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Many Jewish MDs were helping their Jewish clients with NGM. However, they continued to use the dangerous and practically useless modern therapies on their goy clients.   Dr. Hamer protested this hypocrisy.  This is why the Jewish community labels him as an anti-semite. 
[2011 Aug] Illuminati Use Cancer to Hold us Hostage by Stephen Coleman

 "I have learned from a reliable source and made it public knowledge that judge Bessy at Chambéry (who used lies to have me deported to France by an international arrest order) happens to be both the leader of the Talmud School at Chambéry and also the highest-ranking rabbi in France." ~  Dr Hamer

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"In 1995 the public prosecutor’s office of Wiener Neustadt examined 6500 patient cases from Burgau, who were considered incurable by traditional medical standards. Surprisingly, over 90% of these patients had survived, i.e. over 6000! These patients were never mentioned in the press. It was never pointed out that they were not only still alive 5 years later, but most of them had regained their health."
[2006] Dr Hamer Letter

"I have learned from a reliable source and made it public knowledge that judge Bessy at Chambéry (who used lies to have me deported to France by an international arrest order) happens to be both the leader of the Talmud School at Chambéry and also the highest-ranking rabbi in France." ~  Dr Hamer

At the time, my point of view was very different from all the current medical concepts, and when I presented these discoveries to my colleagues, they gave me an ultimatum: either to deny my findings or leave the clinic immediately. [Interview] Questions and Answers by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Up until now, we had thought that microbes caused infections. This view seemed correct as microbes are found in every infection. In reality, it is not true. The whole immune system is only a 'fata morgana', built on hypothesis. In avoidable diseases we also forgot or overlooked the first phase, the conflict active phase. Only after the conflict is solved do the microbes become active. Indeed, they are directed and activated by the brain. They are NOT our enemies; they help us and work on the ordering of our organism. Since they are directed from the brain, they help break down cancer tumors after their task is fulfilled, or build up the holes, necroses and tissue damage from the other cerebrum groups. They are our faithful helpers, our guest workers! The concept of the immune system, the army that fights against the bad microbes, is simply wrong. [Interview] Questions and Answers by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

What the ignorant doctor sees is a new cancer and thereby starts a new conflict shock. First because of his diagnosis and prognosis. The fairy tale of the metastasis is a fairy tale of unknown and unproven hypothesis. Never has a cancer scientist seen cancer cells in the arterial blood of a cancer patient which is where one would find them if they were to swim in the peripheral parts of the body.
    The hypothetical idea that cancer cells transform in the never-observed journey through the blood - i.e., intestinal cancer cells which grow cauliflower-like, compact tumors in the intestine suddenly wandering into the bones where they transform into bone-decaying cells - is a madness that can only come from some Middle Age dogmatism.
    The ontogenetic system denies any possibility that a cell steered by the old brain to produce compact tumors, could suddenly leave its corresponding brain relay and connect to the younger brain (cerebrum) and become a bone-decaying cell. One can only make a guess, but probably eighty percent of all second and third cancer occurrences start in patients because of the doctors’ pseudo-therapy.
[Interview] Questions and Answers by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

