Distilled water Urine therapy

Andrew Norton Webber Interview by  Chrissy McMahon

Co-Creating God with Unlimited Power.

Uploaded to Youtube Oct. 16, 2011

Transcribed by Donny “Mosley” Daigle, Oct. 2012

C – Well good morning. We have 2 different kinds of music for today. This is Babcha’s Pearls. My name is Chrissy McMahon.  I’d like to welcome you to the radio show today. Today we have a special guest; Andrew Norton Webber. I met him in Vilcabamba last year in Oct. at the 2010 NewTopia gathering of Rainbow Warriors where Andrew graced us with his knowledge of distilled liquids & urine therapy. And before that I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Ut. (indecipherable mumbling) and he did a little presentation of “you’re in, your in, urine….” For life or something and he spelled it 3 different ways. And I was like “what is he talking about? Is he really gonna talk about urine? I’m like, OMG. That was so bizarre.” But I listened to what he had to say, and we even had a Miss America or Miss NY, uhh… err. I forget, but… we don’t want to give away too much info. Well anyway she gave us some secrets that really helped to validate the benefits of Ut that was external.  But…umm we’ll just give you that. Andrew’s gonna talk about his experience with distilled liquids and their effects on organic creatures, which was his original talk and then he wants ot also sharte  what he’s learned in conjunction to distilled liquids about the pineal gland and atral projesction. So without further adieu, I’d like to give everyone  ANW. Good Morning Andrew.

ANW- Good morning, Chrissy. Thanks for having me on.

CM -Thanks for being here.

ANW- Yeah. It's a beautiful morning here, I’m in South Carolina. It’s Sept. and got nice weather. I’d like to dedicate this talk to somebody we met at an art show in Chicago, Jody and her boyfriend, Devon. And unfortunately Devon wasn’t there so maybe this talk is more specifically dedicated to Devon.  She said that, well we told Jody everything we knew about distilled liquid and the pineal gland & UT and she just soaked it up like a sponge and is currently a full-steam-ahead warrior with it and is in the process of transmuting herself into her full light body through this process. And she was real concerned about her boyfriend, Devon, because he feels a lot of anxiety, and he feels it a lot. So I’d like to dedicate this to him, and I want to tell him that I’m proud of him because I think that if he didn’t feel anxiety in these crazy times, I think that you would be a zombie. And so I think that’s the right reaction. And hopefully this show will be part of the knowledge that he needs to get rid of the anxiety, and it would make sense to have anxiety ‘cuz everybody is completely uneducated as to the truths about themselves, and they have no weapons. And so if you’re in a middle of a hailstorm and don’t know what to do, you should be anxious. And so I think that’s the proper feeling. And so this is going to be dedicated to giving all of us the weaponry we need and the knowledge that we need to not only make it through this, but to be in command of these times and to change what’s going on. This should be complete empowerment. And I’m gonna give three basic knowledge sets, and that is: distilled liquids; the knowledge of the pineal gland; and prove to you that you are a ball of light. And if you have these three pieces of knowledge, you don’t need to talk to me or anyone else again. You can put them together, and each person on their own can completely become a co-creating god, and take off, and do anything they want with unlimited power.

      In short, you are a ball of light residing in your pineal gland, and distilled liquids are what un-freezes the pineal gland, which has been purposely been frozen by the society that we’re in. And most people can only feel the 5 senses. The pineal gland is the gateway, the stargate, the opening to all the other higher senses. And the chlorine 7 the fluoride, which are both halides, in the drinking water go directly to the pineal gland and freeze it, turn it into a stone, calcify it. And unless you’re a very rare person who was lucky to live on… to grow up on very clean water, away from city water and didn’t even get… you ate real healthy your whole life, lots of raw fruits & vegetables - unless you’re one of those people, I guarantee everybody out there in America if they go to their doctor and say “I’ve got some headaches” or just go to a doctor and say “I just want an X-ray of my head, or an MRI”. You know, tell them you’re feeling headaches or something, or that you think you got a tumor in the middle of your head. In that X-ray it should be clear grey all the way through. You’re not supposed to have any bones in the middle of your head. But there will be a white rock right in the middle of the photograph. And that is the pineal gland. When they do autopsies on people in fluoridated societies, they find fluoride at about 5 to 10 part per million through most of the body. But when they get to the pineal gland during the autopsy, it’s at 22,000 ppm. It goes there like a magnet. And the pineal gland has the highest blood flow per cubic volume of any other gland in the body. And so you can almost visualize, whatever you eat or drink or consume, realize that it’s almost immediately gonna rush right over your pineal gland. So that would give you more impetus to think differently about what you put down your alimentary tube. And it goes there so much so that it shuts it down, literally turns it into a rock. And so if anyone’s wondering why there’s this crazy epidemic of 5-year-olds that need Ritalin, or can’t think straight, or have bipolar disorder, or anxiety, or depression, well… having a rock in the very, very centre of your head, at your most important, most important, most precious gland for thinking, that would be the obvious very first place you’d want to look for problems. And the beauty of distilled water is that it melts that. Most people aren’t aware that there is a massive conspiracy to hide the knowledge of distilled water. When I try to tell people about it, I have to warn them about what they’re gonna run up against. Because it you Google distilled water, right on the first page, I think it’s about the 3rd hit down, there’s an article that says, it’s titled, “Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water”.

CM - Oh wow.

ANW – And in that article it gives you the impression that it will, say, leech all the calcium out of your bones and you’ll literally crumple to the floor. Or it will leech all the potassium out of your system, and you’ll have a heart attack. And which is completely not true. And I can prove it to you. And the other thing where people get it. say you ask most doctors, “should I drink distilled water?” They go, “No, no, no, no. It’ll leech minerals from the body.” And where they’re largely getting that from, along with that other article, is from the W.H.O. -the World Health Organization- the supposed pinnacle of collected science health knowledge. They have an article, I think it might’ve come out in the 70s, I’m not quite sure, but it’s titled, “De-Mineralized Water”. And so you can Google that, too. And in that article you’ll find a line akin to, “do not drink distilled water, because it’ll leech minerals from the body.” And a few sentences later it says something else like, “and by the way, you should add fluoride to your water”. So if you understand how poisonous fluoride is, that kind of helps tip you off as to where that article is coming from.

CM – Absolutely.

ANW – The W.H.O. is part of the U.N. And the U.N. has a stated goal of reducing the world’s population. They have a de-population program. So if you want to participate in the U.N.’s de-population program, by all means, stay away from distilled water.

      Now, this is an on-purpose half-truth. Yes, it does leech minerals from the body, but this supposed scientific body left out the know scientific fact that there’s 2 major mineral body groups: organic & in-organic. And the truth and the beauty of distilled water is that it only leeches one of those types of mineral bodies, and it just so happens to be the mineral body group that you don’t want at all, and your body cannot use, cannot assimilate into your body. And that is the in-organic version. You are an organic creature, and you only use organic minerals. There is zero position and zero use for in-organic matter, minerals in your body. And it’s very simple to understand, and it’s very provable, and so they kind of put their foot in their mouths by trying to say this. It’s physically, electrically, scientifically, magnetically impossible for distilled water to leech organic minerals from the body. It comes down to the charge. Organic minerals have a negative charge to them. And all in-organic matter has a positive charge to it. And distilled water is nothing but a giant bath of negatively charged water molecules. And we all know that opposites attract. And so magnetically, distilled water is attracted to in-organic matter. And it rips it out of your body. And it dissolves it, molecule by molecule, it just keeps ripping it apart. And all it does to you, is… it slides… it… distilled water … just makes your cells so happy because it’s pure, and it’s nothing but hydrogen & oxygen.

And if you’re an organic creature, it just brings you to full fruition, and enlivens you, and removes every single particle of dirt in your body if you drink it long enough, and you drink enough of it. “Distilled Water”, the kind of understanding of it is in the name. It’s been, “dis-stilled”. It’s water that used to be “still”. And the more junk that water has in it, the slower it becomes, the slower-moving.

And so, distilled water as I saw in one dictionary, is water that has been separated bit by bit, and re-assembled bit by bit. And in that process, it drops all of its garbage. And then it’s all of these perfectly round water molecules. And they just… you can imagine a house of balls at an amusement park that children like to jump into. And you see how the balls just move out of the way effortlessly, and children just love to dive & play in it. Well, if that were distilled water molecules, let’s try to make them dirtier by adding particles. Imagine if you keep sticking more & more little objects to the balls. You can see that friction builds up and they don’t move quite as well. And if you take it so far even as to the opposite to make them instead of perfect spheres, make them so full of junk that they’re all perfect squares, cubes… now you imagine jumping into it. There’s not gonna be much motion at all. In fact, it’s gonna hurt. And it’s gonna be very, very slow-moving house of squares. And not very fun to swim around in.

Well that’s analogous to what distilled water looks like at the molecular level; it’s perfect spheres with no objects attached to them, and there’s no friction. And when you first have distilled water, you will notice this. You will notice how it just seems to fall down your throat, almost taking itself down your throat, it falls down like air. And you’ve probably seen a lot of times in your life when you’re really thirsty and you wanna chug some water, but it just doesn’t seem to go down fast enough. Well that’s literally because it’s full of invisible rocks and sand. And distilled water has none of that. So it just falls down your throat.

And so… these… it’s considered… Dr. Handley (spelling?) had a paper called, “Distilled Water and its Effects on Aging”. And you can Google that article, it’s a nice little article, it’s beautiful. And in that, he shows how that… he calls it the fastest, the most molecularly unstable water that there is. And it’s just because it’s like, y’know, literally just rolling and rolling and rolling. It’s moving constantly. It’s got no friction. It’s just willing to move anywhere. And so, that also is part of the action of how, when it goes into the body, to seek and destroy in-organic mineral deposits, it’s just constantly moving on the stuff, eating away at it like a… like a… swarm of bees… or a swarm of ants. It just keeps going and going.

And the calcified pineal gland… fluoride & chlorine are both in-organic minerals. And so that’s an in-organic mineral deposit in that X-ray of your head. And distilled water will, over time, dissolve that. And your pineal gland is supposed to be a functioning, juicy little gland – not a white rock. So it will free that up, and then you will gain access to all the almost-mythical properties associated with the pineal gland. In the esoteric and occult realm, it’s known as the Third Eye. Most people think that is a metaphoric or poetic term. But it is actually first and foremost an anatomical term. David Wilcock has a phenomenal video called, “An Explanation of the Pineal Gland”. http://youtu.be/xv3meyhk5XQ  And he really helped me to understand the inside of it. And I’ll get to that in a minute.

I want to give a few more proofs about distilled water. The most basic thing to look to is - you can trust the living truth of nature. M-kay. And here’s how nature feels about distilled water. It is the only type of water –when Mother Nature wants to create new water- she only uses the process of distillation. She doesn’t use reverse-osmosis. She doesn’t use UV filtration, or ozonation, or alkalizing machines, or very expensive… y’know… just all these different contraptions people are coming back to. I found in my research that the heaviest, heavy-duty truths are usually right in our face. And they’re usually incredibly simple. And here it is again with this one.

