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Alternative medicine:
Non-Allopathic medicine.
Allopathic: Pharmaceutical medicine, Corporate medicine, Conventional medicine, Orthodox medicine. 

Altiepejorative term used by mostly HealthFraud pharma folk, eg Orac: altie for non-Allopathic thinking and medicine.  Same as Woo




Complementary medicine: Allopathic approved term for alternative medicine that will work with Allopathy without rocking the Allopathic boat.  A Professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University, Ernst,  has been attacking Homeopathy, which says it all [ref].  You can see the game, here Allopath Midgley has made a page to him:

Edzard Ernst - one of _my_ biographical pages on notable people. If I were to call him "the most notable scholar of complementary medicine of the 20th and 21st centuries" would you feel that was overdone? Midgley 17:56, 21 April 2006 (UTC)

'Conspiracy theory':  A ready made rationalization for beliefs forbidden by the Elite. Helped by the fact they have become internal forbidden beliefs to avoid waking up and facing the real reality.  [See"Conspiracy"Slavery and the eight veils by Don Harkins]

Debunking:  Covert-suppressing of truths Elite want buried.  See Richard Dawkins comes to call  for Telepathy. Dawkins and Randi spring to mind, along with Quackbusters and Skeptics.

'Democracy': In reality Corporatism

Evidence-based medicine:  What Allopathy calls itself, everything else is Pseudoscience or quackery.

'Intense debate' is a medical pseudonym for turning a blind eye.

Independent:  'Independent' used to mean that.  'Charity' has been abused also.  You can see it exposed with
                      Sense about Science "
Sense About Science is an independent charitable trust.'Donations' don't count.

Mole:   "The ‘moles’ of course are the government officials who allow all this to happen, they make sure the warnings are disregarded, they make sure the Minneapolis memo is disregarded, the Phoenix warnings, all the government warnings coming in from overseas, simply make sure that that does not get anywhere, that the patsies are not interfered with in any way, because if the patsies had all been arrested, the event could hardly have taken place because if we don’t have the patsies running around free, you can’t blame them, or at least it’s a little bit harder, so therefore the patsies have got to be left out in the open, and (that’s) the task of the moles, and we see some moles on the cover; I label Wolfowitz, Cheney, Tony Blair, Rumsfeld, these are moles, these are selected top moles but there are quite a few more that are mentioned in the text, people in the FAA, in the CIA, in the FBI, that are labeled as moles, these are people who are in one way or another loyal to the network that’s carrying this out."---[2005] Webster Griffin Tarpley on 'Synthetic Terror'

No know cause:  usually is a pseudonym for iatrogenic or man made disease. Eg Alzheimer's (dentistry & medicines), Polio (DDT, vaccines), Arthritis (junk food), Autism (vaccines), AIDS (pharma drugs) etc.

No know cure: usually means no Allopathic cure. [See: Suppress alternatives.]

Paranoid, psychotic: Allopathic rationalization term for non-allopathic thinking/beliefs. [See: Rationalization Ad Hominem  Midgley.]  This is a form of denial, as the truth to some Allopaths would cause meltdown.

You are right about whale.to - the most important reason to reject it is because it is associated with paranoia. I don't believe that those with concerns about vaccination are necessarily paranoid and I don't think that they should be represented by a site which devolves into paranoia and name-calling." InvictaHOG 18:30, 10 December 2005 (UTC)

 I write as someone who treats a small number of psychotic patients, and therefore might come from someone psychotic or a group simulating psychosis for their own amusement. (John's writing is not very closely similar, one may have an idée fixée without being mad even in a lay sense)).----Midgley  [Ref1] [Ref2]

Patsy:  Someone set up to take the blame, eg Timothy McVeigh, Oswald, School shootings, Mind control killings.

Pathocracies--- social movements, societies, nations or empires that are taken over by psychopaths

Politics:  game created to keep the truth at bay.

Propaganda (medical):   Deception for financial (usually) gain using mind control techniques---mostly LiesAd Hominem  Hypnotism  Junk Science etc.  the Medical Industry claims anti-vaccine people use propaganda to push their view.  The Truth doesn't need to lie, obviously.

[See: Medical Mind Control ]

Political correctness:   Subtle State terrorism.


Quack, crank, anti-vaccine, anti-science, pseudoscience : Allopathic rationalization words for the (alternative medicine) competition and critics of Allopathy. [See: Quacks & quackery, Anti-vaccine, anti-vaccinationist.]  One of the finest examples of projection (see) known to man.  The Allopathic editors listed anti-vaccinationists as cranks [ref] Inserting crank link [ref]

"There is quackery all around. Most of it is confined to specific articles, which tend to be poor on evidence. The most trouble we have had is with orthomolecular characters, who aggressively promote their version of pseudoscience for an interesting exchange."----JFW | T@lk 20:06, 12 February 2006 (UTC) [ref]

Viera Scheibner Notoriety established in the study kindly identified by other authors. Thankfully we are allowed to have articles on quacks. JFW | T@lk 20:10, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

"Viera Scheibner a notable vaccination critic and quack". --CDN 99, 15:10, 5 January 2006 (UTC)[65]

My intentions were the same as yours (i.e. I agree alt. med. is pseudoscience); it's just that you had Category:Pseudoscience under Category:Alternative medicine, and vice versa. I changed things so that Cat:Alt. med. was under Pseudoscience, but not the other way around. You also had Cat: Professional CAM treatments under Cat:Alt med, and vice versa. But right now, Alt. med. is under Pseudoscience (alt. med. is a subsection of pseudoscience) and Fraud, and Pseudoscience is under Fraud. Things were just a bit mixed up. (my talk) --CDN 99, 23:16, 6 January 2006 (UTC) [66]

Safe: Believe it or not, to Paul Offit, Safe means benefits outweigh risks!

Secret team:  The false flag technicians. "The professionals, the trained killers, the ice-cold technocrats of death, the CIA old boys, highly trained, highly equipped, but, not ideological in the sense of wanting to blab, or get noticed in the way that the patsies do, but simply content to operate behind the scenes."--[2005] Webster Griffin Tarpley on 'Synthetic Terror'

Skeptic.  In reality Pseudo-skeptics. Similar to quackhunter, same crowd, Randi etc.  Allopathic/Elite outriders.  Real sceptics would be sceptical of majority beliefs, not attacking minority beliefs.

Unknown cause:  This is usually an Allopathic pseudonym for iatrogenic (Eg Alzheimer's, cot-death) or a cash cow they intend to keep milking--and one that would usually hole Allopath below the water line, eg Nutritional medicine for heart disease or infections. 

What does VPD stand for?

Woo: Term used by Allopathic/Pharma folk (HealthFraud types) for non-Allopathic thinking and med, similar to Altie.  See: Woo Reader mailbag: What is woo? - Orac