After a lecture I gave in Vienna in May 1991, a doctor handed me a brain computed-tomogram of a patient and asked me to disclose this person's organic state and to which conflict it belonged. There were twenty colleagues present, including some radiologists and CT specialists. Of the three levels, I had only the brain level in front of me. From these brain CT scans I was able to diagnose a fresh bleeding bladder carcinoma in the healing phase, an old prostate carcinoma, diabetes, an old lung carcinoma and a sensoric paralysis of a specific area in the body and, of course, the corresponding conflicts. The doctor stood up and said "Congratulations, Mr. Hamer! Five diagnoses and five hits. That's exactly what the patient has, and you were even able to differentiate what he has now and what he had before. Fantastic!". One of the radiologists said "From now on I'm convinced of your method. How could you have guessed the fresh bleeding bladder carcinoma? I could find nothing in the CT scan but now that you have shown us the relay, I can follow the findings." [Interview] Questions and Answers by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Another example: a woman catches her husband in bed with her best girlfriend. She will suffer a sexual-frustration conflict. In biological language, the conflict being copulation, it will cause a carcinoma in the uterus of a right-handed woman. Not everyone would necessarily get such a conflict in the same situation. For instance, if the woman didn't love her husband and was contemplating divorcing him, she would not feel this shock as a sexual conflict but rather as a human conflict because of the lack of togetherness in the family. The conflict would then be a partner-conflict that would cause breast cancer in the right breast if the woman was right-handed. What appears to be the same event will have a different psychological significance for every individual.
    The decisive issue is not what happened but how the patient felt the experience in the psychic moment of the DHS. This same event could also be a fear-revolt conflict, bringing on hypoglycemia (abnormally low blood sugar), if the woman caught her husband in a very ugly situation, perhaps with a prostitute. Or it could bring on a feeling of self-worthlessness with or without a sexual conflict, if the woman caught her husband with a girl twenty years younger than her. Her feeling then might be "I can't compete" or "I can't offer him what she can." In such a case, it would be the skeleton, the pubic bone of the pelvis, that would be stricken, where one would see osteolysis (calcium deficiency) as a sign of feelings of sexual self-worthlessness.
.......For instance, a patient has an indigestion-conflict, as if he has half swallowed a big chunk but can't digest it. Let's say he bought a house and suddenly found that the sale contract was not valid, he had been taken in and he lost the house. From this shock he could develop a cell-augmentation in the stomach called adeno carcinoma which is a cauliflower-like growth in the stomach. This carcinoma happens in the conflict active phase with the HH on the right side of the brain stem, the oldest part of the brain, in the so-called "pons".
    Another example: a patient suffers a conflict with water, liquid or an equivalent; while swimming in the ocean, the young patient loses his strength, is close to drowning but is saved at the last minute. For months he dreams about drowning and can't go close to water. He suffers from kidney cancer (parenchyma necrosis) and develops cell decay (necrosis) in the kidney tissue (parenchyma ), until the kidney can no longer function. Years later, the patient goes on holiday with his family to the ocean. As his daughter loves the water, he joins her; with this action he solves his conflict. In the healing phase, a big kidney cyst grows, a cell augmentation. This cyst gets hard (indurates ) from a kind of connective tissue that helps the kidney in its task of urination. And so we arrive at the original reason for the tumor. These cancers or tumors are by no means senseless; on the contrary, they are something rather useful.
[Interview] Questions and Answers by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The biological conflict that relates to the PROSTATE is always a ‘half-genital conflict’ – that is to say, the emphasis of the conflict is procreation- or gender-related and not exclusively sexually. For example:  a daughter takes her father to court over an inheritance issue, a husband catches his wife/partner in bed with a lover, an older man is left by his younger wife/partner in favor of a younger man, ugly facts come to light during a divorce.---- PROSTATE CANCER 

In general, the conflicts linked to a breast gland carcinoma always relate to an argument conflict or worry conflict, while for milk duct ulcerations it is always a separation conflict. BREAST CANCER

With ovarian cancer, the nature of the conflict is always the experience of a profound loss – of a child or a beloved person, but also of an animal or pet. For example: The mother of a female patient suddenly dies in a hospital. The patient now severely blames herself for not having visited her mother for quite some time. OVARIAN CANCER