Distilled waters are all precipitation: rain, mist snow, dew, & fog. All live fruit & vegetable juices are distilled. And all blood & urine are distilled liquids. And it’s the only reason you’re still standing. The only reason you’re alive is because distilled water is flowing through your body. But yet, the W.H.O. says “do not drink it ‘cause it’ll kill you”. It’s just ridiculous! And it’s so easily provable once you just know these simple facts about it. Now, the other source of distilled water is when you have a machine that you make it with. And that is basically, an artificial… it’s a rainstorm machine. It’s a rainstorm in a machine, and the by-product of any rainstorm is rain. And so, a distiller creates distilled water.

Now the only difference with it is it uses the method of boiling, whereas Mother Nature uses evaporation for all the precipitation, which is a much lower temperature process. The one problem with the machine is – through boiling it to get it to evaporate, volatile organic compounds can be - which is what a lot of the nasty chemicals in city tap water are, and even radon is one of those – those things have a lower… (V.O.C.s – volatile organic compounds) they have a lower boiling point, or the same boiling point as water. And so they actually make it through the distillation process when you’re using the machine. And what you need to do with that is, you need to pre-carbon filter it – or carbon pre-filter it. Because carbon catches the VOCs. You may have water that doesn’t have – if you have well water, if that’s what you’re starting with that’s even better, because it may not have VOCs in it. And the way you can test it is, to distill a batch, and after you distill it, if it tastes like… if it tastes like the worst water that you’ve ever had, like… plasticky terrible, that means you’re drinking distilled water with nothing but VOCs in it. And that means your particular water had that in it. That is proof that you need to carbon pre-filter it. And that’s the only additional step you need to take.

Distillers, by the way, are much… it’s probably one of the simplest home-water machine devices you can have vs. reverse osmosis, where if you don’t change the filters really often, they get… the back side of them, the exit side of them gets covered with bacteria. And so, you’re just… the process... is a waste of time. And those filters are very expensive. Distillation is very simple. The machine, just maybe once a month you need to clean it out, you need to empty it out, and give it a… de-scale it. But it’s very simple. And the carbon pre-filters, y’know, you can use Brita pitchers, or the carbon filters on refrigerator doors, that’ll do it. Or you can put those things that attach to your faucet. So it’s not that much of an extra step, but it’s simple. So Mother Nature uses a low evapora – low-temperature evaporation process, and that’s why her distillation never needs to be carbon pre-filtered, because the VOCs don’t make it through that process. Another simple fact you can use is – you can ask any mechanic, “what should I do with my battery when it gets weak?” And when your battery is not turning your car engine over, and it’s going rrr… rrr… it’s in a very acidic state. It’s wasted. And he’ll tell you if you have a battery where you can still take the caps off, to take the caps off, and pour in – specifically – distilled water. Because it’s a negatively charged body of water. And when you’re in an acidic state that’s positive. And so you pour in the negative water, and it turns the battery back from acidic-positive to alkaline-negative. And all of a sudden, brrrrooommm… it starts the engine. No problem. It has power. Well, that’s exactly what you are. You’re an electrical engine, and it will do the same thing to you. It’ll make you alkaline.

And on that note, I need to give you the other bull-pucky argument that they use to scare people away from distilled water. I’ve already given you the one, they try to confuse you about the minerals, they imply that it leeches all minerals. And it’s absolutely not true. It only leeches the in-organic ones. The other argument they use is they say, “Don’t drink because it’s acidic. And it’ll make you acidic.” Completely not true. And what we can look towards there is lemons. Everybody knows that lemon juice is very acidic, but it has an alkalizing effect on the body. And that’s how you truly gauge whether or not something is alkalinizing or acidifying. And they try to say that distilled water is acidic and it’ll make you acidic. Well, this is again an on-purpose half-truth. Yes, it is acidic. On the pH scale where 7.0 is a neutral, distilled water generally comes in at about a 6.0 to a 6.2. And that is slightly acidic. But that’s got nothing to do with its effect on the body. Its effect on the body is alkalinizing. And not only alkalinizing, but perfection of alkalinizing. It puts you… I think the body is supposed to be at 6.4 or something like that. But that’s what… that’s the reason Mother Nature gives it to you. And it makes your body in a perfect alkaline state. And people buying these $4,000 expensive machines that add drops back into the water, they’re putting their water back up to about an 8.5 alkalinity. It’s just ridiculous. You don’t need to go through these crazy steps, or have crazy machines to do that. What are you gonna do when the power goes out? You aren’t gonna be using your machine anymore. And, of course, we’ll get into urine therapy, and so that we know that when we get into times of disaster, you don’t need electricity. You have your body as a water-distiller, itself. And plus you have all fruit & vegetable juices as water sources, and rain. Although I’m not so sure with today’s chemtrailed skies about the rain source anymore. But I don’t think that’s gonna last very long. So at some point, rain is gonna be another free, electrically-free, you don’t need machines to get it, source of distilled water.

CM – Well, I think that’s a great beginning. We’re already over the half-hour mark. So, if you could explain distilled liquids and their importance, and how they’ve been repudiated through the political machine. And how you’ve de-bunked everything that they’ve said. So… you haven’t really touched too much on urine therapy. So, if you want to just refresh, people can go to our first interview, or my Youtube interview of you. But if you want you could just briefly talk about how we’re born in distilled liquid and go through the channel. Okay, go ahead.

ANW – Okay. And I’ll just throw in here that I own the website: www.aquariusthewaterbearer.com. And I don’t believe there’s anything in it yet, but this is where all knowledge that I’ve collected is gonna be available. And it’s currently being worked on by a very awesome person who lives in Ecuador. And I put together a list of 24 doctors who had the courage to stand up and tell the truth about distilled water. And that will be on there, so you can read that, and so you don’t even have to listen to me. You’ll see that there are doctors who are basically… you can read all their quotes together and you will have just as complete an understanding of distilled water as I do.  I’m gonna put… all the urine therapy knowledge is gonna be on Aquariusthewaterbearer, the knowledge about how to unfreeze the pineal and so on. That’s gonna be where all the collected water knowledge is gonna be. And I just wanna say that the importance of that and why it’s poetically beautiful to me is that this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, and it very much looks like Aquarius is here now, bringing back the true knowledge of water. And people who study horoscopes, and study Aquarius, not even studying the physical attributes of water, the main way that they’ll sum up that Aquarius attribute is that he’ll bring psychic awareness, and psychic communication. And that beautifully is exactly in sync with what I’m talking about, that water, pure water, distilled water un-freezes the pineal gland, which is the pure source for all of your psychic awareness. And so it’s just perfect. And I’m glad that Aquarius is here now. And I’m very grateful that we all have this knowledge now, because it is the tool that we need to reach the next plateau. I’m aware right now that I’m very dumb, and there is a whole massive other level of knowledge that is just out there and it’s infinite. Distilled water gets us all up to that platform where we can start to access the knowledge. It’ll get you to the actual, universal internet. The etheric internet. M-kay?

CM – M-hmm. Yeah.

ANW - And so now let’s come back to urine therapy. And the beauty of that, is that your kidneys are water distillers. And most people’s first reaction to urine therapy is one of disgust, because they’re used to their urine being so smelly, and terrible, and wouldn’t even fathom drinking it. And that’s because of your cooked-food diet. Cooked food… we are the only animals that eat dead food. And vultures and… y’know, jackals… they at least are eating putrefied flesh. There is not one other creature on this planet that completely annihilates their food with heat and flames before they eat it. And so you’re eating totally dead garbage. I don’t care if it’s beautiful, and it’s tasty, and it’s steak & lobster. And even vegetarians. They spend tons of money on beautiful organic fruits & vegetables. And then they cook it. It doesn’t matter, you just turned all of the organic matter in that food – and I don’t mean organic as whether or not it was raised with pesticides – I mean organic in that it’s living, and it’s alive, and that it’s the form of minerals you can use.

Well, when you apply heat, you flip the electrical charge. That’s the whole purpose of the raw food movement, is to stop people from turning their organic-mineral-based food into inorganic-mineral-based food. And so, it rots like garbage inside you, and smells permeate – your urine comes out disgusting. K? Now the beauty of this is you can change that really quickly if you switch to live food. That’s probably the highest diet. The diet in the Garden of Eden, or Paradise, is fruit & rainwater. Or, fruit & distilled water. And your urine is the highest distilled water source possible… anywhere. It even blows away rainwater because, scientifically it is known that in all… I have 20 urine therapy books from around the planet, and even in the ones that are purely scientific-based, in all of them there is always a line, and akin to, and it is a known scientific fact, that urine is MORE sterile than distilled water. And that’s just one time through.

Even if you’ve been eating steak & lobster your whole life, and you pee out and it’s disgusting and smelly, even in that moment, it’s more sterile than distilled water. And that’s why I say: that’s the only reason you’re still standing. That’s what your kidneys do is constantly distil the water, so that it can run through you and keep you clean, and keep you alive. So in urine therapy people start drinking their urine, and they start looping it. And so if you can see that just one time through it’s more sterile, try to fathom if you’ve looped it ten times, or a hundred times, or a thousand times, and then ten years in a row. That water is going to become… you just can’t even imagine.

If you for the first time go and try some store-bought distilled water, or you even make your own, and you’re like, “Oh my gosh! That is so smooth! I didn’t know water could be so smooth.”  Your body has the ability to make water that will blow that water away. And I’ve experienced this, myself. And so for anybody out there, you can just start drinking a gallon a day of store-bought distilled water, and possibly even within that day, you’ll start urinating clear. You know that when you drink a lot of beer, you start peeing clear. Well, that would, again, be a good way to jump on the clear-water wagon. And the first thing that the body does is clean out the blood system, because that’s the highway for removing garbage. It can’t remove the garbage if the highway is full of pot-holes and junk and dirt everywhere. And so the very first thing it does is clean out the blood highway, and that is what your urine is part of, and so it is the first thing to become clear and clean.

