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Cops conducting target practice on images of children and pregnant women

DEATH BY GOVERNMENT 20th Century Democide By R.J. Rummel

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Bill Clinton  (30-100 round clips are to protect you from the Government, and he knows it)

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Death by Allopathy

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The key date here is 1948. Secretary of State and Rockefeller minion General George Marshall intervened on no less than three occasions when Chiang's Nationalist forces were on the verge of defeating Mao's Communist forces by imposing a Cease-Fire. On each occasion, the Cease-Fire bought Mao much needed time to regroup and re-arm courtesy of the u.s. General Marshall ordered all shipments of arms to Chiang STOPPED. For years, Chiang was the poster boy for u.s. intervention in the Sino-Japanese War. Now Chiang's usefulness was at an end and he was double-crossed and Mao was put in power on mainland China. Mao wound up murdering over eighty million of his countrymen. Collectivization led to the starvation of millions of chinese. Some of Chiang's forces fled to the Shan States of Burma (Myanmar) and this led directly to the bogus "War on Drugs" and the Vietnam War.  James Bartley

Operation Fast and Furious

2nd amendment preventing school shootings

School shootings

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Death by Allopathy