The radioactive radiation caused by the accident in Chernobyl will indiscriminately destroy body cells, but particularly the primitive cells and the bone marrow cells because they naturally have the greatest dividing rate. If the bone marrow, where the blood is made, gets damaged, and the body manages to heal, then we see leukemia which, in principle, is the same as the leukemia in the healing phase after bone cancer. The DHS for bone cancer is ”I am worthless”. To be rigorous, one must say that the blood symptoms of leukemia are unspecific, not only in cancer, but in every healing of the bone marrow. The fact that hardly a single patient has survived leukemia is caused by the ignorance of doctors who are administering chemo and/or radiation therapy until the existent bone marrow is exhausted. It is exactly the opposite of what is needed. In short, radiation is bad; it kills cells, but it does not create cancer; cancer can only be brought on in the brain through a conflict shock (DHS).  [1992 Interview] Questions and Answers by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Morphine [Morphine]
''Dr. Hamer says that one of the most horrific things about present medicine is that most people with cancer, even with mild pain, are treated with morphine in some form. During the critical EC ["Epileptic Crises"], one morphine injection can already be fatal. It changes the brain, paralyzes the intestines and completely disables the restoration functions, well, disables the whole person. He becomes lethargic and doesn't realize that he's in fact being killed, just when he was in the recuperation phase, on his way to health. The pain of the second stage is actually a very good sign of recovery, but modern medicine doesn't understand this at all, and instead interprets it as the opposite; a sign of impending death. These substances are thus administered in order to "make the end easier", and sure enough, the person soon dies, but it's not of the cancer, it's of the medication...'' My Interpretation of New Medicine: A Revolutionary Biological Paradigm by Anette Stahel

''The worst thing about the present medicine is that most patients with cancer, regardless of the pain (even in mild cases), are treated with morphine or morphine-like drugs. At the critical part of the healing phase, one morphine injection can already be fatal. It also changes the brain waves in a terrible way and totally demoralizes the patient. The intestines get paralysed and can no longer digest any food. The patient becomes lethargic and doesn’t realize that, in reality, he is being killed, just when he was in the healing phase, on his way to health in a few weeks. If one were to tell a prisoner in jail that he will be executed in two weeks, there would be an outcry of sympathy, even for the worst criminal. If you tell a patient that the execution starts in the form of a morphine injection and will end in fourteen days, he would rather stand the pain than be killed by the morphine. If the patient looks back on the relatively short time in pain, he is thankful for the New Medicine and the trust he had in his doctor.'' [1992 Interview] Questions and Answers by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Quotes re Hamer
The biological conflict linked to lung cancer is a “death-fright conflict”, because in biological terms the death panic is equated with being unable to breathe. With the shock of the deathfright the lung alveoli cells, which regulate breathing, instantly start to multiply, forming a lung tumor. Contrary to the conventional view, this multiplication of lung cells is not a pointless process but serves a very definite biological purpose, namely, to increase the capacity of the lungs and thereby optimize the organism’s chance of survival. Dr. Hamer’s brain scan analyses demonstrate that every person with lung cancer shows a distinct target ring configuration in the corresponding area in the brain stem, and that each patient had suffered an unexpected death panic prior to the onset of cancer. In the majority of cases the death scare was triggered by a cancer diagnosis shock that the person experienced as a “death sentence”. Given that smoking is on the decrease, this sheds new light on the enigmatic increase of lung cancer (“The #1 Killer”) and calls into question whether smoking is per se an actual cause of lung cancer.
[2007 pdf] Dr. Hamer’s Medical Paradigm By Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

Another factor is that German New Medicine is clearly part of psychotherapy. This area of therapy has received almost no recognition by supporters of conventional medicine despite having at least six randomized controlled clinical trials that show dramatic effects on survival with cancer patients. Opposition to the idea that cancer might be caused by psychological or emotional trauma therefore appears to be based more on ideological grounds than any lack of scientific evidence.  The implications of this evidence ever becoming accepted are world shattering, if only because the cancer industry worldwide is worth in excess of $500 billion a year, and this industry is based entirely on a particular paradigm about what cancer is. Therapies based on this paradigm appear to provide benefits to barely 7% of those treated. Psychotherapies such as those developed by Ronald Grossarth-Maticek and Hamer, if found to be effective, would ultimately sound the death knell of orthodox cancer therapies. [2009 Oct] Comments on Dr Ralph Moss’ critique of German New Medicine By Don Benjamin