And so even if you’re hugely obese 300, 400 pounds, the first thing that you can make happen is have your blood system become completely clean, and then you can actually hop on the urine loop, and start accessing free distilled water that is of a distillation level that is unparalleled. Now the proof that you’ve already drank it, you wanna talk about how we’re born, and how we come into this world… we all drank our urine for 9 months straight, in the womb. Amniotic fluid is urine. For the first 3 months it’s mainly your mom’s pee. And for the remaining 6 months it’s mainly yours. There’s no umbilical cord attached to your genitals. The umbilical cord is attached to your intestines. And that should be another proof to people that urine is not a waste product, waste goes through your intestines. That’s what that excretory channel is for. If urine were a waste product, how is it possible that from day one, just about, the human fetus, the zygote, the embryo, is floating in urine? Urine is actually the ultimate, perfect, water, liquid. It’s what we grow in. And we would not have grown without it. And when you’re in the womb, if you remember, you breathe like a fish. You actually are continually sucking your own urine down your mouth. And that is more proof that it’s not a waste product. Because, y’know, otherwise, you’d just be getting dirtier & dirtier & dirtier. And it would be a cesspool in there. But it’s not. You are actually peeing out the water that is the water that breaks at birth. And you are actually peeing out the water that you become. That water is what physically forms your body. Urine is also known as living liquid tissue. And in urine therapy, say you have a problem with your eyes, you put urine drops in your eyes, and that becomes your eyes. If you have a cut on your skin, you put urine on that cut, and that urine becomes your skin. And that is, y’know… babies come out, they smell sweet, and they have beautiful, fluffy, plumpy skin because they’ve been floating in urine. And you mentioned the super-model, and that’s one of their biggest secrets, is that they put fresh urine on their face at night. They let it air-dry. And they go to bed and they leave it on all night. The urea in urine allows each individual skin cell to hold its maximum amount of water. And so it creates beautiful, plump skin. And urine will erase wrinkles. Wrinkles are just lines of decrepit skin cells that are hardly holding any water. And so they all contract and become all, y’know… crippled, so to speak. But you start giving them urine, which has got urea in it, and that enables them to hold their maximum amount of water at the same time that you’re offering them the most awesome water in the universe. And so they quickly fill up with this beautiful water and wrinkles disappear. Literally. I don’t care if you’re 50, 60, 70, 80 years old.

There’s umm… I’m gonna de-bunk alchemy right here, too, because it helps to stay with the babies that prove this. The alchemists and their whole, y’know… the main thing when you hear about alchemy is, your picture is, you think of people in dungeons, or up in their attics, or bell-towers… with a  wizard’s cap on, into the late of the night reading books by candles for decades at a time, trying to figure out this ultimate secret of how to turn lead into gold. And one of the alchemists’ most prominent symbols from way, way back is the ouroborus.  Is it oroborous or oroborus? Do ya know?

CM – Oroborus!

ANW – Okay. And that is the symbol of the snake eating its tail. Well, that’s exactly what the baby is. And we’ve all been the orobourus for nine months straight. And that’s what you become again when you start practicing urine therapy, and start looping your urine. You are the snake eating its tail. You are consuming yourself. And it is the ultimate power cycle. And that is how the baby grows, by consuming itself, and it’s the water that does it. The… what that symbol of, the snake eating its tail, is… it is showing you that the human body is a perpetual motion machine. Or has the ability to be it.

Or, a free energy device. The basic tenet of any perpetual motion machine is that it performs an action which creates energy, and the action that it took to create that energy required less energy than it took to perform that… oh wait… (giggle)… it takes less energy to perform the action, than the amount of energy that the action creates. And that is exactly what you are. And the action that you have to take to get that energy, is you have to lift the cup to your mouth. You have to pee into a glass, and you have to lift it to your mouth. Now, if everybody understands that distilled water, which is what urine is, is nothing but hydrogen and oxygen, or mainly that when it’s urine. We know that hydrogen and oxygen are rocket fuels. And football players, when they’re out of energy, and they’re breathing crazy-hard, they huff oxygen, because it gives them energy. And oxygen is… you’re pretty much 60% oxygen. You are… yes, you are 80-85% water… well water is largely 2/3 oxygen.  I know it’s H2O, but the hydrogen molecule is very small. The oxygen molecule is huge. You are actually… the number-one element that you are, is oxygen. And so when you drink that glass of urine, it’s a huge body of oxygen, plus hydrogen, and those are both fuels. And so you can probably pretty easily, with even common logic, understand that the action of lifting the cup to the mouth requires less energy than the amount of energy that is in that cup. And so right then and there in just one movement, you have absorbed more energy than you’ve spent, in one action. And, speaking of that cup, this also debunks the whole search for the Holy Grail. Nobody needs to search for that thing anymore because they’re everywhere. There’s no such thing as Theee Holy Grail. The properties and why everyone wanted to search… Monty Python was looking for the Holy Grail… the properties associated from drinking from the Holy Grail are long life and full health. Well, those are exactly the benefits of drinking urine. And the joke about the search for the lost Holy Grail is that it’s not the cup that’s important. It’s what’s in the cup. And so any drinking vessel can become a Holy Grail. It’s what you use to complete the circuit with.

CM – Okay, I just want to interject because I got the “Source Field Investigations”, by David Wilcock, and I was trying to see if he had anything in there about distilled liquids. And I couldn’t find anything. But one of the things that he does say in the, “Enigma”, video, I believe, maybe not… But it’s in the book that he prefaces that the Holy Grail is the pineal gland, because it holds the Elixir of Life, which is the liquid that’s in the pineal gland that makes it work. So when you get into that, you can talk about that a little bit. But I heartily agree that any vessel that you put distilled liquids into, mostly urine therapy, or urine, is the Holy Grail. Yeah, I agree.

ANW – Now why it becomes holy, it’s actually kind of a funny… a very basic… utilitarian thing. OK? Let’s say disaster strikes and we all have to flee for the woods.  And we’re used to getting our water from machines and out of the pipes and it’s all convenient. Okay? So if you’re out in the woods, and you want to start looping your own urine… what if you don’t have a cup?

 [transcriber’s note: Cup is spelled – C. U. P. - ha!]

CM – Yeah. What if you don’t have a cup!?

ANW – Right! This is the beauty of having any vessel. That is the whole trick of it. Now, it’s one thing for men, and I’ve seen videos of monkeys doing this, they can kind of put themselves upside-down and pee into their mouths. Straight into it. M-kay? But it’s also kind of hard to swallow when you’re upside-down. Monkeys have huge mouths, and there’s this one… if you Google, “animals drinking urine”, there’s this funny video… you hear this little boy going, “ewww”. But he’s at a zoo watching it, and this monkey is literally just… y’know, he doesn’t care if anyone’s watching… he’s peeing! http://youtu.be/9IZE-4ZjPVI He’s got a huge ole mouth, peeing right into it, big ole pool of water, and then he rolls right-side-up and swallows it. And I’ve also seen videos of female monkeys or gorillas, and they squat, and they will pee into their hand, and repeatedly bring their hand up to their mouth, drink it, stick their hand back down, over and over and over again. Now that’s kind of a wasteful process, because your hand doesn’t hold water very well. So it’s even harder for females to complete the loop. And so this just shows the real basic thing… even if it’s a leaf, or a piece of curved bark, or if you find a rock and you bash it out and create a divot which you can pee into… that’s what makes the purpose of a cup so important when you are not in society with manufactured objects everywhere.

CM – Mmmm.

ANW - Okay now back to alchemy, and turning lead into gold. Ok, so we’ve got… what I’m gonna state is that, this alchemy is where the knowledge of urine therapy has been hidden for the past… thousand, twelve thousand, six thousand years… I don’t know how long. That has been the main purpose of alchemy, that’s where it’s been hidden. And one of the pieces of proof of that is… until John Armstrong wrote his book on urine therapy called, “The Water of Life”, I think it first came out in the 50s, there were almost no books available on… that were saying… y’know, that were subjects of urine therapy. If you knew that alchemy was actually the secret of urine therapy, you could look at that. But almost nobody knows that. And so when John Armstrong wrote his book, even though there’s this massive urine therapy document, ancient 6,000 year old document in India called, “The Shivambu Culpa”… even the Prime Minister of India, back in the 70s or 80s, I think it was the late 70s… Mooraji Bassai (spelling?)… he didn’t even know about urine therapy until somebody handed him a copy of Armstrong’s book, “The Water of Life”. And he read it and went right to it and started publicly promoting urine. He told his people that he drinks a cup a day. And he actually tried to promote it publicly with his people. And it was only then that it came out that the highest yogis had this secret document called, “The Shivambu Culpa”. And it was 107 verses specifically devoted to giving you instructions of how to drink your urine.  And it was only then again after that, that it was discovered that there was an Egyptian… it’s called, “The Water of Life Papyrus”. It’s also roughly 6,000 years old. And it’s… again it’s a document giving specific instructions about drinking urine. But nobody knew about those until Armstrong put out his book. And, y’know, I’ve got 20 books on urine therapy, but that’s because those have all come out since Armstrong wrote his book. And, y’know, the knowledge has just come out and out and out. The Shivambu Culpa document, the Indian Sanskrit, and the Egyptian Water of Life Papyrus, those are also gonna be at aquariusthewaterbearer.com. So people can see those there. The book, currently the book that the Shivambu Culpa document is in is called, “The Golden Fountain”, by Cullen Van Der Shrooms (spelling?) out of Holland. He wrote that book, and that’s where I first saw it.

CM – Okay, so, do you wanna talk a little bit about the Aquarian book, by Anonymous? Would that fit in here or…?

ANW – I was just gonna go there. Thank you. Okay. Just came out in May of this year, there’s a book coming out called, “The Book of Aquarius”, by Anonymous. And I would like to publicly help everybody to know that this book is a joke. It’s meant to… this is a classic 80/20 bait & switch. This book is designed to steer you off course. And it is supposedly the guy, Anonymous, starts out by saying, “I’m gonna reveal the secrets of alchemy. And this is for the first time being revealed in 12,000 years.” And he’s… the whole… the main thing the alchemists are always after is how to turn lead into gold. And he purports to show you how, and he reveals that urine is the secret ingredient that you need to turn lead into gold. And one of the first things that tipped me off was, he was bragging about how that he of all people was one of the only ones that had the knowledge to put this all together. And so that’s kind of juvenile. If you’re so smart, why would you even need to say that?

But then it quickly dawned on me as I read it, he’s giving instructions on how to use urine. He wants you to get some scientific apparatuses, and you need to have a cupboard dedicated to this. He’s literally going about revealing of how you use urine to physically create the Philosopher’s Stone - this white powder that will turn actual lead into actual gold. And that’s purportedly what he’s telling you. And this is a ruse. This is… the 80/20 is the… they give you 80% truth, but they give you 20% lies. And they do this all the time to try to steer people who are on the path towards discovering truth, to steer you off course. And it literally steers you 3 feet off course. And I mean by 3 feet, is he wants you to focus on creating a stone that you can hold in your hand that will give you power. When the joke of it is, is it is really, if you know how to read these alchemical texts, they’re talking about urine, and the process of looping it inside the body. And what we’re talking about, about drinking it, and… people who can see auras, when you have that bone in the… when you have that calcified third eye, in your aura field there is a grey dot right on your third eye spot on your forehead. About the color of lead. M-kay? When you start drinking urine, which is distilled water, and it melts in-organic mineral deposits, and it melts that stone in the middle of your head, and… when your pineal gland opens up fully, the grey dot in the auric field disappears, and a golden glow surrounds your head. This is turning lead into gold! This is the actual meaning of alchemy, of turning lead into gold. It is not at all about being able to magically turn the metal lead into metal gold.

