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"Indeed the modern physician now only represents an extension of these (medical) industries into the public."--Carl Reich, M.D.   

[Shills are the real Emperors Clothes that hide the medical monopoly and its true nature.  The main pharma shills are the Allopaths (most medical industry workers are completely oblivious as to the true reality which is why it works so well) who just market the products of the drug industry.  Nutritional Medicine is what should have replaced Pharma medicine (Allopathy), as numerous medical doctors are demonstrating.  The next main shill is government, not just the health departments all run by Allopaths (WHO, CDC FDA), but the whole political system which is also a monopoly.  The medical cartel is the main source of bandit income for the Elite, and the main organ of control, like the Church used to be in times past.  It is the new covert state religion
    Then you have the main outlet for all the pharma propaganda--the
Media, all owned by the same people who own the Corporations, so it is all Homeopathy bashing (a favourite pastime for media Allopaths like Ben Goldacre and shills like Edzard Ernst), and ignoring of non-Allopathic (Alternative) medicine, with only Allopathic Inc approved experts given voice, while investigative journalism died out years ago, last one on a childhood vaccine was the 1984 Fresno Bee DPT report.  No revealing books ever get through the blackout either, into wide distribution (they haven't forgotten about Wikipedia either).  One of the best propaganda shills are the Charities, as who would think a charity was working for the dark side?  Then you have the Pharma outriders such as all of the HealthFraud/Quackbuster outfits who attack any heretics, police internet forums all to save the Allopaths from getting their hands dirty, or being caught red handed like they were with the AMA Committee on Quackery, plus numerous pseudo-independent outfits such Sense about Science.
As most folk don't think Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.--Shaw, this gravy train is going to run and run.]

Medical Shills

Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS)
Independent ploy
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
  Vaccine Committees
    National Council Against Health Fraud,
    Campaign Against Health Fraud (UK)
Sense about Science
Institute of Medicine
    Cancer Research Campaign
    Imperial Cancer Research Fund
    American Cancer Society (ACS)
National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Edzard Ernst
Michael Fumento

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People that can't find something to live for always seem to find something to die for. The problem is, they usually want the rest of us to die for it too.






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