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"Traditionally, escharotics were used to treat all cancers of the skin as well as tumors that had ulcerated. They were also considered the treatment of choice for breast cancers, even sometimes for very large tumors that occupy nearly the entire breast."--- Ingrid Naiman

"Jane Heimlich came out with her book What Your Doctor Won't Tell You. She referenced the late Dr. H. Ray Evers who, for many years, ran a clinic in Mexico in which the "black and yellow salves" were sometimes used in cancer treatments......She assured me that reputable doctors have had excellent results with black and yellow salves, and she encouraged me to present the full history of this treatment so that the world would understand it properly. .....I interviewed dozens of producers of "black salves" or "compound X" preparations and spoke to at least a hundred patients who have used different variations of lay procedures for administering the treatment. I also spoke with Dr. Stephen Snow, the successor to Dr. Frederic Mohs, the main medical professional in recent times who took escharotic cancer treatment seriously. Dr. Mohs conducted research on thousands of patients while working for the University of Wisconsin."-- Ingrid Naiman

It was in 1895, at age 32, that Nichols, already a successful farmer and real estate agent, first learned of escharotic treatment of skin cancer from two doctors practicing at an Iowa clinic called the Cherokee Sanatorium. After talking to patients convinced they were cured, Nichols set to work on his own escharotic formula, which he kept secret. In 1896, he spent time working with the same two physicians, and claimed to have treated 40 to 50 patients successfully. By November of that year, he had opened his own practice. Hampered by the lack of a medical degree, he hired a physician in 1897, and pursued his own M.D. degree, which he received from the University of the South-Sewanee in 1901.
    Sideline becomes main business
Nichols moved to South Dakota intending to open a general medical practice. However, his sideline of escharotic cancer treatment quickly became his main business. In 1905 he was recruited to the city of Hot Springs to head an 80-bed sanatorium.
    In 1911, a branch was opened in Excelsior Springs, Mo., and a year later, Nichols was recruited to Savannah, Mo., a location he liked for its central location, available land, and good transportation, including an interurban railway to bring patients to and from St. Joseph. It was here that Nichols' practice thrived, and in 1924, construction was started on a new brick building that had at least 200 beds.
    Nichols became ill and died of congestive heart failure in August 1925, but the clinic didn't close until 1956.
Secret' predates Mohs method. Perry Nichols and the escharotic cancer cure

"During these thirty-three years the joy and satisfaction of having been able to cure thousands of those afflicted with cancer has far out-weighed the discouragement we have had; in fact, the discouragements, as we look back over the years, seem only like little happenings along our way. We do not, and never have claimed to cure all the patients we treat, but are so thankful we are able to give permanent relief to a good percentage of the ones accepted for treatment."---Dr. Perry Nichols B.S., M.D.

Hi Rick, I was diagnosed with a melanoma on my nose about a year ago and had the surgery. It left a scar but at the time I traded it for what I thought would be piece of mind. Since then, the same doctor found two more spots and I was a little reluctant to go the surgery route again.
    I got some black salve with DMSO and the After Care Cream from the  company you mentioned in an email. I applied it to the spot which the doctor said was most likely a basal cell but could be a melanoma, which they wanted to biopsy. I'm starting to think, cancer is cancer, so I applied the black salve to the main spot on my shoulder in back.
    It did just what the videos and pictures I have seen show! The whole  process took about 11 days and the core fell out about a month ago. It has filled in completely already and is just a little red still so I still use the After Care Cream daily to help it fade. Thanks again
for all your work, I really appreciate it!-Gregory V.