And, conveniently, Aquarius… I’m sorry, I mean, not Aquarius… Anonymous puts this book out called, “The Book of Aquarius”, and in it he says, “It’ll take you about 3 years to do this. Or if you get it just -just right the first time, that you can achieve the Philosopher’s Stone in 18 months”. And he’s talking about an external object. He’s giving you these bullshit arguments… sorry, my language… that you take your urine, and you have a heating plate, and you keep putting urine in there, and you let it evaporate. And you put it again. And you let it evaporate. And you gotta have the temperature just right. And over time, slowly this powder will form. And he’s saying, “If you do it just right, you can’t mess up, it’ll turn from one color to the next, to red, to black, to white, on and on and on. And eventually, if you do it just right, you’ll get this powder, and then, and then you’ll have all these magical powers! Everything you’ve ever read about alchemy, that you can do all these beautiful things. And St. Germaine was able to transport anywhere, and they always say that, y’know, creating gold is the lowest thing on the totem pole that you can do with the Philosopher’s Stone. That’s the least of the things…. You can travel instantly. You can do anything that you want. And, but, you’re powerless until you get it.” And so you see that’s the joke right there. They, again, they don’t want you to think that YOU have the power! And that’s the truth is that we are born with all the powers that we need. We have all the tools. Everything is contained within us. But yet, Anonymous wants to steer you off course, and that you’re powerless until you create this external object. Okay? Well, let’s put up a scenario that kind of blows this away. Alright, let’s say it is an external object. Let’s say you have to make this external stone in order to have these powers. K? Well, let’s say you decide to go visit Mars with your magic stone. K? And you’re exploring the canyons of Mars. Ok? What if you trip and you drop the stone down a crevice? And you can’t retrieve it? Ohhhh, now you’re powerless again. Dammit! I’m powerless without external objects! That’s what they want. So now you gotta sit there on Mars for 3 years to build another stone!? But now you don’t even have your lab equipment. You don’t even have electricity. You don’t have your apparatuses. You don’t have your heating plate. No, this is a joke, people.

CM – And wild animals, too. And there’s wild animals there, they say.

ANW – (giggling) Yeah!

CM – (unintelligible ~ someone’s name ~ Andrew Lavoissier?) …has pictures of wild animals.

ANW – Oh, that’s right. Yeah, I’ve seen that.  So now you’re screwed because you don’t… you  fucking dropped… ugh, sorry, my language… you dropped your rock.

CM – Oh my God, I have to cut it! (chuckling)

ANW – Ha ha! Okay. So now you’re screwed. You dropped your rock. But, no. This is a joke. This is a joke. The Philosopher’s Stone… think about it. The thinking stone. That’s the pineal gland. The pineal gland when it’s healthy and it’s fully functioning is covered with crystals. It’s called the pineal gland because it looks like a tiny pinecone. It has the perfect Phi (? What he says sounds like “Phee”) spiral to it. And it’s covered with crystals. That is the Philosopher’s Stone. The Philosopher’s “Crystal”. The “Thinker’s  Crystal”. The rock, not the calcified rock, but the actual beautiful, crystal-covered, healthy, juicy, functioning eyeball in the center of your head. That is the Philosopher’s Stone. And the way you free it, and you create… and you free it up, and you make it fully healthy, and functioning, and fired up, and full on, is you drink distilled liquids. And if you’re really smart, the ultimate way to do it, is you act as the oroborus, and you drink your own water, and you use urine, you keep looping urine over and over again. Instead of in a cabinet, you keep applying urine and you keep evaporating and evaporating and evaporating it, you keep applying urine to your self, yourself, yourself, and this is the Philosopher’s Stone.

And it’s in the middle of your head, and you cannot drop it! Ha! You cannot lose it down a crevice on Mars. And it turns the lead of you into gold. The lead in… and that is the mark of the beast, as David Wilcock so nicely pointed out. The grey dot on your forehead, when you’ve got a rock in the center of your head, you’re a beast, when you can only have the 5 senses. That’s the mark of the beast. And you become an angel or a pure spirit version of you… that’s why all the old paintings of saints have a golden glow around their head… that is the gold that is the joke of alchemy of turning lead into gold. And… Anonymous… screwed up. Anonymous tried to steer us off course, but he screwed up. He actually gave us… if you know to read the 20% that steers you off course, if you know how to filter it right, this, “The Book of Aquarius”, is actually an incredibly high vibrating book. Especially if you ignore Anonymous’ comments, and just read what he’s got in it, it’s all these phenomenal, gorgeous, alchemical texts –QUOTES!!! – from the 12th, 14th, 17th centuries. Now I’ve never studied alchemy, and I figured I would get to it at some point, but he has actually done me a huge favor. He’s… I don’t have to study it now. He screwed up and put it all together, and now I actually make that book part of my urine therapy collection, because he concentrated all the most phenomenal alchemical texts that so easily, if you know how to read it, you can tell he’s talking about urine. And they’re talking about… and using it as urine therapy. And so, it’s actually a wonderful book – if you know how to read it right. But if you don’t…

CM – So isn’t that…

ANW - …it’s got all these people, like, uhh, I’m sorry, like J. Widner (spelling?). I hope J. Widner hears this message. And William Henry. And David Wilcock. And I can tell… Suzy did just listen to,”The Source Field Investigations”. And in there he said to drink reverse osmosis water, because it helps to remove mineral. So he’s close. He’s on there. But he doesn’t know that reverse osmosis is actually… it’s a very complicated system, and unless you change the filters really often, it’s not gonna be… it’s not gonna be as… have as much vacuum power as distilled water does. But J. Widner and all these people now are actually in the process. They’ve bought scientific lab equipment. And they’re right now in the process, trying to make this stone. And they’re all giddy and excited about it. And I feel sorry for them, and I hate to break this to them, but I hope they at the same time they can see the truth of what I’m seeing, and that they actually have the power within. They don’t need… it’s not external objects, I mean… It’s a joke. They’re wasting your energy, and part of… they also… the trick is, is that it’s gonna keep people in a state of fear until 2012. They did that on purpose. The timing of the book… remember I said, the earliest he says you can get it done is 18 months, if you do it just right. And it came out in about May of 2011. That is suspiciously close, 18 months away from, December of 2012. Okay? And so, the powers that be want to keep people in a state of fear because the feelings you feel are the type of reality that you’ll create. And so J. Widner right now, until he has the stone, thinks he’s powerless. But… and it’s gonna… you know?

CM – Right.

ANW – And I’m sure it’s not gonna work. It’s totally a joke. It doesn’t… there’s no powder that does that, turn actual lead into actual gold. If you actually want gold, if you feel you need gold coins, ok?, open up your pineal gland. Open up full psychic awareness, and ask for a vision as to where this gold is buried. You know, you can use it that way if that’s what you need. But there again, you can see… once you… every psychic ability you ever heard of, those are the gifts that are available to you through opening up your third eye. And that’s why the alchemists say that getting gold the most vulgar, the lowest thing on the totem pole of the powers that you can do with the Philosopher’s Stone. Because the ability to time-travel, to astral project, to have mental telepathy, to be able to speak to your cats and dogs without having to use words, those obviously are off-the-chart more valuable than gold. So that’s…

CM – Well, what I want to say is... to interject with was, you said how “The Book of Aquarius” has all the alchemical quotes all in one place, so that kind of cuts your research down to… unless you want to research to make sure that what he put in there is actually legitimate. But, there’s a saying in the bible, and I think I can call myself a bible scholar, because for 5 or 7 years that’s all I did was read it. I was Christian, and I prayed, and went to church and all that, but I religiously everyday read the bible, over and over and over again. Because you can only read it in a year… or in a month I guess. But anyway, one of the things it says, is that, “He who has ears, let him hear”. You know, and I think it’s just like another Illuminati tactic is that they have it again hidden in plain sight. And always there is, like you said, to actually know what to look for, you can actually read between the lines. I think.

ANW – Yes.

CM – So, unfortunately, most people have no clue, that even what they’re looking at, but when they read what Anonymous has written in, “The Book of Aquarius”, and how he’s put it together, it’s not really that he’s written anything, it’s just linked a bunch of information together, and come up with an area that makes it an “internal” quest instead of an “internal” quest. (transcriber’s note:  wtf ?!?) When everything metaphysical right now is telling us that we need to look inward. We’re gonna find the answers to the… I mean, we’re constantly being told that message over & over & over again. But yet because we live in this mechanistic construct that… this 3-D reality, you know, we’re always thinking material… materialistically, and it’s very mechanistic. I mean, everything, and you look, from science, religion, y’know, social… everything that’s mechanical… there’s very few organic processes anymore. And even our food is created by machine. The way that the food is brought to us is through machine. There’s no hands-on, except for organic farming. So when you think about it, the war is supposed to be a spiritual war. So how do we break that down to be organic to the mechanistic, the in-organic to the organic? I mean, we’re right there, we’re right at the precipice. And I think now when I think about what you’ve told me over the last month or two, about the Philosopher’s Stone, about the pineal gland, and its relationship… or organic liquid to the relationship to the pineal gland… Now when you look at the Hopi Prophecy and you see the two lines divided and you know on the one line there’s, like, corn growing on it or something… and it makes perfect sense.

ANW – Yeah. M-hmm. Right. That’s awesome.

CM – It makes absolute perfect sense. I mean, everything… it just brings everything, like… right there. You could take all this information and now, you know, now I know what my purpose is. Now I know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing! You know? I’m the urine therapy queen here now. I was trying to get Suzy to come on and share with us her experiences, because the two of you have more experience that I do. I’m just a novice battling in this wonderful field of enlightenment. And you and Suzy have years behind you of practicing this treatment, this therapy, this Holy Grail. I don’t know the words. I’m at a loss for words. But I’m not gonna say anymore, but if I think of something I’ll bring it up. But collaboratively we’re piecing this together. But you’ve done the majority of the work in finding out about the pineal gland, and finding the book, the Aquarius book by Anonymous. “The Book of Aquarius”, by Anonymous. And being able to put all this together. It’s just phenomenal. So, I don’t know what to say. I’m in Awe.

ANW – Well thank you.

CM – We’ve tried to contact these people to try to share this information. We’ve contacted Scott Meredith of Koch (?) Media. And that worked. We’ve contacted Clifford Cockycock (Carnicom?) about helping with Morgellan’s. He listened intently, but I think everybody’s getting hung up on the urine therapy. But maybe this Anonymous, maybe J. Weidner, and William Henry is gonna open it up where a couple nobodies, really, because nobody really knows who we are, except for ourselves, which is really important to me, but, you know, who’s gonna really listen? Even when you tell people this is the model’s secret, they bathe in it, they soak it on their face overnight, they keep it in storage for weeks, so they have it at maximum strength, so that they can get the full effect of it, and win beauty contests, you know… people still don’t listen

ANW – No. Well we’ve been so highly…

CM – It’s just such a tough time.

ANW – Yeah. Yeah. This is very… it’s a transitory time. And we’ve been so highly mis-educated that it’s very hard to wake up from this slumber. Yeah, and I gave Clifford Carnicom a full hour of this information over the phone. And he acted all excited and he said that he wanted to give me an hour-long radio interview, and actually let you interview me, and he’s gonna broadcast it through the Carnicom Institute. And I even mailed them a set of precious distilled water books and urine therapy books. And I ended up getting complete silence from them after the phone call. So I don’t know if somebody…

CM – You sent him books?

