to be dishonest, corrupt, unethical, sick, poorly educated, and downright stupid more often than the rest of society. When I meet a doctor, I generally figure I'm meeting a person who is narrow minded, prejudiced, and fairly incapable of reasoning and deliberation. Few of the doctors I meet prove my prediction wrong." Confessions of a Medical Heretic

"The admission tests and policies of medical schools virtually guarantee that the students who get in will make poor doctors. The quantitative tests, the Medical College Admission Test, and the reliance on grade point averages funnel through a certain type of personality who is unable and unwilling to communicate with people." "Medical school does its best to turn smart students stupid, honest students corrupt and healthy students sick. It isn't very hard to turn a smart student into a stupid one. First of all, the admissions people make sure the professors will get weak-willed, authority-abiding students to work on. Then they give them a curriculum that is absolutely meaningless as far as healing or health are concerned." Confessions of a Medical Heretic

"I don't advise anyone who has no symptoms to go to the doctor for a physical examination. For people with symptoms, it's not such a good idea, either. The entire diagnostic procedure -- from the moment you enter the office to the moment you leave clutching a prescription or a referral appointment -- is a seldom useful ritual." Confessions of a Medical Heretic


Book: Simulations of God,  The Science of Belief  by Dr John Lilly )

Clearly, ‘the Jewish Holocaust Story’ has become a religious movement, with popes, priests, apostles, prophets, institutions, rituals, ceremonies, myths, holy days of remembrance, dogmas, bans, persecutions, and inquisitions!-----Dr. Christian Lindtner 1