He visited the  cancer ward and the patients also had lost a dear loved one prior to diagnosis. He learned in the university that the testicles and ovaries were of the same embryonic origins. [2011 Aug] Illuminati Use Cancer to Hold us Hostage by Stephen Coleman

Dr Hamer survived 8 assassination attempts, and the mass media in Germany treat him as a deranged criminal. While many individual doctors, including professors of medicine, have verified the principles of the New Medicine, so far no German university has agreed to test them, despite a court order that the University of Tubingen conduct such tests. The New Medicine of Dr Hamer by Walter Last

If the patient has not undergone any conventional treatment (especially chemotherapy or radiotherapy), GNM has a success rate of 95 to 98 percent. Ironically these statistics for Dr. Hamer’s remarkable success rate were delivered by the authorities themselves. When Dr. Hamer was arrested in 1997 for having given three people medical advice without a medical license, the police confiscated his patients’ files and had them analyzed. Subsequently, one public prosecutor was forced to admit during the trial that, after five years, 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly “terminal” cancer were still alive. With conventional treatment the figures are generally just the reverse. [2007 pdf] Dr. Hamer’s Medical Paradigm By Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

If a person remains in an intense conflict-active state over a long period of time, the condition can be fatal. But Dr. Hamer proves beyond reasonable doubt that an organism can never die of cancer, in and of itself. A person can die as a result of mechanical complications of a tumor that, for example, occludes a vital organ such as the colon or the bile ducts, but in no way can cancer cells, as such, cause death. In German New Medicine the distinction between “malignant” and “benign” cancers is entirely meaningless. The term “malignant” is an artificial construct (the same applies to tumor markers) that simply indicates that the activity of cell reproduction has exceeded a certain arbitrary limit. If a person dies during the conflict-active phase, it is usually because of energy loss, weight loss, sleep deprivation, and emotional and mental exhaustion. Often, it is a devastating cancer diagnosis or a negative prognosis—“You have six months to live!”—that throws cancer patients (including their loved ones) into a state of despair. With little or no hope, and deprived of their life-force, they waste away and eventually die of cachexia, an agonizing process that conventional cancer treatments only accelerate. [2007 pdf] Dr. Hamer’s Medical Paradigm By Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

Microbes such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses are only active during the healing phase, and the manner in which they operate is fully in accordance with evolutionary logic. Tubercular bacteria, for example, populate only “old-brain”-controlled tissues. Their function during the repair phase is to decompose tumors that are now superfluous, e.g., lung tumors, colon tumors, kidney tumors, prostate tumors, uterus tumors, breast gland tumors, melanomas, and mesothelioma. Tubercular bacteria are essential for breaking down the buildup of “disposable cells” that proliferated for a biological reason during the conflict-active phase. If the required bacteria are not available, due to vaccination, overuse of antibiotics, or chemotherapy treatment, the tumor cannot disintegrate properly. As a result, it stays in place and encapsulates harmlessly.
    Detected in a routine check-up, however, such an encapsulated growth can lead to a “cancer” diagnosis and, potentially, new conflict shocks with new symptoms. By understanding the biological laws of disease development this prospect can be virtually eliminated.
    While bacteria break down tumor cells that are no longer needed, viruses appear to be involved in the healing process of—exclusively—cerebral-cortex-controlled tissues (e.g., bronchia, nasal membrane, stomach lining, lining of the bile ducts, and epidermis). Hepatitis, pneumonia, herpes, influenza, and stomach flu, are indications that a “virulent” but natural healing process is running its course. Concerning the role of viruses, Dr. Hamer prefers to speak of “hypothetical viruses” since lately the existence of viruses is called into question. This would be in line with Dr. Hamer’s earlier findings that the reconstruction and restoration process of ulcerated or necrotized tissue still occurs, even if the tissue-related viruses are not present.
    The dilemma in which conventional medicine finds itself is that by failing to recognize the two-phase pattern of every disease, the first, conflict-active phase, routinely gets overlooked. Since microbes are only active during the healing phase, and since the activity of microbes is typically accompanied by swelling, fever, pus, discharge, and pain, microbes are considered malevolent and the cause of infectious diseases. But microbes do not cause the disease. After all, it is our organism that employs the microbes to optimize the healing process. Microbes can, of course, be transmitted, but they remain dormant until the person is in the healing phase of the same type of conflict.
[2007 pdf] Dr. Hamer’s Medical Paradigm By Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