ANW – Yeah. I sent him a nice package of urine therapy books and distilled water books.

CM – You didn’t send them to me! Haha. No I’m only playing.

ANW – Well, you know, I felt that…

CM - I’ve video tapes, so I got the tapes! Haha.  I’m only playing with you. I’m sorry.

ANW – Well, the Institute has been quite a place for gathering knowledge about chemtrails. And they said that they’re a public service, and that they were… they had a library. So I said, “Okay, well I’ll send you books to make it part of your collection.

CM – Absolutely.

ANW – And, y’know, complete silence now. I don’t know it somebody told them not to let me on the air, or they got freaked out, or if they’re actually… they don’t want to give answers. That’s kind of what I’m most suspicious of, because I watched Carnicom at the 9/11 Truth Movement speech in Portland, Oregon 2 or 3 years ago. And during that speech, during the question & answer period, this kid stood up and very, very emotionally and strongly told the crowd that he had been covered with Morgellan’s symptoms, and he had applied this… a particular method that had completely erased it. And he was almost crying telling his story about how much pain he had been in, and that how beautifully and miraculously he had discovered a method to clear it all up. And I was listening, and I was going, “Oh my God, I bet you anything he’s talking about urine”. An so he tells that and Carnacom is standing there listening up at the podium. And of course everybody at my house is watching the video. And I’m sure everybody that’s listening is going, “Okay, okay, okay, yeah, yeah, tell me, tell me!” And you’re expecting the next thing that’s gotta be out of Karnikom’s mouth is, “Oh! Well, geez! Share!! Y’know, tell us what you did to erase Morgellan’s symptoms!”  HE DIDN’T ASK HIM AT ALL!!!  He didn’t even ask him at all!! And that made me incredibly suspicious! How could you do that?!? How can somebody be right there telling you the cure to Morgellan’s…? And Karma-con’s all about exposing the truth about chemtrails and Morgellan’s and how awful it is, but yet… he didn’t ask the kid to share what it was that so perfectly removed it from his body. And so the same thing… I call Carnie-Kahn. I ask him what he knows about distilled water. He says he doesn’t hardly know a thing about it. And so I give him a complete run-down about distilled water and urine therapy.

 And he’s listening, and listening, and agrees. “Oh you‘ve got some great information. I’d like to give you a radio show.” And then complete silence. And it’s been months now since then. And they, you know… they didn’t lose my email. It’s not hard to get a hold of me. And I even called them again and left a message, saying, “I’d like an explanation for why you all-of-a-sudden drop me”.  And, no explanation. No phone call. No email. All I ever got back from them… I even emailed them all the documents, I emailed them the Egyptians, the Indians… on and on and on… I got one email back from a secretary there that said, “It’s nice that everybody wants to help out.” You know… some bull-pucky-thanks-a-lot thing. But, you know, nothing. And same thing with Scott & Meredith at the Conscious Media Network. I spent a couple of days sending emails back and forth with Scott, and telling him about all this stuff. And he was just asking me to prove how this could be true about urine. And I gave him the proofs. And he was all about it, and all about it, and all about it. And then I was like, “Okay, so do you wanna do an interview or not?” Total silence! “Nope. Don’t wanna do it”. So, y’know, you and I are doing it now.

And also I hope Andrew Basagio gets a hold of this, because I can tell as well that all of his… y’know, he’s all about that we’re gonna have teleportation machines in the future and all this technology. Well, Andrew, it’s… you have the power within you. You don’t need trillion-dollar machines to teleport. Those are one of the very aspects, which is called bio-locating (bi-locating), that you can do once you fully turn on your psychic powers. It’s the pineal gland, and it’s urine that’ll loosen it up, or distilled water.

Let me get back to a little bit to distilled water, and how you go about drinking it and acquiring it. If you want to start out, obviously some people can’t go right to urine. If the resonating, the vibrating is true, obviously you’ll just jump right into it. And I recommend anybody if they want to read a book on it, there’s books available online. You just punch in, “urine therapy, Amazon”, bam, bam, bam, bam. There’s just a… they’re all right there. But if you never look for it, you’ll never find it. “The Water of Life”, by John Armstrong is one of the best ones.

There is a website called, www.munot.in, and I’ll spell that. It’s... if you… it’s not a dot com site, it’s out of India. Some guy whose best friend’s wife was dying of cancer, he said, “screw it”, and he scanned, like, almost every one of the urine therapy books that I have. And at this website, they are all there for free to look at, and it’s www.munot.in . If you punch that in as a website address, you’ll find it. And that’s a valuable bank of urine therapy books. I’m gonna make sure all of those files are also at www.aquariusthewaterbearer.com .

So, but if you want to start out with distilled water, and it’s real easy to do, generally Walmart has the best tasting distilled water. Not because they make it the best, but because they move through the most of it. And it has the least amount of time to sit in the plastic container, collecting plastic flavor. Little drug stores like CVS, or Eckers, they tend to have the worst tasting distilled water because they don’t move through as much and it sits there longer.

Now I have friends who are… have drank nothing… some people have concerns. They’re like, “Yeah, what about the plastic?” That’s… yes… that’s distilled water… that’s plastic, that’s inorganic matter, and distilled water starts dissolving the plastic jug, little by little. But, know this: One – I have friends who have done nothing but drink a gallon a day of distilled water out of store-bought plastic jugs, and they’re having complete, urine therapy, fountain of youth type effects, as though they’re drinking urine, although it’s completely out of the plastic-contained water. Yes, you will taste plastic a little bit. But remember, it’s stuck to those water molecules. It’s not gonna stay inside you. And so, do not worry about that if that’s your source of distilled water. You’re not gonna be filling yourself up with plastic. That plastic that you taste, it’s gonna run over your tongue, but it’s gonna stay attached to those water molecules and you’re gonna excrete it out. M-kay? It just means that it’s picked up a tiny bit of stuff. 

Walmart also generally has it the cheapest. I’ve seen it as low as 64 cents. It varies… there’s one’s… sometimes they’ll change the price, 78 cents, 99 cents. But even if it’s at 99 cents a gallon, think about that. What I want you to do, and the highest instructions is to drink a gallon a day, and most people think that’s a lot. But it’s actually not. And even in my list of 24 doctors I put together, the 24th doctor, Dr. Haneesh (spelling?), he wrote a book called, “The Distilled Water Cure”. And the “Maz Daz Nan Association  out of Canada currently is publishing that book. And that’s spelled, M A Z – D A Z – N A N.  Maz Daz Nan. And what that means, Maz Daz Nan means, “Master of Good Thought”.  So, that’s kind of a nice little thing. So the Maz Daz Nan Association is printing Dr. Haneesh’s book, called, “The Distilled Water Cure”. And it’s the first 4 pages of his book that are just off the charts phenomenal. And those are what I quoted as the 24th doctor’s quote on the list of doctors. And he’s the one that’s saying to drink a gallon a day. And at 99 cents a gallon, that’s $30 a month. M-kay? If you make that your first food budget item of every month, that’s just… there’s no better deal…  it’s the most awesome deal possible on the planet. And kind of a funny joke about distilled water, is it’s also usually by far, thee possible cheapest liquid that you can buy! And that’s part of the joke of it, too. They want you to think that, “you don’t want it”, that it’s, “useless, pathetic,  water and nobody should drink it”. And umm…

CM – And I also want to interject that when I was in Florida at the beginning of the year, that I was drinking distilled water from the jug. And they are doing some kind of an osmosis process for purity now, it says on there. And from what I understand, osmosis process, I believe, is a mechanical process. But a gentleman who was involved in… with my family, he saw that on the jug because he heard us talking about it. And he said the osmosis process that he used when he was working, he’s retired, was a chemical process. And that’s why I was tasting… it was something besides the VOCs, or whatever you talked about. It was a nasty taste in the distilled liquid. So we went from distilled water that tasted sweet…  my daughter… my sister didn’t want to drink it -she said it was too sweet, the water- to having this chemically tasting. So don’t buy distilled water that has any other processes included on the label. He just went straight to self-water. Steam Distilled.  It’s gotta be steam distilled.

ANW – Yeah, they’re usually... I mean I have seen that where it says steam distillation, and ozonation, and everything. But I wouldn’t necessarily say avoid that because I know the people are… yes it may have… that chemical process may put some flavors to it, but it’s still an empty vacuum. It’s still… you know, just like it may have picked up a few plastic particles. Really it’s the difference between using a brand new vacuum, or a vacuum that’s totally clogged up, which is what spring water is, well water, lake water. The more particles it’s got in it, the less vacuuming power it has to vacuum dirt out of your body. And so, yes, the ozonation process… it may add a few particles to it, but it’s still, largely, a 99% empty vacuum. And it’s gonna suck stuff out of you.

CM – Well thank you for reaffirming that.

ANW – Yeah. Ahhhhh… Let’s see…

CM – 99 cents at Walmart.

ANW – Yeah, ahhh… Make that your first budget item of the month.  Just go and get 30 gallons at a time. And get it done with. And so that they’re all at your house. And then each day you wake up, just think of them as water-cartridges. “Okay, this is my water gallon for the day. This has got to be done by the end of the day”. And you just keep it up day after day. And it will slowly start dissolving all the deposits throughout your body. Cataracts. I personally know a woman, who after 3 months, 70 years old, 3 months, she was able to throw her eye-glasses away. And it happened… she didn’t even… she was so used to wearing them, she didn’t even realize she didn’t really need them anymore. She had to go get her license renewed. I think she’s 72. Had to go to the DMV to get an eye check. Alright? And the guy kind of looks up at her, like strangely, the eye test guy. He’s like, “Why are you wearing glasses?” He says, “You’ve got 20/20 vision!” She say, “But, I’ve been required for 45 years to wear eye-glasses”. And so, he was baffled. And he wrote on her license, “No longer required to wear driving glasses.” And she went to her eye doctor because she was, you know… to confirm this. And he absolutely confirmed it. And he’s like, “What have you done?” And she said, “Well the only thing I’ve done different is started drinking distilled water.” And so that eye doctor is looking into distilled water because of her results. Within the same week, she also happened to have an appointment for her little 15 year old dog to take it to a checkup at the vet. And she started giving her dog the distilled water as well when she started drinking it. And the vet kind of comes out of the appointment with a strange look on her face, like, “What have you done to your dog? Your dog has a liver and kidney function of a 4 year old!” And, it’s the distilled water again. It’s cleaning out the body. It’s removing garbage so the body starts to work right. And so now that vet is looking into distilled water, because she cannot believe what happened to the dog.

CM – That’s just amazing!

