Energy (human)

[Humans vary in energy levels, successful people tend to be high energy.  Drains on energy are: Diet, especially carbohydrate in the morning and combined with poor Food combiningRaw food gives the best energy, not forgetting toxemia (seeCleansing).  Ejaculation (see Tantra).  A dropped The Assemblage point (read this interview). Living in a badly situated bed or house (see Earth Energies & Dowsing).
    Medical propaganda boys such as Singh and Ernst want us to swallow the absurdity that human energy (Chi) doesn't exist!  They have to say that to reject acupuncture.  Earth energy is another one that they don't want anyone believing in, be great to make them sleep on a ley line crossing point like they used to do in France as punishment.]

Qigong masters projecting chi energy

See: Earth Energies & Dowsing ]