Based on GNM’s “Ontogenetic System of Tumors”, the widely propagated theory of metastasis that suggests that cancer cells travel through the blood or lymph vessels and cause cancers at new sites is, in Dr. Hamer’s words, “pure academic fiction”. Cells in general and cancer cells in particular can under no circumstances change their histological structure or cross the germ layer threshold. For example, a lung tumor cell, which is of endodermal origin, controlled from the brain stem (“old brain”), and which proliferates during the conflict-active phase cannot transform itself into a bone cell, which is of mesodermal origin, controlled from the cerebrum (“new brain”), and which deteriorates during a conflict-active decalcification process. In the scenario “lung cancer metastasizes into the bones”, the lung cancer cells would actually be creating a hole (i.e., cell meltdown!—the reverse of a cancer) in some bone in the body. We also have to ask ourselves why cancer cells rarely “spread” to the closest neighboring tissue, e.g., from the uterus to the cervix. If cancer cells travel via the blood stream, why is donated blood not screened for cancer cells? Why are there not multitudinous tumors found in the walls of the blood vessels of cancer patients? [2007 pdf] Dr. Hamer’s Medical Paradigm By Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

THE NATURE OF BRAIN TUMORS Once the conflict has been resolved, the brain lesion—along with the psyche and the organ—also enters the healing phase. As with any wound that is being repaired, an edema (excess fluid) develops to provide protection of the recovering neural tissue. On the brain scan the changes are clearly noticeable: the sharp target rings submerge in the edema and appear now as blurry, indistinct and dark. At the height of the healing phase, when the brain edema has reached its maximum size, the brain triggers a brief, strong push that expels the edema. In GNM terminology, this counter regulation is called the “Epileptoid Crisis” (EC). During this crisis, the entire organism is thrust briefly into a state of sympathicotonia, i.e., re-living the typical symptoms of the conflict-active phase such as cold sweats, cold extremities, a fast heartbeat, and nausea. The intensity and duration of this pre-programmed crisis is determined by the intensity and the duration of the preceding conflict. Heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, and epileptic seizures are just a few examples of this crucial turning point. The type of “crisis” always depends on the nature of the conflict and the precise brain area involved.
    After the brain edema has been pressed out, neuroglia, which is brain connective tissue that provides structural support for neurons, assembles at the site to restore the function of the nerve cells that were affected by the conflict shock (DHS). It is this natural glia accumulation that conventional medicine labels as a “brain tumor”, with often dire consequences for the patient. Dr. Hamer established already in 1981 that a “brain tumor” is not a disease in itself, but symptomatic of a healing phase that runs parallel in the organ (controlled from the correlated area of the brain that is simultaneously undergoing the repair phase). “Metastatic brain cancers”, therefore, do not exist either.
[2007 pdf] Dr. Hamer’s Medical Paradigm By Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