ANW – It’ll also clean out all clogged veins, all arteriosclerosis, it just makes the body completely brand new again. It just… Okay let’s talk about detox symptoms, because that’s important. Distilled water, a lot of times they’ll label it… they call it, “the greatest solvent known to man”. K? And you’ll need to keep that in mind because, a lot of times when people first start drinking distilled water, they start having detox symptoms. And they can get confused and actually think that it’s the distilled water making them sick. It’s not! What it is showing you in real-time (transcriber’s note: “real-time” = residual vestiges of Rod-isms) is that it is melting garbage out of you. And so you can have such symptoms that when you start drinking a gallon a day, you can have headaches, you can have diarrhea, nausea, flu-like symptoms, sneezing fits, runny noses, rashes in strange places, pimples in weird places, terrible breath, armpits that smell worse than you’ve ever had, feces that start to smell like petroleum, sinuses and runny noses that smell like chlorine… it is melting the garbage out of you. But it’s gotta come out.

And so this stuff right now, it’s quote-unquote kind of safely tucked away in the body. You got deposits all over the place. And the body does not make mistakes. It always makes every decision towards life. And so when you consume garbage, there’s only a certain maximum top speed at which the body can eject garbage. And so when you exceed that rate, the body has to keep you alive, and so it deposits… because it can only... it only disposes of it when it can do it safely. And so when you’ve got too much coming in all at once, the blood stream is the last bastion of safety, it will not let the blood stream get beyond a certain toxic level, it has to start storing it in other places, like between your bones, in little warts on your skin, and in the linings on your veins. It allows it to stay in places that aren’t vital to you at that moment, because it’s trying to keep you living. And it’s called, “The Law of Vital Adjustment”. It lowers your lifespan in order to keep you alive in the moment. And so when you reverse that trend, you’ve got these deposits all over you that are kind of safely, you know, tucked away. But when you start melting them, they have to move out, they have to come out, they transport out of you. These are nasty things that are all… that you’ve collected for decades of your life. And they have bad energy to them. And they stink. And they make you feel bad coming out, coming in transit, you actually start to have a higher amount of toxicity flowing through your body because it’s being ejected by the blood highway system. And so you start to feel weak. You might start to feel flu-like. And that’s because you’ve got garbage that’s in transit now, rather than in storage.

And, y’know, that’s a great thing. That’s what you want. It’s better out than in. And that’s just… you have to go through a little bit of pain because of all the decades that you’ve spent consuming dead matter, and just literally killing yourself and shortening your lifespan. And so just know that it’s not you being sick. It’s not the distilled water hurting you. It’s that the distilled water is loosening up the garbage, and it’s coming out. And it’s only temporary. If you spent a lot of time swimming in chlorine pools, your sinuses will smell like chlorine. We’ve spent so much time around petroleum, when you’re sitting in traffic, breathing fumes, all the Saran-Wrap you’ve put on your food, and you’ve microwaved your food in plastic dishes, or microwaved it with Saran-Wrap over it and you’ve got just toxic rain just dripping down on your food – that’s all petroleum!

Almost all vitamins are synthetic petroleum based. So your faeces will actually start to smell like petroleum. And just like, “Whoa! Where did that come from?” But that’s garbage, and it’s leaving, and it’s been sitting in your body, shortening your lifespan. And a lot of people will say to me, “Yeah, but, y’know, I’ve been eating cooked food my whole life. And, y’know, lots of people do it. And we live to 60 or 70 years old.” And I go, “No, no, no! You don’t get it. That’s just it. 60 or 70 is a joke! You know, it should be 6 or 7 hundred, at least!” And everybody thinks the bible… they demand, “The Bible is the word of God!” But yet when it gets to the ages of Moah, and Noses… (chuckle) Moses and Noah, at 600 and 900 years old… You’re like, “Well, What? It’s word of God… but it says Noah was 900 years old! So how come I can’t be 900 years old?”  “Oh, well… Shut up! Y’know… I don’t want to answer that. They used to keep track of time differently back then.”  You know, I’m like, “What? Did they have 10 sunrises and sunsets in one day?”

No, it’s that the place used to be more pure. And that these guys used to know the secrets of how to take care of the 3-Dimensional body suit. And if you do it right, Western science admits it has no known reason for the body to die besides the simple fact of toxic overload. And that is the beauty of distilled water. And it’s why we don’t know about it. Because distilled water removes toxic overload. All Western and Eastern medicine is purposely only treating symptoms, because if you only treat the symptoms, and you don’t remove the cause, you are guaranteed repeat business. And the beauty of distilled water is it doesn’t care what disease you have, it doesn’t necessarily cure all diseases, it removes the cause of all diseases, including all mental problems, which, y’know, are all caused by junk in the system. It’s hard to think straight, it’s hard not to be depressed when all your nerve endings are coated with garbage. In fact, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell is one of the doctors on my list of doctors. He was… he had sciatica, his nerve endings were covered with garbage, and he just happened to be experimenting with distilled water at the time, using it in his mechanical lab processes, and he knew that it removed and cleaned his machines. So he was, “Well, wait a second. I’m a machine. Why wouldn’t it work inside me?” So he started drinking distilled water when he was like in his 60s or 70s, and ended up living until late into his 90s, and completely erased his health problems. And so, the guy whose object we’re talking on right now, on the phone, he saved his life on distilled water. And that’s another thing about distilled water it’s, in the stores a lot of times it’ll say on the bottles, “for small appliances”. And people, most people will only buy distilled water to clean their machines to keep… because if you run spring water or well water through your iron, or your machines, like little bubbling fountains, or humidifiers, hmmm… they quickly become full of garbage. And they have scale and deposits all over them. So you’re only supposed to use distilled water to keep machines clean. Well… You’re a machine! Right? That’s the same idea. Yeah… Yeah, that’s just silliness.

CM – That’s brilliant, right? No it’s not silly. You could uhh… We have 31 minutes, but maybe you could talk the Chinese government document. You know just throw that in there.

ANW – Which one?

CM – The ones that talk about the people who live to be about 3 or 4 hundred years in China.

ANW –Oh. Yeah. Actually if you just start to look into the longevity reports. There’s people that are living for hundreds, and thousands of years… even yogis up in the mountains for 15 hundred years. And the main way they’re doing it is through urine therapy.  Let’s talk about… Talk about… the pineal gland more. That’s… That’s very important. This is… Let’s talk about what… now that you unders…

CM – Well we haven’t gotten into the astral projection yet. So you want to talk about that process of the pineal…

ANW – Yeah, right. Right. Ok. That’s right. I told you I wanted to give you 3 things: The distilled water, the knowledge of pure water. The knowledge of the pineal gland. And that you are a ball of light. And distilled water frees up that ball of light that you are.

When I was in Ecuador, I met a shaman who told me that while I go to sleep every night, and sleep for eight hours, he goes out onto the Astral Plane and does battle with demons, freeing up human souls who are trapped in tar balls, strung up on necklaces on the necks of demons. Now at the time, I had never heard of Astral Projection, and I had no idea whether or not this guy was totally off his rocker, or whether or not to believe him. But at least I had learned enough by then through research to know that I was stupid, and when I hear something that I don’t have any reference to, to at least hold it as a possibility. Now I completely believe him because I’ve collected 20 books on Astral Projection, and I understand the functioning aspects of the pineal gland and what the 3rd eye is all about. And the 3rd eye is so important, that’s why they want to shut it down with fluoride and chlorine. They do not want you accessing these powers. And this is the pyramid with the eye on the back of the dollar bill. There’s again a pictogram for the 3rd eye. Now, David Wilcock in his gorgeous video, “An Explanation of the Pineal Gland”, reveals that the secret and the beauty of the pineal gland, the secret about it is that it’s full of water. And this is literally a 3rd… it’s an eyeball. And it has rods and cones in it. And right now, your two eyeballs in the front of your head have rods and cones, which are oriented outwards. And as you are awake during the day, you are the center, and the whole universe is out there. When you shut your two eyes, and you have a functioning 3rd eye, and you go to sleep at night, or you lay down and meditate and let the body fall asleep, and let the 3rd eye turn on, it’s an inside-out eyeball. Yes, it’s got rods and cones, but they’re not oriented outwards. The sphere of the 3rd eye is lined on the inside with rods and cones, spherical 360. But they’re oriented towards the center of the 3rd eye.

And you flip the universe inside-out… and as above, so below… as without, so within. The whole universe is inside you, when you reverse your position. Instead of you being the center looking outwards, when you switch to the two eyes, as in Matthew 6:22, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”, when you switch to the 3rd eye, your rods and cones are all on the outer part of the sphere. So all the sudden, your point of view, rather than when you’re awake your point of view is singular, looking outwards, when you open up the 3rd eye, your point of view is from completely on the exterior looking inwards. And you flip the universe inside out. This is the symbolism of the cube within a cube. And when people finally unfreeze the pineal gland, they have what’s known as a, “crown chakra burst”. Or a… the, “kundalini rising”. Those are one-in-the-same. And along with the pressure in the head, the most common thing that’s reported with it, is white light fills their interior, fills in their inner vision, their whole head is filled with white light. And I want to prove to you that you are a ball of light. You are a star, just like that thing in the sky called the sun. You are one of those! And on the infinite scale of size, it doesn’t matter, you are an infinitesimally small ball of light compared to your perspective now, but somewhere on the scale the ball of light that you are is just as big as the sun is to you are now. And… you… the pineal gland is a crystal throne for the ball of light that you are! And when you finally open up your pineal gland, and you have the crown chakra burst, and you see white light flooding your head, what you’re looking at, since you are… you are… You’re looking at you! That is you. You are a star. That’s the ball of light that you are. That white light that you’re looking at… is you. And they call it your, “soul”.

And that “soul” is the word for the “sun” in Latin and in Spanish. And the type of power that we get from the sun is sol-ar. And they like to hide things in words. And it’s not the spelling of the word that’s the matter, it’s the sound. In the beginning was the word, and the word was sound. And it’s called your soul because they’re describing that you’re a ball of light. Just like the sun is a ball of light. It’s a star. You are a star. And they don’t want us looking at ourselves. They don’t want us realizing that we are stars. That’s why we have Hollywood Stars. In the ancient times, the Druids would perform ceremonies and control the people by imagery. They would have these rituals and create imagery, and they would always perform their rituals with a stick… their wand was a stick from the Holly Tree -a piece of Holly Wood. And they want you… now Hollywood creates imagery with stars. They’re controlling… they want to control what we think of what is, and what their reality is. And, “You pay attention to our stars. Don’t look internal. Don’t look at your own star. Look at our stars.” Now you know that you are a star. You are a ball of light. Your soul is a ball of light. And there’s three body-groups of information and testimonials that you can look at to help prove this: there’s lucid dreamers, astral projectors, and near-death experience. Lucid dreamers are people who, during the middle of the night while they’re dreaming, they become conscious that it’s a dream. They, so-to-speak, wake up in the dream, but they don’t physically wake up and sit out of bed.  They just become conscious during the dream, that it’s a dream. And as soon as they do that, they go, “Whoa, this is the dream world! I can do anything I want!” And then instead of being… most people’s dreams are like… kind of like a victim to it, like it’s this movie that you’re watching. You don’t really have much control. And that’s done on purpose, too. We aren’t educated about how to dream. The only thing you ever hear during your whole life about dreams is, “Oh, well, we just don’t really know what they are.”  And that’s on purpose. Did I miss the class on dreams in high school? No. They don’t want to talk about it because it’s a whole ‘nother… it’s a whole ‘nother world.

CM – (laughing)

ANW – And the lucid dreamers, as soon as they start realizing that it’s the dream world, they can do anything they want. They can fly. They can go see dead grandma. They can talk to Einstein if they want. They can go see the back-side of the moon. They can do anything they want. So, you’ve got those people… all those testimonials. Now look at astral projectors. Astral projectors are just the same as lucid dreamers, except that astral projectors consciously, either while they’re falling asleep at night, or during the middle of the day, they lay down, and they let the body fall asleep, except that, whereas normally when people try to fall asleep they try to… they try to… they let go of their consciousness… alright? Don’t let go of your consciousness. Close your eyes, and look into the black. And even right now, you can close your eyes, and you can kind of see twinkly sparkly lights. Well, if you’re in a dark room, and even put a blindfold on if you want, so you don’t think, “Oh, maybe it’s just some street light coming in, messing with my eyes.”

After about 15 or 20 minutes, especially in the beginning… when you get better at it and when your pineal gland get fully opened up, you can do it immediately… but what the astral projectors report, and I have 20 books on this, and I’ve read, you know, close to a thousand testimonials on that now, as well… what opens up in that black space, is a white circle of spinning light. It’s like a tube… a vortex, and a few stars that… you keep looking, and this is literally what you‘ll be seeing inside your head. And what you’re actually… you’re viewing… it’s literally your 3rd eye. This is what your 3rd eye is seeing… is this tunnel of white light opens up. And a few stars start to shoot through it. And then more and more stars. And then it feels like you’re actually going through this vortex, this tunnel. And then after a little while you come to the end of the tunnel, and you can look around 360, and there’s stars everywhere. And at that point your out on the astral plane, the dreamland, at that point you’re at the exact same place the lucid dreamers are, and from there, you can do anything you want. You can go see dead grandma. You can talk to Einstein. You can go see the back-side of the moon if you want. K?

Now… now let’s move to the third set of testimonials… is, near death experience. These people… the common testimonial thread is two things. One: they can see… when they have the… when they come back to life, on the operating table, in their head they have a view, a memory of above the operating table. Now it’s one thing to be able to tell the doctors and nurses what they were talking about while they were flat-line. They say, “Okay, well your ears were still on. I guess you were just recording it with your ear.” But how is it possible that they have an above-the-operating-table-view in their head? They can see themselves from above. The only way that is possible is that, the ball of light that was them was leaving the body, and that’s your point of view, and they were leaving, and they could see from above. And that’s their astral body leaving. And when they look in the other direction, where they’re headed, what do they see? A white tunnel of light! The same thing the astral projectors report going through. Now what that is, is that is the Biblical, “silver chord”. That vortex, that tunnel is actually the silver chord, and it’s the viewpoint from inside the silver chord. People that can see auras, they can see the silver chord, it’s a very, very thin wispy line. And, lo and behold, it’s anchored at the 3rd eye, the pineal gland. And that is the tube that you use, that is the vortex, the star-gate, in and out of the body. And the ball of light that you are is a very, very, very small ball of light, and that… you travel through that to leave the body. Now, there’s another thing that helps to prove this. In Western medicine, in the development of the fetus, it says, on the 49th day is the day that the day that the pineal gland forms as the fetus is developing. Well that just very nicely coincides with, in Eastern medicine, in Buddhism, the soul does not incarnate into the fetus until the 49th day. And you know how I’m trying to prove to you that you are ball of light, that you are a star, and the pineal gland is a star-gate? Well, we have Western medicine saying that the pineal gland, the star-gate forms on the 49th day. And in Eastern medicine, your soul does not incarnate until the 49th day. So the same day that the star-gate forms in the fetus is the exact same day that the star shows up. You. The you that is you. This is just one of many temporary experiences. You are an immortal ball of light having many experiences. And, have you ever heard the statement that, “water is the lubricant between dimensions”?

CM – M-hmm…

ANW – Well this will ring true in many, many different ways. And here again, even in the fetus, you cannot make the dimensional shift, until you’re floating in water. The baby is floating in urine, and you cannot make that shift until you’re floating in water. The water is the lubricant between dimensions. And in the movie, “Constantine”, with Keanu Reeves, there’s a scene where a woman wants to talk to her dead sister. And he says, “Okay. You got to get in the bathtub.” She says, “Alright”. So she gets in the bathtub, she says, “Okay, I’m ready now.” He goes, “No, no. You got to get all the way under the water.” She’s like, “Why?” And he says something akin to, “You can’t communicate with the other dimensions unless you’re fully submerged in water.” Water is the lubricant between dimensions. Now on that white tunnel of light, again, we got on the Sci-Fi channel, the “Stargate” series. And here again, just like Andrew Basagio, we gotta have a trillion-dollar machine in order to do dimensional travel. And what do they… what is the star-gate machine on that? It’s a big, giant circle of spinning white light. And the surface of it is covered with water. It’s… you have to stick your hand through. You have to… water is what allows you to go through other dimensions, to access other dimensions. It’s a lubricant. And even we can say that the drinking of the distilled water opens up the pineal gland, and allows you to access other dimensions. Water is the lubricant between dimensions.

So… now even astral projectors report that when you are out on the astral plane, you don’t have a body. You’re a ball of light. You can manifest if you want to with your intentional thought. But they notice for the most part that as they travel around, and they’re zooming around, and they fly around, they realize they don’t actually have a body… and that they are a ball of light. That’s a common report is that they are a ball of light. And I have a friend who was just dreaming the other day, and an ascended master was giving her instructions of how to start astral travelling in the dream. And she started following his instructions, and she popped into an orb of white light. She changed. Carlos Castaneda, also, the tree things that he tells people to work on, and I very much suggest everyone else do this too. He says you need to work on dreaming, which is astral projection, intent, and stalking. And what he means by “stalking” is, “s-t-a-l-k-i-n-g”, stalking… he wants you to stalk the real you. He wants you to… and he means by it is to drop habits. Say you start fasting, or you know, if you smoke and drink all the time, drop that habit, peel away layers of habit, in the 3-D world. And so you can… you are stalking or searching for the essence, for the real you. So he wants you to work on dreaming, intent, and stalking. And intent is… well this is very important. In astral projection, it’s the amount of determination you put behind your thoughts.

And Anne Moss (spelling?) has a beautiful example of that. Anne Moss is somebody you can look up. She’s been an astral projector for 30 years. She’s been doing it since she was a little kid. And the way she says the way intent comes in… the one time she was… she wanted to go see the moon. She wanted to see what this all… this stuff was about whether or not there’s bases on the moon, or what really is the moon. And so she was… she meditated, and she left her body, she went through the vortex, and she got onto the astral plane, and she said, “Okay. I want to go see the moon.” And when… you’ll notice that when you’re on the astral plane, your commands are followed - what you say, what you desire, your intents are listened to. Every wish is the astral plane’s command. But she was moving toward the moon like at a walking pace. And a lot of times people feel that in their dreams, like when they’re in a scary situation and they’re trying to run, but it feels like their feet are made out of glue or something, and they can’t run very fast. So she was like, “Man! This is gonna take forever!”, because, like, she could see the moon, but she was like getting there at a… at a running pace at the most. She’s like, “I’m, you know… This is gonna take weeks at this pace! I’m gonna… y’know… I’m not gonna get there in 8 hours even!” And so she finally goes, “Take me to the moon! NOW!!!” And she put that intent behind it. And BAM! Instantly, she was at the moon! So that’s what we mean by “intent”. That’s what Castaneda means by “intent”. Start… that’s your… I think it’s your third chakra, your will. Start summoning that power. And start having determination in your voice. And it looks like your intent works here, as well. But we’re in the 3rd density. And things happen slower here because it’s very dense. I think the word, “dimension”, “3rd dimension”, is very misleading. And 3rd density, or 4th density, 5th density, is much more accurate in helping you to understand what that means. Things don’t happen slow here because things are very dense. This is a very dense place. (transcriber’s note: It should read, “things DO happen slow here, because things are very dense.”) And William Bowlman (spelling?) who wrote a great astral projection book called, “Adventures Beyond the Body”, he said the same thing. That’s one way to judge what dimension you are in, or how far away from the 3rd density you are, is by the speed at which things happen to your command. If they happen… you know, slowly, or kind-of, you’re maybe in the 4th or 5th density. But if they start to happen instantly, you know you’re in the 7t, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th densities. I don’t know how many there are. But that’s just kind of a gauge. The higher vibrating you are, the faster things happen, and the faster the All listens to your command.

CM – Wonderful! We have 10 minutes left on the “Live” section. We have another hour in recorded-time. So… just do what you wanna do. I mean, this is so unbelievably important.

ANW – Okay. I’ll throw in that little thing I started talking about, about the sound, “A-L”, or, “E-L”, “el”, or, “al”, and how that means, “light”. The words, “life”, and, “light”, “star”, “sun”, and, “god”, are interchangeable in… when you’re talking about energies. And even the word, “life”, and, “light”, the word, “light”, has a, “gh” in it, which is silent. But normally when you see, “gh”, in a word, like, “enough”, it’s an, “eff”, sound. So, “light”, is actually, “lifed”. Life and light… we are light. We are life. Life. Light. Star. Sun. You are a ball of light. You are a ball of sun. You are a star. You are a ball of life. These are all the same things. And we see objects in our world that end with, “-al”. And, ”Israel”, the, “-el”, it’s the same thing. That’s… those are all sun cults. They’re referring to cults that worship the sun, a ball of light. And so we have these objects in our world… the most valuable… some of the most valuable objects… is the sun, right? It’s very valuable. And diamonds, and gold… well, diamonds and gold are cryst-als, and met-als. They both end with, “A-L”. And the pin-e-al ends with, “A-L”. And a cathedr-al. A cathedral is a catheter of light. It draws down energies from the sun, from the, “AL”. Even the thing we call the whole universe is called, “the All”! It’s all the light. And, “crystal”, “Christ”, means, “the anointed one”, so a crystal is a massive compaction of anointed light! A met-al, the, “met”, means, “about”, or, “with”. Metal and gold, everybody talks about it being the ultimate condensation of high, high light particles. And so met-al is condensed light. Crystals are condensed light. They say in this universe that all that there is, is light and sound. And all matter is condensed light. And the sound at which it… the sound that it has is what determines the shape of it. That is the vibrational pattern. And your DNA is what’s vibrating your sound. In ancient Atlantis, people could recognize each other coming before they even saw each other by the sound that they had. When they had their… when everybody gets their senses fully turned back on, you have infinitely perceptible, fine-tuned senses. And we all have a sound. And we are matter, the matter… the condensed light that is our body, everybody has their own particular shape, because they have their own particular sound. And it doesn’t matter how decrepit and deformed you get, your DNA knows your sound. And so when you drink distilled water, and free up all the garbage that’s stopping your DNA from performing its duty, you will revert back to your original shape, because your DNA is gonna keep producing your original sound, which is gonna vibrate and create your body to form in its original shape. One of the things that most helps a lot of people, especially Western-raised people, understand this concept is Cymatics. Look it up on the internet. It’s spelled, C-Y-M-A-T-I-C-S. They take sand or salt and pour it on a metal plate that has a speaker underneath it. And when you turn on the speaker to a particular frequency –BAM- the sand or salt moves, and creates sacred geometrical form. And when you change the pitch or the frequency –BAM- it switches to another sacred geometric form. And the higher the frequency, the more complex the sacred geometric form that the sand or salt forms to. And if you lower it back down to a particular frequency, it goes right back to that exact same shape. Now, that’s all that you are. Remember there’s an infinite scale of shapes, and sounds, and sizes. You… your body shape is a frequency somewhere up on that infinite scale, and that particular sound that you are, is your shape.