Adrenal cortex - Wrong direction, gone astray
Bladder - Ugly conflict, dirty tricks
Bone - Lack of self-worth, inferiority feeling
Breast milk gland - Involving care or disharmony
Breast milk duct - Separation conflict
Breast, left (right-handed) - Conflict concerning child, home, mother
Breast, right (right-handed) - Conflict with partner or others
Bronchials - Territorial conflict
Cervix - Severe frustration
Colon - Ugly indigestible conflict
Esophagus  - Cannot have it or swallow it
Gall Bladder - Rivalry conflict
Heart  - Perpetual conflict
Intestines - Indigestible chunk of anger
Kidneys - Not wanting to live, water or fluid conflict
Larynx - Conflict of fear and fright
Liver - Fear of starvation
Lung - Fear of dying or suffocation, including fear for someone else
Lymph glands - Loss of self-worth associated with the location
Melanoma - feeling dirty, soiled, defiled
Middle ear - Not being able to get some vital information
Mouth - Cannot chew or hold it
Pancreas - Anxiety-anger conflict with family members, inheritance
Prostate - Ugly conflict with sexual connections or connotations
Rectum - Fear of being useless
Skin - Loss of integrity
Spleen - Shock of being physically or emotionally wounded
Stomach - Indigestible anger, swallowed too much
Testes and Ovaries - Loss conflict
Thyroid - Feeling powerless
Uterus - Sexual conflict
The conflicts for some other diseases are as follows:
Diabetes and hypoglycemia: A right-handed female develops hypoglycemia from anxiety and revulsion, if left-handed she develops insulin-dependent diabetes. A right-handed male develops insulin-diabetes from a conflict of resisting or struggling against something, if left-handed he develops hypoglycemia.
Heart infarct: fight for territory or its content.
Hemorrhoids: both, a right-handed woman with an identity conflict and also a left-handed man with territorial anger in the healing phase will get hemorrhoids.
Multiple sclerosis and Paralysis: inability to escape or continue on or to hold on to or not knowing what to do.
Facial paralysis: fear of losing face, having been made a laughing stock.
Psoriasis involves separation conflict concerning mother, father, family, home, friends or pets.
Psychoses of all kinds have one or more active Hamer Herds in each of the two parts of the brain.
Vitiligo, Leukoderma: ugly or brutal separation conflict.
In regard to AIDS Dr Hamer observes that no one ever died of AIDS without having previously been told that they are HIV positive or believe that they are. The implication is that just as with cancer, it is the negative perception associated with AIDS that causes its devastating effect.
The New Medicine of Dr Hamer by Walter Last


LIVER CANCER I am so grateful I met and consulted with Ilsadora Laker, practitioner of German New Medicine. Together with Dr Ryke Geer Hamer, they changed my outlook from fear of death to a new lease on life. A year after surgery for a liver carcinoma in 2006, a growth was discovered in a lymph node just below the liver. I was diagnosed with metastastatic liver cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were not possible because of the location of the node, and there appeared to be little hope of recovery.
    Soon after the diagnosis, a friend recommended I see Ilsedora Laker in Toronto. I brought my test results and a brain CT scan for her to study. She conferred with the founder of German New Medicine, Dr Hamer, and I received the news that the growth was actually in the healing phase of a resolved conflict and that its size would not become larger. At that moment the terror of death left me and I resolved to begin my life anew knowing that I was healed. The diagnosis proved absolutely correct and I continue to regain strength and positive outlook on life. Ilsedora has been such a force of clarity and compassion in my life. I was so impressed with German New Medicine that I have taken several training workshops with her and have integrated this powerful, hopeful new medicine into my practice as a Self Healing Facilitator. B.J.

ARTHRITIS AND ASTHMA In 2006, I, Munawar (Moon) Merchant, was diagnosed with an advanced case of arthritis in my knee. During consultation, Mrs Ilsedora Laker, a practitioner of German New Medicine, explained the psycho-biological cause of the disease. Four weeks later the arthritis was gone and an xray taken three months later confirmed this diagnosis. In 2008, I had a recurrence of infancy asthma and was doomed to take cortisone pills and puffers for the rest of my life. However, the malady disappeared after one session with Mrs Laker, who helped me to understand the cause of this disease as well. Muhnwahr Merchant https://www.newmedicine.ca/testimonials.php