CM – Is that a… is that a train? (sound of train blowing its whistle in background)

ANW – Yeah (laughing). I tried to go inside so I couldn’t hear it anymore. I’m in Columbia, South Carolina, and we have a lot of trains here. This is one of the towns that is currently planned for being one of the, “Smart Growth Zones”, where they want people shoved into compact housing near railroad tracks. And that’s what we’ve got here.

CM – Like Auschwitz or something.

ANW – Yes. Exactly. But we’re gonna change all that. That’s all… those are old systems. They’re all old and crumbling. And when we all assume our power, which we’re doing in real-time here, we have our powers… And so hopefully Devon will have heard all this and he will know that he has powers now. And then I believe as I know that they are both already underway, assuming these processes. And… let’s change this place. Let’s make it into the new place that we have. Let’s just assume our powers, and rise up, and create the new paradigm. You can feel it in your heart. Even if you haven’t ever seen Paradise, you know what it feels like in your heart. You know that the way this place is, this cruel, evil money system. And, you know, people are just trapped with the 5 senses. And so it makes sense that people are greedy. They can’t… they don’t sense any other senses, so the only thing they can do is acquire money to please their taste-buds with steaks and lobstah, or, you know, get that Lazy-Boy chair to make their body feel comfortable. But they just don’t realize they have much, much higher senses that they can use, that give pleasure way beyond eating, or sitting in a Lazy-Boy chair.  Feel it with your hearts! Let us all start forming, and feeling the new place, and the way that it should be.   How about that?

CM – Beautiful! That’s absolutely beautiful. We have 3 minutes left. So, what would you like to do?

AND – (simultaneously) What should we do?

CM – I don’t know. We could tell each other how wonderful we are. I like that. I am so honored! You have no idea! This information… I don’t think, on a cosmic level, I don’t even know if I realize just how enormous this is -what you have just given to us! I mean… William Henry is doing conferences now charging people hundreds of dollars to come and hear not even half of what you just gave in 2 hours, freely! You know, the whole ball of wax! Unbelievable!

ANW – The whole ball of light! Should be free!!

CM – It should be free! And it is free. And it will continue to be free.

ANW – I haven’t heard anybody putting these complete things together. There are so few people that know about distilled water. And that’s why it is so highly guarded of a secret… because, aside from emergency surgical operations, it would put doctors and hospitals out of business in a heartbeat. But more than that, more than freeing up the physical body, it frees up the mind. It allows you to access spirit. It allows you to finally see and know that you truly are a spiritual being having a human experience. A “Hue-Man”, right? As in light, a hue.

CM – Yes!

ANW – And what is a unit of light? It’s a “Lumen.” So, we are humans, working on fully becoming “lumens”. We are each a unit of light. We are each a ball of light. The Human Lumen. And the sound of the sun! Oh, this is a good one! Most Buddhists, their basic chant is, “Ommm”… and when you measure resistance of power in the electrical world, by “Ohmmms”… and how they’ve recorded the sounds of the planets… and Earth sounds like all the birds singing all at once… it’s a crazy, beautiful, “doo-lee-bloo-blee-doo” ah, just crazy sounds.

CM – I heard it!

ANW – And they think… that what the birds are…

CM – I heard it the other day! It’s beautiful!

ANW – Isn’t that beautiful?! They think what the birds are doing, since they have their senses turned on, they listen to the Earth, and the birds are actually mimicking the sound of the Earth. But here’s the beautiful thing, coming back to “Ohms”. You know I’m trying to tell you that you’re a ball of light…? And the Buddhists’ most basic chant is to go, “Om”…? Well, when they finally got an audio recording of the sun, that big ball of light… the sound of the sun… is, “Ommmmmmm”!!!

CM – I heard it!

ANW – Love it!

CM – I heard it the other day.

ANW – It’s so…

CM – It’s wonderful!

ANW – Yeah. It makes so much sense.

CM – It’s amazing! It’s amazing.

ANW – I think that’s what we’re all… They say that’s what every planet is on its path towards, of becoming a star, a giant ball of light. And so we’re all the individual brain cells of this planet. We have[to?] fully become our Human Lumens, and make this whole big planet a big, giant lumen. And then it’s on its way to becoming a gorgeous, great, big ball of shining light in itself. Thank you so much, Chrissy, too. Thank you for all the time you spend interviewing so many wonderful people, like, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, and… just on and on. You just keep at it, and… it’s wonderful.

CM – Well, thank you, Andrew. We’re no longer on the air, but we’re still recording. But… it’s amazing. The work that you’ve put in, and just in this past year, in the last 6 months, I guess. That information you’ve gotten on the pineal, and astral projection, and our true nature, that we are a ball of light. I mean, for you to share that with us…

ANW – Did the, “Om”, thing make it into the recording?

CM – I believe, yeah.

ANW – Awesome. That was…

CM – It’s all in the recording. It’s just you were live on the air. That was the only difference. It’s all being recorded.

ANW – Right. Ok. Got you.

CM – Yeah, but I think that was the last thing you said.

ANW – That was… Thank you for prompting me along the way. And once again, you’re an excellent interviewer. And you beautifully held me in line there whenever I got off-track, or something. I really appreciate it. And I really feel great about this interview. I think we got almost all of the highest, important things in there. Very, very nicely compacted – 2 hours.

CM – Yes and I think…


CM - … you’re ready to go on the circuit tours. So, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna forward this recording to… back to Scott

ANW – Okay.

CM – And I’m gonna go with Scott Meredith first, because I think that they’re(?) resonating a little bit on a higher frequency than maybe William and Jay Weidner. So I think that whatever  Clifford Carnicom is doing, or isn’t doing, you know, we all have our own… make our own Karma. We all work in our own drama/ [work on our own dharma(?)]. So, whatever we’re creating. But I’m going to forward this to Conscious Media Network, and I’m gonna keep in all in my Facebook page. And I’m gonna put it on my blog, and I’m gonna make it the featured video, when I figure out how to put it on video, and put it on Youtube, and the television station that I re-set-up again last night. So it’s gonna be…

ANW – My God! That would be SO AWESOME! That would be… I wish this could be one of those! If this audio could go with corresponding video images…!  Oh My God!! You know what I mean?

CM – Well, if you have pictures, if you have pictures you want to send? Because that’s how…

ANW – I mean… I’m just not… I’m not good at that. We need somebody that’s good at that.

CM – Well, no. You can just give me an idea of pictures. I mean, you can just send me that information to me. Just say, “Hey! Look over here. There’s a picture. Or look over there.” You know?

ANW – Okay, you can do that?

CM – Yeah. And I’m sorry about that…

ANW – And I have to say, I pretty much talking in pictures anyways. You know, I’m using words that are very easy to visualize in your head. And so we just need corresponding…

CM – Oh! You are so articulate! It’s beautiful. You’re so articulate. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit… what you’re saying. And, oh, you didn’t tell them, the listeners, not that anybody’s listening right now, but that when you related about the shaman in Ecuador, that he told you about your past life/ [lives(?)] …

ANW – Oh. Right. Right. Yeah, that’s true.

CM – Why this is coming to you, because in your past lives you were a shaman, many times. So this is your second nature.

ANW –(indecipherable) … said a medicine-man. I don’t know if there’s a difference between a medicine-men and a shamans. But he said that… he used the term, “medicine-man”.

CM – I don’t think there is. I don’t think there is any difference. A shaman is a shaman, and it’s all included.

ANW – (singing) You can run and tell that…

(Both laughing)

ANW - …run and tell that…

CM – This is so AMAZING!!  I mean, it’s like Sitting on a Gold mine!!!  Who needs money when you have this!? It’s like so phenomenal.

ANW – Exactly!  Who needs gold!?  …That’s right, gold is the most…

CM – [We are(?)] gold!

ANW – That’s right! Liquid gold. Baby! That’s what we pee out, is liquid gold!!

CM – (cracking-up in background) And we turn into liquid gold in our auras. Yup, absolutely. Awesome! So…

ANW – Alrighty.

CM – If anybody is interested… oh let me just add this. If anybody is interested in understanding the process of having utilized urine therapy, do you want to talk about that a little bit? And we can that on the end of this? Or do you want to refer them to the original audio and videos that I have already set up?

ANW – I guess I should probably go now. And I think the books themselves… you know, the basic thing is to drink it, and to loop it, and the Egyptian Papyrus says to… the first line of the Egyptian Papyrus is, “The Water of Life is given to you. Drink it, and bathe with it every day.” It doesn’t get much simpler than that. You know, just once a day, just like the super model, put on a coat of… on your body, and let it air-dry in. And if you got to go out in public, and it smells, just do a water-rinse. But they usually do it at night, and just let it soak in overnight.

CM – Yeah.

ANW – But the books, themselves, and now that they’re available on-line, it’s pretty simple. And I love the fact that the Creator made it so simple.

CM – Well, with that, I’ll just say, thank you so much. Namaste. Have a wonderful life, Andrew. And we will continue this conversation.

ANW – Thank you for helping to make my life wonderful. And thank you for giving Aquarius an outlet to broadcast this information. We could all use this water-knowledge now. It’s what we need to get us to the next step. It’s not the overall answer. It’s just part of the path. And we all have it.

CM – (Indecipherable) …give my love to…

ANW – I Love You Very Much! Thank You SO MUCH For All Your…

CM - …Jessie, and Suzy, and… Just have a wonderful life, and we’ll continue this, it’s awesome, and… Have a Great Day!

ANW – Yeah, and get Jessie… You know what you should do…? Get Jessie to do a urine therapy instructional interview. She’s even a much better speaker than I am. She’s a fantastic… (indecipherable).

CM – (indecipherable) … that’ll be the follow-up. Absolutely. Okay, well, that’ll be my next goal. Thank you. Thank you for your time.

(transcriber’s note: it really friggin’ sucks when both you guys talk at once!)

ANW – Okay, Chrissy.

CM – Thank you for your knowledge.

ANW – Thank you. Take care.

CM – Thank the Universe.

ANW – Bye.

CM – (something) …light body. Bye bye.

ANW – (in falsetto) Bye byyyeee.

CM – Thank you for listening. This has been Babcha’s Pearls. I’m Chrissy McMahon. We’re leaving you live from Columbia, SC, and Bristol, PA. And the sun is shining now, because we’re all illuminated. Peace.